Thursday, October 23, 2014

Keeping Chins Up!

Most people after starting weight loss efforts lose steam after 5-6 weeks! Look at us! We are positive, helping each other and doing GREAT! I am lucky to be part of a group of people who are so AWESOME!!! Thanks gang.

My report is this: I have GOT to stay positive and focus on the little successes! I sometimes spend so much time and effort thinking about the mistakes I made, the food I ate too much of, etc. that I don't allow myself to feel GREAT about the things I do well! On one hand I feel bummed that I haven't lost MORE weight! On the other hand I am so grateful for the pounds (as few as they may be) that HAVE come off! I choose to find the positive!!

I appreciate Stephanie and all the hard work that goes into managing a big group of 'losers'! Thanks for the awesome way you are leading this group! You are an amazing example!!

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  1. Me too! Stephanie is doing an awesome job. Way to keep up the good work Elise!