Saturday, April 29, 2017

Week 8 Prize Winners and Final Results!!!

I know, I know!  You've been waiting all day to see these results!

It's been a fun ride!  Thanks again to everyone for participating.  I didn't add up the total pounds lost this time, but I know it's over 100!  And even more for the inches!  Congratulations!  I will be sending out all the weekly prizes from the drawings and the overall money prizes this coming week.

Watch this video to see who won the Week 8 Prize Drawings for the movie passes:
Click Here

Watch this video to see the final results:
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Friday, April 28, 2017

We made it!!

Sometimes you have to crawl over the finish line to call it complete, I might be limping, speed-walking, but definitely not in my dead sprint like I'd hoped. I have upped my water intake A TON!!! so win for that, my sugars are way down and I've been way more successful at planning/prepping my food for work so I'll count lots of wins for this competition, even if the scale doesn't reflect it.

Thanks for the weekly reminders and motivation from everyone, its been a great ride!

Final Day!!!

This challange has been amazing for me I can't take Stephanie enough for putting this all together. My hope for everyone is that we can all learn from this and continue to make healthier choices going forward. I know for myself I am so proud I stuck to this challange all they way through.
My goal was to finish and I did! I realized two things. I'm all of nothing which means I would have fantastic weeks followed by terrible weeks. I also learned that the weeks I lost weight I had very little inches cdifference and the weeks that my weight stayed I lost more in measurements. I also decided that if I ever track weight I also have to track some inches is that I can feel like I am being successful.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Started from the bottom, now we' here baby!!!!!

We made it! 8 weeks has never gone so slowly! If you want to cherish the adorable nature of your precious little children at home and say things like "i hope you stay small forever"...just start a diet challenge! It will seem like a never ending fountain of youth. For me however it just seemed like a never-ending fountain of torment. And like a fat kid in dodgeball..."I'm out!!!!!!!"

A HUUUUUGE thank you to Steph!

Well...I can't believe I made it. It was very difficult for me mentally. Committing to this was very difficult for me...but I am proud to say that I hit my goal. I have never lost weight (except being pregnant and losing every meal for a couple fun months) in such a healthy weight. And I have never been able to lose this amount of weight before. My coworkers are noticing that I look different. And I feel better. I am so grateful for the mindfulness that this challenge has brought into my life. I truly am a person who feels that everything in moderation is okay...but when you never hold back...that is not moderation :). Say no to yourself sometimes. Pay attention. And tracking what you eat is one of the most AFFECTIVE tools ever. Because sometimes you'd rather not pop something in your mouth than put it into your phone! Great job everybody. I'm so grateful for the challenge to try to live healthier and be better to myself.

Not trying to be negative I just thought this was funny

This is doable LONG TERM!

I just got home from my Spring Break vacation and I was able to get full points while I was away!  I think that being on vacation is the ultimate test for stuff like this.  I was away from my normal routine and I was still able to exercise and watch what I ate and drank and still get the required amount of sleep (that ended up being the hardest part).  So this test was very encourage for me!  
Wow in some ways can't believe this is it. It has definitely been hard at times, but I'm so glad I pushed through. I think I'm pretty close to hitting my goal. We will see in the morning. So impressed with everyone's hard work. It helped push me to keep going.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Keep POUNDING away!!!

Hope everyone is feeling better about being in the Challenge !!

I think I'm down about 18 lbs or so - I think I will continue for another month to keep the pounds at bay!

Clothes are an easier fit -

I think moving forward my rule will be no seconds at dinner - and very few treats!

Thanks everyone!  Thanks Steph!

