Friday, October 30, 2015

The end!!!

These challenges are so motivating and the only thing from ripping into 10- mini snickers.


It's Friday morning, so I  know I can't count the points for blogging this...but I felt this was too important to NOT share. So, I'm up at my usual 5am and remembered I never blogged - so here I am.

Ladies, I have been physically active and striving for a healthy life for many years. Not as many as some, but more than others. I've had really good examples of health and fitness in my life, and others...not so good examples. I was raised to clean your plate and eat until you're over full. We ate when we were happy, sad, and everything in between. As I've tried a more healthy lifestyle I find myself at war with food and my body. I enjoy working out and the benefits mentally and physically I can't live without. Like many of you - I have struggled to find a 'happy place' with my weight. I diet diet diet, then struggle as I slowly gain it all back. And the cycle begins again. You  know what I mean, we've ALL been there.

Through a friend I was introduced to a book that has changed how I look at myself, dieting and healthy living. I am only about half way through this book - but in the week or so that I've been reading it I've felt a huge change in my heart and mind regarding this issue. I urge you to find it, and read it! It is called, "Intuitive Eating" by Evelyn Tribole. Some of you may have heard of it, some of you may have even read it. I have had a few instances in my life where I've had 'a-ha' moments - and reading this book I've had several of those self discovery moments!

I highly recommend each of you getting this book and reading it. Even if you don't follow all of the guidelines they present - it may help you make peace with food and your body.

Thank you Stephanie for making this challenge possible. Even though I didn't do as well as I'd hoped, it helped me get back on track and rediscover my strengths as a healthy, happy mama! I hope everyone has a marvelous weekend!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Here we are! The ennnnd!
Well, I personally feel good about sticking to through the challenge.
I haven't lost what I hoped to ( I anticipated but didn't let it stop me.) as I've mentioned from the beginning, I have struggled since mommy hood began for me. Physically. To bounce back or at least reach the point of contentment.
However, I am very happy that I continue learning better habits as I go. I'm paying much better attention to my body , as well as going harder when I want to quit.
Thank you ladies for the encouragement along the way. Thank you so much Stephanie for allowing us each to take part!

I hope everyone had personal success!!

So here I am in Vernal and usually there are not to many participants from town.  This time there have been four or five. Anyway I ran into one yesterday.... I about started crying!!! Sarah looks so good! I had to stop putting myself down because I have had my own personal success.  I can't compare to others!!  I hope everyone has found their own success...We all win in one way or another!!  Congrats to everyone!! Hope to see you next round!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

We made it to the end!!! I feel the same way as the previous post. I feel stronger and healthier. I can run a few miles without getting so out of breath that I need to stop. It feels great! I just need to find something to motivate me to keep it up after this challenge is over.

These last couple of weeks have been great for me. Weigh-ins have made me happy. The best part for me was when I went to the gym and did one of the machines for an hour. At the beginning of the challenge I could barely get through 10 minutes. When I tried it again, I went longer than 10 minutes but I barely got down the stairs at the gym. Then this week when I tried it again but for an hour, I did it! I walked down the gym stairs no problem. I was so excited to see such a huge change in my strength and endurance. So no matter what the result ends up, I'm happy with the improvements I've made so far. I know I am well on my well to getting that baby weight off.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


I'm just sitting here enjoying a quite house while looking for fun Halloween foods to make the kids to eat the next couple of days. Of course Pinterest is my go to place, but there are way too many wonderful but high calorie foods on there right now. Luckily there are also too many group goals this week that I would be failing myself on if I caved. I think it's time to go dream about them though instead of tempt myself. Only 2 more days, we can do this!!

Week 9 Results and Prize Winner

There are a lot of you I didn't hear from this week, so send me your scores sooner than later!!!  We are down to the final 2 days!!!  I will be sending out an email tonight with instructions for the final weigh-in.  There will be 5 cash prizes at the end (they are on the side bar of the blog if you need a reminder).  The final scores will be posted on Sunday, the following week all of the prizes (top 5 winners) and all previous weekly winners will be sent out.

