Friday, March 31, 2017

I have really loved this week's challenge!

I love how I feel in the morning after having not eaten for so many hours.  It seemed that because I was so hungry, I made better food choices--something that I knew would fill me up.  I also read somewhere that it is healthy for our bodies to fast for a certain period of time, blah, blah, blah...I just really like how it has made me feel this week!  Out of all of the group challenges, this one is one I am planning on making a part of my lifestyle.  Thanks, again, Stephanie!

me time

I love my kids, but they drive me nuts and I sure look forward to putting them to bed and having me time. Me time usually includes a nice bowl of ice cream or something in the chocolate family. So, this week, my me time must change. I have found with each group challenge we have, it seems to stick and I continue it. I'm not perfect but they help me improve. So maybe there will be less snacks me time after my wonderful children I love dearly go to bed.
Wow!! Some of you are so much. This week has not been fun.  I'm a little older than most (all) of you and I do not like to "exercise". So the best choice for me is walking.  Well, it's been raining here a that was out....losing points here.  The scales are not showing the numbers I had hoped for ( my fault). I'm seeing warm cookies right out of the oven in my sleep......on and on.
I know, we  all have our challenges....I'm not giving up, I do feel better and my clothes fit better.....we are on the down side....I can do this!!!  I will smile, walk and try to do better next week.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Cocodrilos al Pastor!!

I tried another new activity while on vacation in Mexico today...swimming with crocodiles. I know what you are saying, there aren't crocodiles in Mexico, are there? That's what I said. I have swam in the very same place 2 years ago. I heard the locals warn us of these crocs, but I assumed they would be tiny and not really an issue. Well, today we learned otherwise.

The Good News:   Hot tip from local spear fisherman.
The Bad News:  Hiked out to a remote beach near a river mouth to spear fish with My father n -in- law.  Spent 1 hour peering through murky water looking for game fish.  Couldn't even see my outstretched hand... Never saw a single fish.  Pretty spooky.
The Good News: The murky water made it just as tough for the indigenous crocodiles to see us.  Yep apparently the area is a sanctuary for 800 crocodiles.... big ones.  The ones we saw on our drive out were 10-12 ft. We saw multiple in the water later that afternoon! Yolo!?!

And yes the tacos are to die for here!

Another new exercise!!!

I love the idea of mixing it up. Last week's challange carried over this week for me.  I tried a couple new workouts this week. One of which took a lot of courage to do in public; afraid I was going to look like an idiot. I did a plank at the end of the treadmill and walked with my hands. My stomach muscles wanted to die, but I was able to increase the amount of time I did it each day (pretty sure by next week I will have a six pack). I also attached a copy of the second treadmill exercise so you all can try both!!!

I have had a pretty good flow and schedule with my exercise routine thus far. This week I have had to be flexible with sick kiddos. But we are making it happen. I'm excited to know that we have made it half way!!

Week 5

We are going out of town for a long weekend this weekend - so I can't wait until the last minute to blog!! So far this week I have felt in control and happy. I have changed up some things in my diet and so far I have felt wonderful. It is HARD but worth it! I can feel the changes from the inside out.

I signed up for a Triathlon that will take place on August 26th. I'm very excited, but recognize how far I have to go regarding preparation! I am now swimming once a week, spinning once a week and running 1-2 times a week. Once it gets warmer I will add a bike ride outside. I really enjoy having a race to look forward to! It gives my workouts purpose and I'm much more driven and successful when able to sign up for events. AND it's super fun to get together with friends for some physical activity!!

I've enjoyed the challenge this week. I have had to plan ahead with my food, so I don't have anything left to eat after dinner. I like knowing I'm done and just start preparing for a new day! THANK YOU Stephanie for doing this competition! You are a super stah!!!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

New workout!

I know that a new workout was last week's challenge but with this being my spring break I decided to mix it up again.  Following my sister's suggestion I tried day 1 of Yoga with Adriene on youtube.  I have never like Yoga but it is boring and slow and I am so not flexible or strong.  I  totally loved it though!  I definitely recommend it. I am working through her 30 day yoga challenge.  Give it a shot!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Week 4 Standings and Prize Winners

A couple of things before we get to this week's standings.  So I forgot to include in the email that was sent out for Week 5 that to qualify for the drawing this week you must complete the group challenge of not eating after dinner for 5/7 days.  There will be 2 prizes up for grabs again this week, 2 $10 bills!  
I will send out all the weekly prize winners their prizes at the end of the challenge when I send out the final money.  