F Jeff

I am really glad I joined this challenge......I  have not meet my goal either...but I figure every pound lost is a success for me. I hope I can remember to practice some of the things I have learned . Thanks Steph ya'

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

This is the third challenge that I have done with Stephanie. The first one went well, the second one not so much, and this one has been a little bit of both. Ups and downs. I feel healthier though and have seen some results, though not as much as I wanted, but still happy.  This week I am making plans for after the challenge so that I keep a healthier lifestyle.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Can't believe this is the last week

This has been a fun challenge and it has gone by way fast. I would love to say I did the group challenge, but my two year old kept shoving popsicles (court-ticles if she says it) into my mouth and it was hard not to say no to a daddy daughter popsicle moment. I did learn that tracking my food makes me more thoughtful of what I eat instead of just "this is close enough to my calories" or "I worked out today". I did notice that when I would watch what I ate an even stopped eating so much because I was "hungry" I would actually feel better and not so sluggish. It was great to see everyone's progress and even better to do this with my wife. She is awesome and I do not apologize for all the times that I embarrass her :). She also is about 12 weeks pregnant and her hip hop group took 1st place in their dance competition this past weekend. She is doing the work of two and still winning.

What I've Learned

Thanks everyone for participating with me in this challenge!  Having surgery last week kind of threw a wrench in my plans to have a big finish.  In fact, I didn't really earn any points at all, so I'm bowing out of the final competition.  Feeling down and out after surgery has made me appreciate my health that I take for granted.  It has motivated me to continue to lose weight and make better habits.  I was able to lose about 10 lbs this go around which was half of my initial goal, so I guess I just need to keep going.  I'm hoping to find some people that will be willing to join me for another challenge for the summer.  Let me know if you are interested!  Good luck to everyone finishing these last few days strong!

Almost there!!!

Well I've lost about 8 pounds during this challenge. I am so glad that I decided to do it!! My goal was twenty pounds so hopefully I can keep going on my own after this is over . Great job everybody! You all inspired me to keep going...You are all amazing !!!!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

10 min left to check in this week 😬 Cutting it close. This week we  had spring break. A lot harder to stay healthy. Only got 4 day of workouts and ate too much junk. One more week. Wow almost done. Good luck to everyone.

Finally noticing!!

 This week I'm excited to say I am proud of myself, I am actually noticing a difference without the measuring tape. I am feeling more confident in myself, and actually fitting into some of my skinny clothes. I hope after this challange I can continue to make better choices in what I eat and hope I continue to go to the gym knowing it's not to just earn a few points. Thank you Stephanie. I❤U!!
I can't believe believe this is almost over. My number might not be as low as I want, but I'm feeling great. I feel in control of my life and that is a great feeling. I'm in a workout routine, which forces me to sleep enough, and I've aware of what I'm eating. Hooray for making positive changes!

Don't Chase Unicorns!

There are only a few days left in the challenge! I am feeling great and hit a new low number on the scale last night. Don't be tricked into buying the new Starbucks drink that is made with 100% organic blended unicorn bits! You wouldn't think so, but it is teaming with toxins. Don't do it. 

Saturday, April 22, 2017

So excited that we are in the home stretch. It has been great to see some changes. I have been impressed with all of you. Just five more days!


i was doing really well with moderation of sweets and sugars until Easter.  I learned that once I get a chance to binge eat all that deliciousness it's hard to get back on track the following days.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Yes!!! Almost done....I really did not think I would stay with this.  I'm so glad I did.It has been eye opening to see all the things that go in the mouth without realizing it. Thanks to all for sharing their ups and downs and helping me to know I was not the only one going up and down...I have not done reallllly good.....but I have not done to bad either.  We'll see what the final results say!!
Good luck to all!!!!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Not eating after dinner...and drinking water

So I'm getting on right now because I'm having an argument in my head about how I want to get up and go get myself some more food. I finished dinner...and I'm supposed to be done for the day. And I want to leave my cheat days for the weekend. Soooo if I get on and post about my healthy habits, maybe I can peer pressure myself into staying put!

Obviously I picked a good one for myself.

Keep going everybody. Don't give into just giving up...because every amount of effort you can give, is for your benefit! You CAN do it!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

WOW is this really the last week?

Nice job everyone!