Week 9 Results:

1.  Nicole          846  
1.  Susan          846
2.  Jenni            843
3.  Cheree         833  
4.  Artesia       808
5.  Sarah           805
6.  Jessica        794
7.  Elise            766
8.  Heather       754
9.  Roxanna      737
10.  Linsey         632

Here is the Week 9 Prize Winner ($10 CASH)

There's no video today, but you can sing in your song the 80's song..."I'm so excited...I just can't hide it."  I'm so excited this challenge is coming to an end!!!

Monday, October 26, 2015


We did it! We made it to week 10! I am hoping that some of these things stick with me for life! I have notice so much change in myself, some in my body, and some in my knowledge of thing! I can't wait to continue to be a healthier me!


I fee like I have been missing in action the past couple weeks. There has been too much on my plate. So I chose the pets of the challenge that I could manage and let some of the other stuff go.

I have kept up my exercise and logging my food. I have made sure to get enough sleep and drank plenty of water. This week I am going to do some of the group challenges that I let go over the challenge. I bombed the no sweets last week, so this week I am doing it! I have a huge bowl of fruit and a ton of veggies that were leftover  for munching that I brought home from a wedding open house. Prep work complete!

I'm also going to have only healthy snacks, they seem to go together well. Lastly I'll replace one meal a day with a protein shake or green smoothie.

Happy last week everybody and good luck.
I love seeing my endurance and strength during my work outs improve. I enjoy being strong enough to push ,yes elf to new levels. It's always hard to get into the work out routine but I've hit the point where it's something I just do and I enjoy it. It can be hard to get whinny kids ready to go, or give up that warm bed, but it has gotten easier and I know I'll feel better and it will be worth it if I just go.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Permanent Changes

The success for me this challenge hasn't come on inches or pounds lost.  Dang!  It has come in making new friends at the YMCA.  I have found a few classes that I love.  Now that I have a group of friends in those classes I feel the need to show up...they keep me accountable!  I also felt empowered this week passing up desserts and treats, but was still able to enjoy a fun Halloween party on one of my days off.  I see no reason I can't keep up with this challenge.  Hope you are all finding success in many ways too!


Ahh this challenge was so hard as we were on a long weekend vacation. However, I stuck to my guns and kept to the weekly challenge. This is a week where I can feel a huge difference in the ways my clothes fit and those lost inches are adding up. Thanks again Stephanie for a great challenge.

Learned something new!

I am so happy with all the positive changes I have made during this challenge. I have high cholesterol (genetic) and this challenge has pushed me to return to a heart healthy diet. My body feels so much healthier when I make the right choices. I also feel so much better after not drinking coke anymore. I actually have more energy, and it seems I don't crave sweets as much as a result of not drinking soda.

A fun non-challenge thing I discovered. I read you can use vinegar as a natural rinse-aid for your dishes! I have now been adding 1/4 cup to every dish load and my dishes come out sparkling!

So this is my first challenged that I've don't with Stephanie. I really like all the group challenges. Some were harder and some were easier. It was a good balance. I kind of wish it was a bit longer too like someone else mentioned. If you do this again Steph let me know. :)

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Great Week

I can't believe this challenge is going to be over.  Hope I can make it through the holidays.
This has been one great week - lost weight and have a beautiful new granddaughter!  Yea!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

"The Cow Loves Cookies"

How appropriate that this is one of the books my son brought to me to read to him tonight! I love cookies too!!!! And really kind of want A LOT of them right now! I am totally struggling this week, a good struggle though (I guess) I must have really needed this because apparently I have a problem! I have been saved by the fruit bowl many times this week, and thankfully have one more day to keep busy, I mean stay strong. Thankfully I hadn't bought any Halloween candy yet, for obvious reasons, it doesn't stay in the bowl. If (when to be positive; )) I make it through, this will be my biggest victory for this challenge. Certainly harder than one and done, and brought out the fact that I really needed this one.
A couple of things I have also learned and tried to work on this challenge is protein intake and heart rate zones. Getting enough protein can be a huge contributer to muscle building which also enables fat burning. Working the right heart rate zone is often hard as well because I like to be able to workout hard, sweat, and feel like I really accomplished something, but different zones offer different benefits. So I try to workout at different zones throughout the week so I can get a little bit of everything whether it be increasing performance capacity, improving aerobic fitness, improving endurance and helping recovery, or boosting metabolism.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

only 10?