On to the Week 4 Standings (if you don't see your name it's because I didn't receive your points...just get them to me when you can):

Tied for 1st place with 376 points:

1.  Katie W.
1.  McKenzi
1.  Nicole

2.  Jeff              375
2.  Weston        375
3.  Brenda         372
3.  Sarah V.       372
4.  Erica            370
5.  Stephanie     369
6.  James           366
7.  Leigh           363
8.  Sarah C.      361
8.  Leisel          361
9.  Mary           346
9.  Michelle      345
10.  Amber        344
11.  Heather      334
12.  Elise             329
13.  Nada            329
14.  Victoria        323
15.  Cam             313
16.  Kiersten       263

Week 4 Prize Winner:
Watch to see who will win a $5 Subway gift card.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Fun weekend!

I didn't get to hike angels  Landing but played pickle ball and loved it!  I really wish there was a place to play in vernal or racquet ball!  I would be in awesome shape if I played it a couple times a week!  The much needed break really help get me motivated again!

Maintained during spring break!!!

Well I got on the scale this morning and despite the eating out and bad temptations during spring break I was able to maintain my weight. I was worried I had gained. But I think that making a few sacrifices​ helped. For example, my husband and I took the kids to Angelo's for pizza over spring break. I chose to have a salad instead of pizza. That was SO hard because I absolutely love pizza especially Angelo's !!! I am hoping to have a better week this week and maybe actually lose some pounds next time!! My personal goal this week is to work out all seven days!! Good luck everyone!!!!


Hola from Mexico! Last week was a good challenge for me since I shy away from trying new workouts. James taught me some new crossfit lifts like the overhead press, snatch, and jerk. And for the first time ever I attempted handstand push-ups, but since I'm weak sauce, we did modified ones. But they were still hard, and the blood rushes to your head while you do them. So exciting.

This week is going to be tough. We didn't eat very smart while traveling and then we waited so long to eat we scarfed down chips like crazy when they brought them and ate till we were stuffed because the food was so good! Luckily we will try to manage hunger better the rest of the week and not eating after dinner will be a good way to not snack late! Good luck all!
I signed up and tried bodyboss, the Facebook ads got the best of me. It's an awesome program. Now just to get enough muscle tone and strength to make it past the beginning work out.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Leigh week 4 new workout

This week I went on vacation with our family and some friends.  It was great!  For my workouts we would run to the beach, do yoga, then run back to the house.  It was yoga for runners and I really liked doing it in the middle of my run! That was surprising to me, since I've never combined them before.  It was beautiful and a great way to start each day!


This is what my bread looks like during a health challenge:

This is what my bread looks like when I'm not doing a health challenge:

Sunday Night!!

AH!!! I almost forgot to post on the blog! Throughout the week I thought about it several times, but never sat down to actually get it done!!! It's 10pm Sunday night - it still counts right?!?
This week I did two new work outs! One was a video I had never done. I liked it, but not sure I will repeat! The second was I went to the rec center of a neighboring town and took my boys to shoot hoops during their open gym time. I almost NEVER shoot hoops or play basketball when my boys go out to play - so this time I wanted to be part of the fun! We ran and jumped and played and made baskets and it was a blast!

Can't wait to see what next week brings! Last week was NOT stellar for me - and I'm back on top of my game this week! Grateful to be doing better mentally and physically - and ready to tackle another week!!!

New Stuff

I've been adding a quick 20-min workout to my regular stuff this week and I really like the variety. It's from a 15 day nutrition exercise competition  but you can YouTube all of the workouts and do them at home.  It was also spring break at the University where I work so I got Friday off and was able to go to a new class I've never been to, always nice to have someone else challenging you with something different!  And for whatever it's worth I have a huge fight getting my scale to move on a regular basis, but the last two weeks I've added a way protein shake and a snack to my meal plan,  plus WAY more water than I normally do and I've see my weight drop two weeks running which for me is pretty huge!! Prepping and pre-cooking food on Saturday sure has made weekly meal packing much easier!

New exercise

For my new exercise this week I added planks for my ab workouts. Normally when I end a good workout I will just walk to the shower and call it a day, but with this challenge I was wondering where I could add something into my exercise routine. Normally when i do my abs ill do 3-4 sets of 10 reps with an ab wheel and then move on with my life (I recommend an ab wheel as it really works your entire stomach, but I recommend building up to doing lots of reps), but with adding in planks it also helped strengthen my core as a whole. Really good way to add a challenge and burn some more calories. This also worked some other areas that I hadn't thought about. If you have a few minutes to read I put in a link below for planks

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Wall Sit Wednesday

Who knew?  Wall Sit Wednesday is a real thing.  You time yourself and see how long you can hold it.
Image result for wall sit wednesday
Great quick move to add in while watching a TV show, and you feel it the next day too!  Tonight I timed myself and made it just over 3 minutes before my legs were shaking.

This week to try something new I tried a few variations of the wall sit.  There are endless possibilities, but this little video shows a few.