Nice Job Stephanie!!!

I know that I got a good kick start by participating with all of you!!

I think I am going to continue for 4 more weeks so that I don't give any of the lbs back.

Does anyone remember what Ice Cream tastes like????

Keep Moving!!

F Jeff

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Week 7 Results and Prize Drawing

Week 7 is in the books!  Good job everyone!  The end is in sight!

If your name isn't on here, send me your points when you can.

Week 7 Results:

Tied for 1st place with 658 points:

1.  Nicole
1.  McKenzi

2.  Jeff              657
3.  Katie W.      655
4.  Sarah V.       651
4.  Brenda         651
5.  James           648
6.  Weston         646
7.  Erica            641
8.  Stephanie     628
9.  Sarah C.       618
10.  Leigh          615
11.  Nada            583
12.  Cam             574
13.  Heather        554
14.  Elise            550
15.  Amber         541
26.  Kiersten       477

Tonight there is no prize video.  I ran out of time, so I used an online generator to pick our 2 winners of the $10 Amazon gift cards:

First I put the 13 qualifiers names in the random list maker to assign you all a number.

 Then I had the computer generate 2 numbers from 1 to 13 and came up with these numbers as the winners!

Congrats to Number 6 (Erica) and Number 13 (Kiersten)!!!  

No Sweets, treats, or sugary drinks

I figured I would choose the one that would be the hardest because I love me some powerade at lunch. I am choosing no treats, sweet, or sugary drinks and think that my lack of powerade at lunch will kill me..since I get it for free...and its in my way for my breaks to go up the stairs so I can some more steps. I'm convinced that they put crack in blue powerade because it is the best tasting of all of them. I wish everyone luck and think i'm going to go settle my nerves with some powerade...I have one day so I can still make the 5/7 days, but my will power is getting weaker by the minute

I am a sheep

This weeks challenge is a good one.  I am happy to be revisiting the "no eating after dinner" challenge because I felt better in the morning during that week.  And, I evidently NEED someone to TELL me what to do.  I've noticed that when I don't need to do something...I don't do it.  That is why, when it comes to my health, I am a sheep.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Water ways..

 I started this post from my phone last night because it had on my workout pics then the phone rang and I forgot to hit post, so here is a summary of my weeks work out via pics:  Monday was a lifting/Tabata class at the rec, Tuesday racquetball, Wednesday basketball, Thursday kickboxing, Friday at home lifting, Saturday a run with a friend and her son!  On top of that I set a personal goal to drink at least 100 ounces of water every day (I drink a diet dew and then not much water) i'm surprised how much easier the rest of my food choices fell into place when I was focused on simply drinking more water… OK a LOT more water,  fortunately there's a bathroom near my desk at work that was really the only inconvenience of my experiment. It was a great week!

Finish strong

Well I started out this challenge very optimistic and lost six pounds fairly quickly. Now for the last two weeks I have not completed the group challenge and I have not lost any more weight. So this week I am taking on the no sugary drinks challenge and I am going to finish up strong ! My personal goal this week is to lose two pounds. I can do it. And great job for those of you who avoided the sweets last week. You are all much stronger people than me !!!!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter

We are all brothers and sisters. Happy Easter.

Happy Easter!!!

Oh my I almost forgot to blog. Hope everyone had a good Easter. No sugar is extremely hard for me somedays that's all I want. I felt pretty proud of myself during the week then comes the weekend not to mention Easter. I am grateful for these dreaded challange even though I hate every minute.  Thanks Stephanie.
This weeks challenge was so hard. Stuffing candy into plastic eggs 😬 and I never ate one candy. Never thought I could do that. Seriously though! ... I'm running a comfortable 3 plus miles now. So happy about that.  I think I finally broke down that runners wall and I'm enjoying running again. Have a couple races planned too.  Good luck to everyone these last two weeks.
This week I have told myself no A LOT. I didn't realize how many times I was reaching for a quick sugary something. I wish we would of done this challenge sooner so I would have had that realization sooner. Writing down what I eat just wasn't enough to make me release this. Though this time in th scale I did let out a YES! at the number on the scale. Still plenty to lose but have to start somewhere.