So, lately I've been feeling like 10 weeks just isn't enough!!! I know it's been long enough! But...I have more weight to lose and more habits to solidify, so I'm currently feeling I need MORE TIME! I'm not ready for this here challenge to end!

That being said, I must agree with many who have written so far....that if I put my mind to it, I'm stronger than I thought...and I really CAN do a healthy life! I'm LOVING my gym membership - still cringe at the cost - but I LOVE the classes and go regularly. I can tell my body is getting stronger. I'm disappointed that I still have so far to go to reach my goals, but I also know I am a good person and I have officially stopped blaming myself for past struggles.

When this is all over I will be 'starting' again to see how well I can do, how solid my habits are, and how much more I can lose before the New Year. I'm committed to a healthy lifestyle for LIFE!!! It will NOT end at the end of this challenge!

Good luck ladies! We can do it!!!

Week 8 Results and Prize Winner

Another awesome week!  Sariah, Artesia, and Karen J. - let me know your scores and I'll add them to this total.  This is a stiff will be so exciting to see how it all shakes out in the end.

1.  Nicole          752  
1.  Susan          752
2.  Jenni            749
3.  Cheree         740  
4.  Karen L.      726
5.  Sarah         720
6.  Mary             715
7.  Jessica        707
8.  Elise            686
9.  Heather       672
10.  Roxana        657
11.  Stephanie    655
12.  LauriAnn     625
13.  Linsey         563

This week's prize winner of the $5 Subway gift card:  Will Jenni win 3 week in a row?!?!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Yeah for this challenge!!

I need this challenge this week. I usually do it the whole time but last week I stopped.  I am back on board. No sugar snacks!!!
My success for this challenge is I fit in a pair of pant that I bought two years ago (without trying on).  They were to small...Now they fall off.  I am going to wash them in hot water because I like them.  Okay maybe I will go shopping and try on clothes and not just buy things off the rack.

Monday, October 19, 2015

I was excited about last week's challenge and did really well with the shakes I have made it part of my daily routine for breakfast.  Not so excited about this week's challenge I really struggle with my snacking!  But I day down and we will try for another week of good progress. I Can't believe we are almost at the end.  Even if I didn't lose a lot of weight or inches I was able to not gain the weight I had taken off before which has always been the hardest part. Making good habits I can live with is really my biggest goal for this challenge.

Actually, I can!

So this challenge has helped me realize a lot of things but the main thing is this So simple yet so true. I try to not let my excuses take over. I thought i needed 1 more day of exercise for the week yesterday, however, i was in the er with my daughter twice for HOURS at a time. I got there at 10 and left at 2 went back by 6 ish and left after 10. They thought she had appendicitis but its just an intestinal infection. I was fast walking in the room and doing other things to get my workout in. Come to find out, i didnt need the work out! I had 5 other workouts! I'm not letting myself use my excuses that i used to! I am trying my hardest and forgiving myself when I screw up. I am learning more about caloric intake and what kind of exercise works for my body! I may not have lost near the weight i had wanted to, but i have lost weight and inches and i am very proud and impressed with myself for what i have lost!

Middle of the night

It is raining and the middle of the night and I remember to blog!! What??? I love the meal replacement challenge. I wish it would have been a different week and I could have done it 7 days!  I have been out of town with no electricity to mix up a shake so I only did it 5 days.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sucker Punch

For some reason I had it in my head that the challenge was done at 8 weeks. So mentally I was prepared to be done, and then BAM! No sugar for you!

But I will scrape up the last bits of resolve I have and tough it out for another week. Maybe it will be my best week yet!

Hi ladies. I have to say I THOUGHT this challengw would be a no brainer this wk... Easy peasy.... I thought!

I Pretty much have a daily shake/smoothie which is made with spinach, half a banana, flax seed, rice milk, and PB2. ( sounds gross but it is not too bad) now, the kicker, I believe is that because I had to do it this week, my body refused to enjoy it!

