Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Belt now fits in the next smaller hole - is that a good thing?

To my suprise I took up a notch on my belt this morning - gooood stuff!! I'm going hunting this week - recipe below - no snacks with M&M's??? Trail Mix??? I think I will pick the M&M's out of the trail mix and replace them with Advil??? I looked last night and found a tropical Nut and Fruit Trail Mix don't know how far up the mountain it will get me. By far one of the leanest red meats is Venison!! It is also organic, free range, and as long as Idaho keeps their Wolves in check it is renewable. Cut the Venison steaks into long pieces about the size of your index finger - shake on McCormick's Montreal Steak Seasoning (It does wonders with game meat) place the pieces in a baggie and let the seasoning work for a few hours in the fridge. Fire up the grill Place the pieces on low heat and turn often - they will cook in less than 5 minutes - DO NOT OVER COOK!!! Gooooood Stuff - Also on the grill in a little fry pan looking caddy slice up some Summer Squash - Zucchini - Asparagus - Mushrooms - and grill them up Great Lean Meal!!!! And the best part is - the hiking in the mountains counts as your exercise!!! Moderate Walking (3 mph) burns 300 calories/hr Jogging burns about 600 calories/hr Sitting burns about 100 calories/hr - (I don't think we can count this as exercise) Sleeping burns about 70 Cal/hr Walking the Golf Course carrying clubs about 325 Cal/hr Remember there are 3500 calories in one pound of fat - Keep Moving!!! And go heavy on the Advil! F Jeff


  1. Thanks for the steak seasoning tip!

    My husband stocks our freezer every December with deer meat from hunting. To anyone else that prepares deer roast - I have found that cooking the roast in either orange or apple juice almost eliminates the gamey taste. And if you want to make deer roast taste like a regular roast, layer some bacon pieces on top while it cooks. Definitely not heart healthy, but very flavorful!

  2. For some reason your post reminds me of my mother! WEIRD!!!! Let's see who can run to the top of Machu Picchu!

  3. Bacon is amazing. But i have to say if I have some venison I am going to try this. My family are hunters, my husband is not, so I'll have to bum some meat off my parents next time we visit post the deer hunt.

  4. I need more of that calorie burning sleep.