Has anyone found one of my extra chins?

I noticed the last couple on weeks that I can leave the top button buttoned for more than 3 hours - this was not possible a few weeks ago!!!!  If anyone finds one of my extra chins they can keep it!!!

Also my snowmobile thinks I am lighter now than at the beginning of the season.  (view the attached photo)  The snowmobile jumped way to far because the rider was lighter???

F Jeff

Saturday, April 15, 2017

My name is James, and i am an addict...

Well apparently i am addicted to sugar. This week make that painfully obvious. It was good to walk away from it for a week. See you Monday, Sugar!


I live for sweets apparently.  I told James that we should save our cheat days for the weekend and what happens...treats! Social treats! Free treats! Cheap treats! I gave in on Wednesday thinking that it would be no big deal to save my second cheat day till Sunday. 30 minutes later I get a text for $3 fillups at our local FroYo place. And then a text from a good friend wanting to go to said FroYo to hang out! I wanted so badly to hang out with my friend. But I had to say no...because I wasted my cheat day on a TOTALLY WORTH IT DELICIOUS MINI BUNDT CAKE! And then the next day my friend that I had been making plans with for 3 weeks decided that we'd be making chocolate eggs while we hung out! I mean...seriously! The melted chocolatey goodness was just sitting right there calling to me! But fortunately I was able to blame my not trying any of the chocolates on that they needed to set up and I didn't want the chocolate all melty. HA! PLEASE! But let me tell you those chocolates are sitting on my shelf and I'm gonna have to be careful not to blow my good standings on Easter dinner and those eggs!

Anybody else been pinning desserts and delicious looking foods like crazy to pretend like you are going to taste those one day. Yeah...sorry...this is not a helpful post.

BUUUUT..this week I finally saw some results I was hoping for..and I am really grateful for this challenge. I clearly need to watch my sweets/treats/and desserts intake in the future.

Sugar, Sugar!

I discovered this week that it's not that hard to have a day without sugar.  The time I craved a treat the most was in the afternoons, some frozen cherries kind of hit the spot.  What is hard is stuffing 212 plastic Easter eggs with candy and not accidentally sampling a piece or two.  So the moral of the story is out of sight, out of mind.  I need to clean out my pantry and a few of my drawers!  
Image result for eat all the junk food meme

Friday, April 14, 2017

Surprisingly, week 7 was easier than I thought it would be. Being married to a guy who loves cookies (eats them on the go all day long) and  he also loves sugar coated fruit slices. I don't  have a problem with the fruit slices....but the this week he gets the nasty, dry  packaged cookies from the store. No temptation there!! I have made it.. 5 days without sweets, treats or desserts....yah!! I did not think I would last this long...but I saw a few more # drop, I feel better, both physically and mentally. I will make it through to the end.
Thanks to you all.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

This one's not about me!

I have been reading a lot of posts this week.  All of MY posts have been about me and my goals and my frustrations, but I just want to say to everyone who is posting...thank you!  I have really enjoyed hearing about your lives and goals and habits.  It has helped me to stay sane and focused.  Everyone participating in this challenge and who is posting on this blog is great!  You're all real and entertaining writers.  Thank you and thank you for posting!  Have a great Easter!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Chocolate and Laundry

I have realized that one of my laundry coping mechanisms is choclate. So this week laundry has been harder than usual to work on. Usually I measure out a serving of something chocolate (usually it's chocolate chips and almonds) and put it in a little cup to keep on the table while I'm folding. When the task starts to feel mundane I eat a bit. It's a system that works! And though I am determinedly trying to complete the challenge this week, I plan to go back to this method as soon as this week is over!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Week 6 Results and Prize Winner

Week 6 was another good one!  I'm so proud of so many of you that are hanging in there until the end!  This really has been a competitive and good group.