It was NOT what my body wanted at ALL! I tried to mix it up with a banana, pb shake but it just hasn't been going down too smoothly... So I substituted three days so far with some remaining shakeology I dug up. ( Thankfully) That made it a little easier.
Is it that kid in m refusing to do what I should do? Probably...

Calling all recent moms, especially with large families

Confession time or should I say being completely vulnerable, in the last 2 months I have been asked 6 times when my baby is due.  The first time I thought who says that, the second time I thought I am not wearing that dress again, the third time I thought of the snappy comeback "7 months ago when she was born, and the last time I welled up in tears. I have 5 kids, 10 in under! This is what my body looks like and with weight loss comes weight off of my face, bust, arms and pretty much everywhere but my belly. So any tips or you don't look pregnant comments are welcome!

Kicking the soda habit

The best thing to come out of this challenge is that I am no longer having a daily coke. The week we gave up unhealthy drinks, was the week I realized I really don't need to drink it every day. I haven't bought cokes from the grocery store in over 3 weeks, and I have only had one fountain soda in the last 2 weeks. I met a friend for lunch, and automatically ordered a coke since I was having pizza. (It seems one unhealthy choice leads to another unhealthy choice...) I noticed I didnt even enjoy the coke and instead felt mad at myself that I wasted calories on pizza and soda. I am now just enjoying my daily intake of water, and going back to my sparkling waters, which in a way is like soda because of the carbonation. 


Good Grief!

Another bad week for me... but I am going to get myself up and get going this week.  Sounds like just the challenge I need.!!!!......

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Is this thing on?

I'm glad Sarah just posted, because I was starting to wonder if you all decided to be done after I issued the Week 9 challenge.

Hope you are all still here!  Here's a few motivations for starting Week 9:

Don't let this describe your Sunday night!
Don't be a grumpy a healthy one!
 C'mon Mary, there are other ways to get that medicine down!
 You're sweet enough already!
In reality I think it is great to have a challenge like this where we can give up helps put things in perspective and hopefully will help all of us keep desserts and sweets in moderation long term.  

Hope you are all having a great weekend!

I'm really glad I joined this group challenge. In the past I've tried eating well and exercising but I end up getting burned out and stop. I've felt burned out the past couple of weeks. I've just been going through the motions. Today I felt the drive I needed. I'm very excited about next weeks challenge. Sugar snacks are just so tempting.


Thursday, October 15, 2015


I have had a rough few weeks. If any one has been watching the points....they have seen it. Anyway. I'm choosing to post a few paragraphs from my personal journal here. Mostly because I'm tired of my shallow 1 paragraph posts and thought maybe it's time to share a little bit more. Please don't comment. I know things will get better. I know there is a lot of good advice out there....but right now I just want to share....with no feedback. Thanks.

Today I miss my house. I miss my old life. I miss my Greeley family. I miss Heather. I miss being able to talk to her and get advice and listen to her stories and tell each other almost everything while we ran. I miss running! I miss my carpool! I miss my kids' old school. I miss our old library and pool and backyard! I miss our tramp! I miss my garden! I miss my basement. I miss my food storage room. I miss my kids having friends! I miss my kids liking their house, school and ward! I miss sleeping through the night. I miss feeling confident. I miss predictability in life. I really could go on and on with this list.

I'm so tired of forgetting new friends' names. I'm tired of getting lost in the store. I'm tired of getting lost if I don't use my GPS. I'm tired of hip pain! I'm tired of carrying these extra pounds. I'm tired of not having someone to open my heart to. I'm tired of living in limbo. I'm tired of not having enough money to make it through each pay period. I'm tired of the unknown. I'm tired of not knowing where we will live and what my life is going to look like even just a few months down the road from whatever day I may be living. Another list that truly could continue for a very long time...

I know I shouldn't complain. I KNOW there are SO MANY more people in this world who have much more profound things to worry about in life. I KNOW my difficulties are trivial. And temporary. But, even if they won't last forever, for now, today, yesterday and last month and every day last week - I still feel them. They may be trivial, but to me they are real. Sometimes my heart seems to hurt. And I don't know how to make it better. And sometimes, right in those moments, my kids' hearts start to hurt and I have to somehow find a way to heal both of us...and I just don't know how.

