Saturday, October 18, 2014

I am woman, Hear me roar

I love this strength training thing- I'm usually one who loves a good run for exercise, but I feel like my body needed this change up.

So I'm getting stronger and faster and all, but I still have a hard time staying away from my end of the day snacking on crap. Thing is, I do so good all day, probably not eating enough I guess, because by the time the night comes, I'm a STARVING MANIAC!! 

dang it. Next week's challenge will be helpful, and I need to buy healthier snacks-

How do you eat healthier without breaking the bank???
I need help!

Success of the week: seeing some definition in my arms, which hasn't happened since the mission! yay!


  1. I love late night snacking too!! It's amazing how quickly late night treats can undo a whole good day. My strategy for inexpensive snacks is to buy lots of produce that's in season (I love Sprouts!!), that way I feel like I have to eat my fruits and veggies before having anything else. I'm too cheap to let food go to waste, so as long as I buy healthy stuff it's easier. And I've found that when I'm strictly not buying my favorite crackers, chips, candy, etc that used to be our go-to evening snacks and putting that money toward produce, my grocery bill has actually gone down. Score!

  2. Food is just so expensive! Are you near a Winco in Utah now? They have such great prices on everything! I also agree with Cindy...whatever produce is on sale that week. When we first moved to Greeley we were so tight on money, I could only buy the essential groceries to keep my family alive and nourished...I cut out all snack type was a box of fruit snacks vs. a bag of apples...or 18 eggs vs. a box of cereal. Making a lot of meatless dishes saves money too.
    Bountiful Basket is a good deal for the healthy bread along with the produce too...if there's one available to you.

    Good luck!

  3. Meal planning is key! And just having a plan in general. Decide on a certain amount of money in your budget for produce every week. Make yummy hummus from scratch or dips you enjoy to make the produce more hearty for snacks. Umm, do you like beans? They truly are a perfect money saving item. They are filling, perfect combination of protein and complex carbs, full of fiber, etc. Get that bean recipe pinterest board going. :-D