Thursday, October 16, 2014

Super Big Chocolate Chip Cookie

So there I was minding my own calories and a guy comes into the meeting with some BIG THICK CC Cookies! Wow I quickly split one in half thinking I can afford 150 calories - Cooked perfect - WOW!!!! I ate slow - small bites - savoring every morsel. 10 minutes later I figured out I had violated the all fruit and nut rule!!!! Then I remembered the all fruit and nut rule was just 5 out of 7 days - Big Smile!!! Any regrets - my only regret is that I did not eat the entire cookie. My motto: if a desert is a 10 go for it! Next week I may share my secret on how to enjoy a donut for only 30 calories. Is this challenge feeling looooong to anyone else???? Keep up the efforts!!!! F Jeff


  1. Great, now I want warm and gooey chocolate chip cookies... Thanks a lot Jeff! :_(

  2. I want to hear about these 30 calorie donuts!