Enough for tonight. This is enough. Now I will let out some emotions through tears. And end this day with a prayer of gratitude. Tomorrow will be better. It usually is.


How are the protein drinks going for everyone? I am curious to know what kind of shakes everyone is coming up with, or what kind of protein powders you have been using. Anyone care to share? I have been using the gold standard whey from Costco, and usually just mix it with milk. It tastes good, but isn't as hardy as the shakeology that I used to use with banana and peanut butter. So is anyone beefing up their shakes to make them taste really good and still have enough calories to make it to the next meal?
I wasn't thrilled about this challenge but when I thought about it, in a way sometimes I already do this. I start some of my days off with a Carnation Instant Breakfast and a little snack to put some food in my belly too. I find that no matter how little or much I eat for breakfast I am always hungry at the same time. So, I simply just have my instant breakfast and go about my way. Hasn't been as horrible as I thought.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Week 7 Results and Prize Winner

We are so close to the finish!  Keep pushing everyone!  At the beginning of this challenge several people dropped out before we even got through Week 1, but out of those that have all continued!  That is so rare!  In the past challenges there are at least a couple that drop out each week.  So props to all of you for continuting!  You are all awesome!  

1.  Jenni            658
1.  Susan          658
2.  Karen L.       642
3.  Artesia         630
4.  Mary             621
5.  Sariah         616
5.  Jessica        616
6.  Elise             595
7.  Heather       590
8.  Roxana        572
9.  Stephanie    571
10.  LauriAnn     541
11.  Linsey         482
12.  Karen J.      448

Here is the Week 7 Prize Winner!  The $10 Walmart gift card goes to...

personal goals and challenges

1st off, I'd like to say that I really love the protein shake challenge. I do 2 breakfasts and one is always a protein shake. I do this for a few reasons but the main one is because if I don't grab a protein shake within 30 min of waking up, I just dont eat until 10 or so. I NEED that protein to wake me up and make me feel good enough to eat breakfast! (I am SO NOT a morning person!) So for a few weeks now, I have been pondering and trying to realize how to make the little things important, as a mom. Last week I set my personal goal to hug my kids more in a day. Haha crazy right? Well I am not a touchy person so this was actually pretty difficult for me. My kids know I love them, they hear it all the time, but can they feel that I love them? I'm not sure of that. This goal was awesome! I LOVED it. It was such an eye opener to me as a mom. I have decided to do it again this week as my personal goal to make sure that it is something that sticks with me.

Slow and Steady

I'm a nerfhearder who was sick on Sunday and forgot to post on here! I'll let Stephanie decide if that is an acceptable excuse! ;)

I'll will admit I have not seen the progress I have wanted but I am also not surprised. I am, however, feeling generally better about myself and life now that I'm being more focused on being healthier. I plan to keep it up long after the challenge is done! And if it takes me two months to lose another 5 lbs, well, slow progress is still progress!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Struggling with the sugar! I think that is my biggest downfall no points for that challenge this week. Next week I will try to cut back more sugar and carbs and eat more fruit instead.   Going camping this week so it might be an interesting week.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

I'm glad for the healthy habits this challenge is getting me back into. Even if the weightless isn't what I had hoped, the habits are the best thing. Here's to losing weight over the long haul.

Cross Fit Hangover

I always start Monday off with gusto and then my exercise habits and diet slowly slides as the week progresses.  However, I hit Monday waaaaaay too hard this week.  I did a 30 minute cross fit class during my lunch and then my normal Zumba routine after work.  I literally almost died!  My body hurt in places I didn't even knew I had.  Because of this I skipped my work outs on Tuesday and Wednesday forcing me to work out this weekend.  You know what the kids and I loved you-tubing 80's step aerobics videos and Zumba taught by real Latinas.  There is this constant challenge of being a role model for my kids with healthy eating and working out and being exhausted and taking the easy street, sigh. 

The real test is do I go back to cross fit tomorrow?!  