If your name isn't on here, send me your points when you can.

Week 6 Results:

Tied for 1st place with 564 points:

1.  Nicole
1.  McKenzi

2.  Katie W.      563
2.  Jeff              563
3.  Weston        562
4.  Sarah V.       559
5.  Brenda         558
6.  James           554
7.  Erica            552
8.  Stephanie     545
9.  Kate R.        545
10.  Sarah C.     539
11.  Leigh          531
12.  Leisel          528
13.  Mary           519
14.  Nada            496
15.  Elise            496
16.  Heather        495
17.  Cam             484
18.  Victoria        472
19.  Amber          463
20.  Kiersten       410

And the winner of the $10 Target gift card goes to:  

Click Here to See


I have been wondering about water recently.  Two things...

1.  My hands swell to the point that my ring is almost uncomfortable and then within an hour or two my ring is nearly sliding off.  Is this normal to have so much swelling on and off through the day?  Anyone else experience this too?

2. When you pee like every hour because you are drinking so much water is it really helping you?  Are your cells really using the water or is it just passing through :)  ?

Monday, April 10, 2017

EASY points....

Blogging each week is the EASIEST 10 points out there! GRRR and I didn't get them last week because I plain ol' FORGOT!! Well....NOT this week!!!

I find that the more power I have over food (and not the other way around) I am experiencing the happier and more confident I feel!!! So - remember who has the thumbs!!! WE DO!!!


Some time when you are feeling strong and in control......Make a list of all the things you can do when you feel weak. Walk around your kitchen 10 times, grab the closest person to you and hug them, make a phone call to a friend, write in your journal, start singing a song - ANYTHING to maintain the control YOU HAVE over food!


(ps. it's only 5 days out of 7 right?!?!?)   :)

freaking out!

The last couple weeks have sucked!  I have tried to stay positive but my son is leaving for boot camp.  (Navy)  in a couple days!! I planned on being with him Thursday at airport when he leaves but just found out we aren't allowed?!  So I guess the last time I will get to see him will be Wed when he swears in.  I just want to cry!! and eat my way through it and am considering quiting altogether.  Sorry to be such a downer but I AM FREAKING OUT!! Im not ready to be an empty nester.

No Sweets

At first I didn't think that this was going to be too bad of a challenge for me, but as I was talking to Kiersten and saying how easy it will be for me...I immediately went and ate about 5 hi-chews and realized that i'm just as bad as everyone else. Hi-Chews are the ways that I can destress from a long day of work and school without feeling guilty that i'm eating a snickers, milky way, M&M's and all of those sugary candies...then I eat about 15 Hi-Chews. I'm already craving one as i'm writing this...good luck to us all!

No sweets

Well, this will be my hardest challenge yet. I definitely have a weakness for sweets. I will try my best. I can do five days right? I need to try harder this week. I want to finish strong! I didn't meet my challenge last week of fruits and veggies sadly. I had fruit in the house but no veggies and couldn't make it to the store until payday 😰😰😰 I'll be glad for my veggie garden this summer tho!! Good luck to everyone and Happy Easter!!

Wish me luck

Well we are headed off for our spring break trip this morning. When I first read no sweets for the week I was a little bummed. But the more I thought about it I realized maybe it will help me stay on track. Fingers crossed I can do as well as a lot of you have while traveling.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

No sweets? :-(

Okay Stephanie! I am going to do it! I love Cadbury mini eggs so much, and I need some incentive to steer clear.

I have had ups and downs over these past six weeks. But I definitely think I have made improvements and done way better than I would have, had I not felt the accountability of this group.

