Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Get a new JOB!!

Hope this doesn't offend anyone...
My daughter tells me that teachers all have big butts!!  THANKS!!
So I better change jobs. RIGHT!!!
We have been putting on a new metal roof...So I decided that I would see how many calories you burn being a roofer!  According to you burn over 600 calories an hour. NO WAY!!!
Last Saturday in 2 hours I went up and down a 20 foot ladder at least 100 times.  For 1 1/2 hours I was doing squats screwing in hundreds of screws!!!  I am not sure I really burned 600 calories every hour I was on the roof but I am still sore!  I am NOT becoming a roofer!!  I am still scared to death on the roof.  (Maybe I burned extra calories because I am so scared!)

We had a huge wind storm last night.  I guess my next career change gets to be leaf raker!! I know for sure that won't be a permanent job because I HATE IT!!! (I better find out how many calories I burn and put a smile on my face and get to work)


  1. So I had an education professor at BYU that gave us a lecture in all seriousness about how we should avoid the teachers that eat away their frustrations with students in the break room...he must have agreed with your daughter!

  2. But break room donuts are so tasty. Ha!