I don't really believe in making big, drastic changes that I know I can't maintain, so I have been trying to look at different aspects of my eating and exercising habits and make little changes.  For this challenge, I wanted to work on doing my running before everyone else got up in the morning so I wouldn't have any excuses as the day wore on.  Thus far, it has gone pretty well.  With my diet I noticed that late afternoon is my snacking downfall.  I get super hungry while making dinner and then just start eating what ever is around.  I am not a big gum chewer, but decided to get some to chew while making dinner so that I could end this habit.  It worked!  No longer am I mindlessly snacking during this part of the day!  Hopefully the little changes will begin to make a difference!

Game Day

I must say Go BYU and Go UTES!!!! Yea -  they both won this week. It's a good week!  Hope I can lose a couple more pounds this week.

Heart Healthy Choices

This week in addition to healthy snacks, I have also been more conscious of choosing heart healthy meals.

For breakfast I have either been having plain oatmeal topped with honey, flax seeds, and banana. Or nonfat Greek yogurt topped with granola. 

For lunch I have been eating avocado on 100% whole wheat toast and seasoned w garlic and pepper.

And then for dinner, we have had salmon and Brussels sprouts twice this week. We made a vegetarian pizza one night, topped with red onions, bell peppers, and sliced tomatoes (to replace tomatoe sauce.) And last night, we had a southwest salad - which was romaine lettuce, black beans, corn, diced tomatoes, cilantro, and avocado. The only unhealthy part was the cafe rio cilantro ranch dressing I made to go with it.

I can say my body feels better after a week of heart healthy eating.

Saturday, October 10, 2015


So I have been trying to get up before my kids go to school and do 30 minutes of cardio then when they leave I do 30 minutes of weights.  I like to exercise outside so this has been working well. Yesterday I decided to sleep in.  I pulled my three year old behind my bike for 45 minutes!!!  I don't think I will sleep in again!!! Biking in this are either going down or up a hill!!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Healthy Snacks

This is the week challenge that makes me realize how bad I am at actually eating a meal (with the the exception of dinner). I often snack all day long, but don't necessarily eat a meal all at once, so fruits and veggies for snacks makes me really have to pay attention to what I snack on throughout the day. My personal goal this week is to eat only one sugary treat a day, which also means it can't be a snack. It has been helpful to make me go for other things than the sugar that I usually want, and so far I have only had one this week (which if you know me is pretty dang good especially since I have pumpkins that need to be used, so I had to Pinterest healthy things to do with them ; ) I have also been trying to eat more protein since your body needs about your weight in grams of protein a day in order to build muscle rather than just maintain. I have defiantly meal planned a little bit better, and feel full longer, but also have been forgetting the fiber (whoops!) I forget what these little changes in your diet can do to the digestive tract.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

My new goal!

I have decided to start training for a 1/2 marathon. I have been getting up 3 times a week at 5 am and going running. It's been nice to have that time to think and do something for me!
Hello my friends, I have bombed a lot through this challenge but I have lost weight and seen results. Yay! Even though I'm not in for the runnings this challenge has motivated me to get moving again. Thanks Stephanie for setting this up and letting me join.  I hope I can keep it up when it's over.


I have started attending the Body Pump class at the gym and I LOVE IT! I have gone 3 times and had a different instructor each time. They have all been fantastic! I was super embarrassed today to show up 5 minutes late. They had already started. I did NOT want to walk across the entire room of strangers to get my gear and work out - but I did anyway. It was painful, but I was glad I went and did it! I am always wasted after those classes! It is basically weight lifting - doing each major muscle group - in a class setting. It is awesome. I'm going to keep going so I can get toned up and build more muscle!!

I know there is only a few more weeks left of the challenge. I've not lost as much weight as I'd hoped....but I'm still in this! I've already decided to continue with goals and healthy eating after the challenge ends. I will need to keep working in order to reach my goals! Good luck everyone! Be STRONG!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Results after Week 6 and Prize Winners from Week 5 and 6

You ladies are hanging in there strong!  Here are the results after Week 6.  Still waiting to hear from Roxana, Karen L, Karen J. and Nicole.  Shout out this week to Mary for sharing the Cafe Rio chicken recipe on the blog, we had it for dinner tonight and it was a big hit!
1.  Jenni            564
1.  Susan          564
2.  Cheree         558
3.  Elise             551.5
4.  Sarah           543
5.  Mary             537
5.  Artesia        537
6.  Sariah        536
7.  Jessica        527
8.  Heather       516
9.  Stephanie     486
10.  LauriAnn     462
11.  Linsey      391