So thanks all!  Have a great Easter week.
After weighing in each week, trying my hardest (minus one week) to get all my points... I sure haven't lost very much. By that I mean a whopping 3 pounds. What is interesting to me is that my clothes have been fitting better and my work outs have been easier. At first my goal of this challenge was to lose weight, but the reality is the scale doesn't show what really matters. Even if I weighed 100 pounds I know that those numbers play a mental game with you. I am terrified of this next challenge but I can have my Diet Coke so I am happy. It's just avoiding sweets and sugary treats right? Diet Coke does not fall into a "treat" category. It's 100% a need in my world!

Sad I forgot to blog last week...

I'm  thankful for Sunday's for so many reasons. I will regroup and work hard this week. I have my ups and downs. My granddaughters start arriving on May 10th. I want to be a strong fit and fun grandma so I'm training for the babies!

Homemade Pizza

1. Flatout Foldit Artisan Flat bread tear in half you have two pizza doughs for 45 cal each.
2.  Mezzetta napa valley homemade tomato and sweet basil.  25 cal per pizza
4. Cheese please 90ish cal per.
5. Canadian bacon-cause if your eating real bacon you aren't looking at these blogs anymore.  30 cal per pizza.

Nice cheesy pizza for 190 cal.

"A tradition unlike any other"

For those less familiar and dare i say cultured, this weekend was the annual Masters golf tournament. The greatest stage for the worlds best golfers. Also the greatest way waste 40 hours watching a sport you care very little about but somehow cant seem to walk away from. I find that nothing seems to better promote lethargy and sluggishness like the game of golf. So heres to a good week and a push to the finish line!

New week!

I will say this was probably my hardest week yet, Soring Break was good for my longer runs but hard for the ever car-snacking. It was great to read and relax and re-group!!  A friend reminded me of goalsetting and making sure we know what we want to achieve, that's where I'm headed, writing it down, posting it proud and reporting back! So my personal goals this week:

1. 100 oz of a water a day (I'm terrible with water)
2. PLAN my meals, write them down, track!!
3. Group challenge- No Sugar!!
4. No scale til next Monday morning - I check too much

Here's to reporting back next week!

Get Your Head in the Game

Image result for funny weight loss

Every time I've attempted to lose weight I've been surprised by how much of a mental game it really is.  It takes a lot of time and energy to make it happen.  At this point in my life with a new baby and a family to keep up with, I've had a hard time finding any extra mental energy at all.  I'm happy that this challenge has made me accountable so I push to get my workouts in and keep a food log...because I know I wouldn't be doing either right now without it.

I'm happy for the no sweets challenge coming up this week that will keep me in check with the abundance of Easter candy.  And just think of all the chocolate bunnies we'll save!  Keep up the good work everyone!

Image result for funny weight loss easter

Checking in...

Well, I forgot to blog last week which was a real killer on my point total! 
Here are a few things I've enjoyed throughout the challenge

1.  Even on days I don't feel like working out, once I get going it feels good! I've been watching "Victoria" TV series while running, which I'm enjoying.

2.  Tracking my food/calories helps so much!  Even after a poor choice, I feel more in control.

3.  I actually have not had a Diet Coke since our inital "no soda" challenge.  BIG Change for me!  I found a drink I love as a reward: Bai Bubbles Waikiki Coconut Lime

Looking forward a good week!  Good luck!

Struggle bus

I countinue with my struggle to remember to blog, but here I am thank to Brenda. It's been tough lately sticking to working out and eating healthy while in the middle of moving out, my wedding a week away and getting ready for our trip to California in a week and a half but I have stuck to it through it all. In the middle of all this stress working out has kept me going strong simply because it helps relieve so much stress and all these important events keep me motivated. It's my last week of being a Morfin and going on to being an Ortega. As the day gets closer I get more and more nervous and I'm trying real hard to not eat my emotions. Lucky for me we have a lot that needs to be moved so that also keeps me up on my feet and moving
 Wow! This challenge has gone by fast. I've seen some ups and some downs. I hoped this week would've been far as weight loss goes. I'm going to work hard the last few weeks.
I can't believe we are on the downhill slope of this challenge. I did out on a pair of jeans the other day and they were not feeling quite as tight as they usually do. I try to concentrate more on how things fit than the number on the scale, really because I hate that number on the scale. But I'm working at it!

