Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Is all sugar equal?

Thanks for this week's timely challenge Stephanie! I need it!
One thing I dislike about logging food in My Fitness Pal is that it doesn't decipher a difference between sugar from fruit, or honey, or corn syrup, or whatever. My favorite granola has more grams of sugar than my favorite candy bar. A freshly picked apple has twice as many as both! (around 18 if you're wondering) I need to read up more on how your body processes sugar, but isn't the apple better than both other choices?

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  1. Hi Ally,

    You and I struggle with the same issues. I've always felt like as long as I was eating healthy food like apples I should be doing okay. I just posted a blog sharing some information that I've gathered this last year as I'm learning about sugar. I'm trying to keep my sugar intake to 40g or less per day, it's really challenging, but it's changing the way I eat and I really feel better even if it can't be seen from the outside. Another book that keeps my motivated is called Salt, Sugar, Fat by Michael Moss. Let me know what you learn.