Here are the two winners from Week 5 and Week 6 for the prize drawing!  Keep up the good work everyone!
I'm checking in earlier this week. I waited til last minute last week. Just went on a run. I love that I'm feeling more in shape and more healthy. However, I'm starting to get burned out. We're in week 7 so we're close to the end. Then I'm running a half marathon a week after that. I worry that when it's all over I'll go back to making excuses about eating well and exercising. The last time I ran a half (which was the first time) I did just that. I told myself that I deserved a week off and I never went back. I guess I can say that I learned from that experience. I know I need something to motivate myself and I need to find exercises that I like doing.
Good luck and have fun!!!

Monday, October 5, 2015

I started this earlier and just realized I never published it!  I've been trying new things on YouTube this week, like stretching exercises to help with my hip and bad knees.  I haven't hit 40 yet but I'm feeling like I'm 80! Lol!!  I hope when I get some more of this weight off  my joints and over all feeling of well being will improve.  Next week I hope to try some dance videos.


I started this week with a vengeance!  I hit the 8:15 TRX class this morning (felt like I was going to throw up thanks to a killer workout), ran in for the last 30 minutes of Zumba, went shopping and bought this kale salad, had a lunch of kale, tomatoes, carrots and turkey, ate and apple for a snack...
Then our new neighbor came over to welcome us to the neighborhood with these 2 huge plates of goodies!!!!  Sabotage!  Which one of you ladies sent her over?!  Good thing we're on the healthy snack challenge.  I'll just have to smell them for now.

Old Age

Good Grief!!! Now I'm sure old age is setting in - I forgot to blog last night.  I hope Steph will let me count this.  I had a great week until the weekend and then ...... Anyway I was inspired by the weekly challenge and I started lifting weights again. Have a great week!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Group Challenge

I had ambitious plans to try a barre class this week but ended up working late and going to my ol' standby, Zumba.  However, in effort to help make our whole family we have been doing group running around our block. It doesn't matter how fast just how long you can run without walking. My oldest daughter held the baby when my husband and I ran and then I held her so the kids could have a turn. A little healthy competition equated to about a mile run 6 nights last week. Plus that was on top of my normal work out so I am pretty pleased. Since I have not run for over 2 years I'm counting that for this week's challenge.

Food...I ate too much food

I just got back from a wonderful trip to Utah.  I was able to attend a wedding of a groom I had the privilege of knowing 12 years ago when I served a mission in Romania.  His whole family came for the wedding and it was an awesome event!  I was able to spend time with them leading up to the wedding, taking them around Salt Lake City.  I was happy that I could still communicate in Romanian.  I have to admit that in order for me to lose weight I really have to put my mind to head has been elsewhere as I have been planning and preparing for this trip.  While on my trip I'm confident I gained at least 5 pounds.  I pretty much ate out for every meal and didn't really worry too much about calories.  I logged every bite, and it wasn't pretty.  Luckily we walked around a lot everyday and usually I was pushing a double stroller with at least 2 hopefully that balanced out a few of the extra treats.

So here's to ending the challenge on a better note!  No snacks for me starting tomorrow.

Hard finding time

It was hard to get my exercise in this week. A couple times I tried to take my two little ones to the clubhouse but they wouldn't have it. I was able to go running a few times at night so that was good but I never went out and tried something new like I wanted (I wanted to try out a class at the rec center). ... So one night I thought "well I might as well do some exercises that I've learned in the past." So I made up my own at home workout. It was kind of an interval/stations type workout. My husband and I were watching tv and I was on the side doing sit ups, push ups, squats, lunges (remember doing lunges Steph? Ha ha)...anyway, I've always liked the idea of exercising at night, even just a little bit. We're usually just sitting around anyway. I'm glad I finally did it! I want to do it more often now.

Boot Camp for a sore booty

I joined Work Out West a few months ago, just because I had seemed to lose the motivation for at home workouts and needed a change. I chose WoW because they had a good variety of classes for me to try.