Saturday, April 8, 2017


This challenge has been amazing for me and keeping up motivation to continue my gym workouts. On the other hand I am losing my motivation in the treats Department the last few nights I keep finding myself standing in the pantry looking for some sort of treat that I could count as a low-calorie treat I'm learning those don't really exist. I WANT SUGAR.  I have caved in with Jolley Ranchers but hey they last a long time and curbe my sweet tooth. Thanks again stephanie.

"You can't always get what you want"...

This needs to be my theme song.  I eat right and I exerciser often, but I don't get to my way when I weigh in.  I think at some point, maybe in three weeks, I just need to resolve that where I am is where I am meant to be and that is my healthy weight.  I think, at this point, I can live with that.  Hmm, this we a very therapeutic and eye opening post for me.  I feel ok about it.  I really get a lot out of reading other posts and knowing that I am not alone and that it is hard for everyone to be healthy.  In the case of almost everything in life; if it's not hard, it's probably not worth your time, right?

Set point

I am trying hard to get past my "set point" of 220. I am exasperated! I know starvation isn't the answer, but I am fighting to get past this madness. I am enjoying some work outs and some positive visualizations. I am also eating better and recognizing some bad habits. I will survive! Good luck everyone!

Friday, April 7, 2017


This week has been crazy busy. Baseball season is in full swing for my son.  I have done well at exercising. Not my best with food but not to bad. I needed to be better about planning meals ahead of time.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

How Much Longer Stephanie

I think if this thing goes much longer I will never feel good about eating a cheese burger again???

This week is going well - I'm trying to add some real exercise to the days that I do Yoga just to feel like I really did exercise. 

I am getting used to eating an orange or tangerine mid morning instead of chocolate - how fun is that? Brace yourself for having fruits and vegetables in your Easter Basket!

Keep the exercise going and your head down!  This can't go on forever!
Can it?

F Jeff

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Los Tacos Pastor

 Mexico was filled with fun and lots of physical activities… And lots and lots of tacos. We found out pretty quickly that we were gonna be eating more than we probably should for the challenge. Took a step backwards in my long term goals this week but it was good to be mindful of my healthy habits in Mexico! This was the first time on vacation I wasn't dehydrated though...thanks to the challenge. I'll have to work even harder these next few weeks to catch back up to my goal!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Week 5 Results and Prize Drawing

Congratulations to everyone on another great week!  We are definitely on the downhill slope, keep up the good work!

If you aren't listed here it's because I didn't hear from please let me know your points!

Tied for 1st place with 470 points:

1.  Katie W.
1.  McKenzi

2.  Jeff              469
3.  Sarah V.       466
4.  Brenda         465
5.  Erica            462
6.  James           460
7.  Kate R.        456
8.  Sarah C.       455
9.  Stephanie     452
10.  Leigh          447
11.  Leisel          438
12.  Michelle      437
13.  Elise            422
14.  Amber         421
15.  Nada            411
16.  Cam             397
17.  Victoria        386
18.  Kiersten       336

2 Prize Winners this week won $10 CASH!!!  Who will it be?  Watch here to see:

For those of you feeling stuck or like to do some reading

Here are some good links for nutritional information for those that are curious or feeling stuck.

This one helps figure out your protein, carb, and fat grams to how much you should be taking in.

For a good information on weight loss slowing down.

Another calculator with links to more information

Fruitloops count as fruits right?

I had this debate with myself and my 2 year old Harper as we walked through Costco and I should have just picked up the xxxl king sized bag of fruit loops and called it a challenge, but instead went with strawberries and even bought some vegetables. this is a fun challenge and even when my food journal calls me out on my eating habits I am glad that I signed up for it. I did feel happy though as I eat more servings of fruits and veggies than I initially thought. A banana before the gym, a banana with my dinner time shake, Veggies with my lunch, fruit with my mid day snacks. This challenge isn't so bad so far :)

Monday, April 3, 2017

I'm stuck!!!

