Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Donuts Really Do Have A Pit

Many do not know that Donuts really have a pit - if the pit is removed you can eat a Donut for 30 calories instead of 200 calories! Here is how you find the pit - there is usually one in each bite Take a bite of the Donut - Savor the icing and flavor - chew slow - the big dough gob that forms is the pit! Remove the pit and throw it away. Take the next bite savor the flavor and remove the pit - Keep finding the pits and you can enjoy a Donut for 30 calories Keep up the hard work!!! If you have lost 4 pounds to this point in the challenge you are doing well. If you have lost 8 pounds you are doing great!!! Less than 4 pounds you are underestimating the calories in your food! It is time in the challenge to double down and make it hurt!!! F Jeff

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