Tuesday, October 14, 2014

What are your weekly goals?

I know it might be hard to believe, what with his big smile and all, but this little stinker screamed for almost 4 hours straight last night, from 3:30-7:30 (and is currently screaming now...). So unless I can squeeze in, say, a 4 hour nap sometime today, I won't be getting all my sleep points this week. This kid had better be teething or have a really good excuse for torturing me...

Last week was tough for me because we had family in town. Every night after we put the kids down we would gather around the table to play games and pig out on snacks. My self control was seriously tested!! This week should be easier, assuming of course that all subsequent nights are better than this last one.

I've been wondering what kinds of personal goals everyone has been setting. This week I decided that I needed to work on incorporating stretching into my daily routine. This should help me not to be so sore after intense workouts. What personal goals have you all been setting??


  1. I'm so impressed you withstood all of the late night snacking! I hope little Max feels better soon so you can get your sleep.

    My personal goal so far has been the same every week, to stay in my calorie budget daily. For me that is the biggest thing right now, so for now I'm using those extra points as a motivation to do it!

  2. Steph, luckily they left Thursday morning, so I only had to withstand one evening of no snacks. I used the other 2 days as my free days. Still hard!!

    And a huge THANK YOU to Ally for watching my 3 year old so I could get a nap in yesterday! You are amazing!!!