I'm stuck I'm stuck....The last two weeks the scale has said the exact same weight. I'm not losing ....I'm not gaining...So that's good but really I should be losing...I have a lot to lose!! Fingers crossed for a better week. I think maybe I didn't make healthy choices this week so that's why I didn't lose. I can do better!! I know I can. Such will power at the beginning of the week and by the end I've fizzled out. I can do this!! I can do this!!!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

I'm Still Here!

I missed posting last week and almost missed this week. But here I am. 9:50 on Sunday night. This week I totally tanked with my food logging. It was just one thing too many while we were having the kirchen partially remodeled to make room for new appliances and my baby went back to waking up every two hours, like a newborn again. Anyway, so not a great week on that front. But I have been consistent with my workouts and trying to get to bed early since I know the baby is going to wake me up. I have been drinking my water and not eating after dinner (most nights).

I did want to share new workouts from  last week. I have been using a foam roller before I do my circuit workouts and it helps so much. Look it up! I highly recommend.

Spring Break Temptations

Finished with another week, and my food journaling was weaker than it should've been. When you wait till the very end of the day to write it down instead of writing as you go I know you miss things so I will be better this week. Especially since it's spring break and I am going to have to do everything in my power to maintain...  short road trip on Thursday and Friday and they always kill my food plans... not this week!!! I'll survive!
I'm not going to lie, I thought this challenge was going to be almost as bad as the "no soda/sugary drink" challenge. The first day was rough to not eat after dinner. But I learned that I'm actually not hungry after dinner anyways. The things I was snacking on definitely was not helping; candy, popcorn, diet coke.. I did go see Beauty and the Beast tuesday night and you CANNOT go to a movie without eating popcorn. I was trying to justify counting that day as a win due to the fact that I didn't eat dinner that night. But soon realized that's kind of cheating. Sure I didn't eat dinner, but I had popcorn at 9:30 at night. AWESOME! So I didn't count it! I still got my 5/7 days though. I am actually really excited for this next weeks challenge. I love fruits and veggies. Hopefully I am still this optimistic towards the end of the week.

Yo Yo

Does anyone else feel like they have been on a yoyo scale? Oh my goodness. Over the last 8 months it seems like I get on a down hill slope edging towards my goal, only to have another week high. ugg. It makes me want to give up or starve myself to my goal. If only either were options. I am going to try compounding all the past challenges and see where it leads me. Positive thoughts. Positive thoughts.....

Scales are Working Better This Week

I hit Menchies Frozen Yogart twice this week - 200 calories never tasted so good!

Constant exercise and 1500 calories seem to be working again!  YOGA twice a week has been good but I don't think you burn a lot of extra calories in YOGA.  We have been chasing a 20 month old Grandson this week - that is a good extra work-out.  I heard the challenge next week has something to do with eating with 1 foot off the floor?

F Jeff
 This week has been my toughest week. Craving sweets like crazy! I'm really hoping that next week I get myself back together. At least I'm logging my food and I'm seeing how bad I'm eating. It's a real wake up call

Saturday, April 1, 2017


Halo Top Ice cream is good.  Decent on calories. Try the peanut butter cup.  

Over Half Way There

Image result for weight loss keep going
This week I hit the 10 pounds lost mark!  I'm finally starting to notice the difference.  Mostly in the way a few of my clothes are fitting and my posture seems better

I really like how this challenge is set up where you can still get perfect points just by following everything perfectly for 5 days.  Some days it's just really hard to find time to exercise, and some days it feels like everyone is trying to sabotage your eating goals.  Like these conspiring little Girl Scouts:

But I've learned that for me that taking a day off from tracking food is great for me mentally and I feel regrouped and ready to take on the next day.