Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Ups and Downs

The first two weeks of the challenge has certainly had it's ups and downs for us all! I find that I am SUPER motivated to do well from the time I wake up until dinner. At which point I tend to pile my plate too high, then eat a few more bites while I try to feed my youngest. I am trying hard to keep my chin up and stay positive with that 'inner monologue' (the voice in my head!).

My favorite go-to meal/snack right now involves cottage cheese. (THIS week it will NOT be a snack, but other times it has been a good one for me.) I enjoy having 1/2 cup cottage cheese with a diced up tomato. Also adding a banana in the morning is GREAT. I also love it plain. I just like cottage cheese! It is high in protein and low in sugar - so a great combo. I also really enjoy the Kroger Lite Greek Yogurt. Another great combo of high protein and low sugar.

Good luck everyone for another amazing week! Thanks for the support and help

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  1. With all you've had going this week, I'm so impressed with how well you've handled it all! Keep it up!