Thus far I have been avoiding the boot camp style classes because I was worried about copious amounts of running and other high impact exercises and the effect they would have on my knee.

But I bucked up and finally tried a boot camp class on Saturday.  Yes, my knee is currently sore and a little swollen. The muscles in my butt and legs are very very sore! But I think if I stick with a once a week boot camp I'll be able to manage my knee issues. And maybe if the muscles around my knees strengthen up enough I'll be able to do some more!

I also recently switched up my pilates class with a sculpting class just because I felt I needed a higher calorie burn - and I'm also in my second week of tap lessons! So lots of changes for me in the body movin' area.

I also have the Tracy Anderson Mat workout and some other mat/barre inspired workout DVD's if any of you local gals are interested. :)


I do at least 2-3 of my cardio workouts on the treadmill. I find running for any kind of distance incredibly boring on a treadmill, so I usually do some kind of interval workout.  I have been rotating between the same 3 workouts for years so I decided it was time to add something new to the rotation. I found a ton of great workouts on Pinterest that play with speed, incline, and endurance.  If the speeds look too fast for me I rewrite the workout to fit my level.  I cannot run at 8 mph for 5 minutes!  The interval workouts have really improved my speed and endurance and they torch calories. Yay intervals!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Bad cravings!

Thanks to my awesome neighbor ISusan) I tried out Focus T25 + some kenpo ( p90x)  which I really struggled with. But I went ahead and did t25 again today. Drenched in sweat and sore but I felt much better for trying something completely new.

Another thing I did this week is pull out some new workout videos. They have been sitting in the storage room for YEARS! I never had the courage to try them nor the endurance. I Am REALLY feeling the burn these past few days.

I don't know if this is my halfway slump or if that time of the month is creeping up, but I'm having a hard HARD time putting sweets out of my mind this week. I feel more hungry then usual and craving stuff I shouldn't be! Anybody else feeling it this week?
My change up the workout was simple but I'm enjoying it. I've simply added running to my work out. I have bad knees so it makes it hard to run too much. Since I've lost some weight and gained some muscle and endurance, I can run. Now I use the term run very loosely, but it's a work out for me. I do my regular work out variations and then add a run walk alternating at the end. This challenge was just perfect for me since I was feeling discouraged to not have lost more weight. Just the change up I needed to start seeing results again.

Friday, October 2, 2015

This group challenge is usually my favorite one, and I get it done early in the week, but Friday finally made it happen for me. I used YouTube and found a slimdown cardio workout with Chris Frytag. It was a kickboxing workout that I felt wasn't really bringing it for me, but because I started it I decided I'd better finish it or I may not find time later to get my workout in. Then later while hanging out on Pinterest I found myself distracted searching for workout "stuff" (which is what I do when one to many dessert recipes show up. I figure pinning workouts MUST counteract the calories that I absorb by looking at all those treats :) I found the p90x3 workouts. The one I did was just 10 minutes, but I'm sure I will be coming back for more. They are the kind of workouts that you can feel the burn on almost every move. I also found a "get rid of the mom tummy" workout with quite a few v sit type stuff that I have always struggled with. I am sure I need to fit that into my workouts here and there for the next month or so to see if I can actually improve rather than cry my way through it.


So today I did P-90x3 its a different from the original I dont know. I have never done any of the P-90x workouts! Its been like an hour and I feel sore in certain spots! I may become addicted to this workout!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

New exercise

Soooo my sisters have been trying to get me to try Tracy Anderson Method for years.  They tell me how weird it is (IT IS) but that it works (IT DOES)!  So I have been trying some her videos because they are on YouTube....(SAVING ME LOTS OF MONEY)!  Today I tried Metamorphis Abcentric Level 4. (for the first time and might be ready to cry)
Here is the link to level 1
I don't know if it will work.

Anyway I will say this...I have been losing inches doing this.  In the past I have complained that when I ride my bike my thighs get bigger because I gain muscle (I HOPE).  I actually have lost inches from my thighs.

So that is my new exercise for the challenge.  By the way you can find about any exercise on YouTube!