Thursday, October 30, 2014


Seeing results is extremely motivating!  Losing pounds and inches at the end of a week of hard work is rewarding (even if it's only a few).  Through this challenge I have found myself dreading weigh-in day.  Because I know that after a week of working hard if I haven't lost anything it's extremely difficult to feel motivated to continue on the next week.  Anyone else have a similar experience?!?!

I know there is more to measure progress than just a scale and tape measure.  So why do those seem like the most important?!?!  I try to measure other things my clothes are fitting, how I was able to hike further and faster, how a really hard work out video seems just a bit easier....but yet I find myself feeling anxiety tonight about my weigh-in tomorrow morning.  I'm a bit neurotic.

But regardless of what the scale tells me tomorrow I'm going to Keep Going!

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