Who wants to join me next week for Wall Sit Wednesday?

PiYo and sunshine

This week I tired the work out video called PiYo... and.... I liked it! Suprise!! Im not much for the video work outs just because I spend more of my time laughing at the lead work out person than I do actually working out, but I guess you burn calories laughing so win win I suppose!

Aside from my new workout, my personal goal this week was to let go of my negativity and look for the positive. I have been incredibly hard on myself especially since having my baby Clara. I hated my body for not bouncing back, I hated that I couldnt play volleyball like I used too, I was frustrated and constantly staring at myself in the mirror wishing that my body is different. It wasnt healthy. So I tried this week to turn toward the blessings in my life and what in thankful for in myself instead of beating myself up. It has helped but it hasnt been perfect, I hope to continue to let go of the things I lack and look to the good in myself! So I will continue to look for the sunshine in my life! Good luck to everyone for the next week!


This week I tried the row machine at the gym I always see them use it on the Biggest Loser (my favorite motivational show) so I figure it must me good right?  It doesn't make me sore but my muscles BURN! And I found out it works so many of your musles with just ONE machine.
This was a good week for me but I must make one confession I went to lunch with my sister in-laws ordered a salad removed the bacon, Croutons, and egg yolks used very little dressing (I was so proud). Then I ordered a lemon bar to bring home to my husband being the sweet wife I am and I ending up eating most of it oppps. Tomorrow we start a new day right.

NOW, I understand everyones frustations...

This week hasn't been hard, it's just been frustrating.  I feel like I'm doing everything right but the numbers are going in the wrong direction!  I thought after all these years I would know my body better, but obviously, I don't!  I'm this close to giving up and becoming a fat blob on my couch...this close!  But...tomorrow is another day, and next week is a new week.  The best I can do, the best we all can do, is just try harder tomorrow...

The SCALES must be broken

Each of us may experience this thought some time during the challenge - trying hard but no results this week.  Being in travel status 5 days this week makes it hard to control the intake when you eat in Restaurants with co-workers.

Menchies was a really goooood suggestion! for 150 to 200 calories  you get a treat you think is 800 cal?

A shout out to James for spotting us all 10pts for forgetting to blog?

Good luck losing weight in Mexico next week- then again you might look for that famous instant weight loss bug South of the border?  Might be the secret weapon???

"Endeavor to Persevere" in week 5!

F Jeff

Friday, March 24, 2017

You tube stomach exercises
I found this helpful if you want to concentrate on abs.

 This week I played a new sport with some youth. It was a different kind of baseball game. Not sure what it's called but it was a lot of fun.  There's one base and after you hit the ball can run right away or wait to run. Many people can wait and run at the same time. If the ball is caught then you drop the ball and switch try to throw the ball at other people (it's a softer ball) and you switch again.… Probably not explaining it very well but it was a lot of fun and I got a good workout.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

A change up exercise you I did!  For 3 hrs. I helped load three big trees cut down from our back yard into a dumpster. Next day I could hardly move.. I do not recommend that!  So....for the real challenge I dug out the "old rubber bands".  ...been doing a bit with the upper body and arm stuff.....
we'll see how that goes for the rest of the week.


Hey guys!!! I am guilty of not blogging on here. With that being said, I have struggled this last week. I was getting frustrated seeing the scale stay the same even though I've been working out and trying to eat as healthy as can be. This morning I weighed myself and noticed the scale started to go down. I rubbed my eyes because I thought I was seeing the numbers wrong, but I had to remind myself that the scale doesn't determine how much I have accomplished. I looked back at a few weeks ago and I was kind of a negative Nancy for a while. Joining this group, and a book I read, has really helped me gain strength mentally...NOT just physically!! I have started to feel better about myself because little by little I realize how much I can accomplish when I set my mind to it. Today I feel the pain of my dedication. I am trying a new butt and leg workout and boy oh boy am I feeling it today. Note to self: do not wear heels to work the day after working out your butt and legs...You will feel the pain with every step you take!! Definitely loving the new workouts I am trying for my abs butt and legs as now I feel like I can psuhmyself more.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Week 3 Results and Prize Drawing

The results are being posted a day later than usual...but here they are!  Despite a lot of people feeling a little discouraged about Week 3, 20 of you still made it into the prize drawing.  That's awesome!  What a great group!  Keep on pushing through!

Week 3 Standings:  
Tied for 1st place with 282 points:

1.  Katie W.
1.  McKenzi
1.  Nicole

2.  Jeff              281
2.  Erica            281
2.  Sarah V.       281
2.  Weston        281
3.  Brenda        279
4.  Leisel          277
5.  Stephanie    276  
6.  Kate R.         273
7.  James           272
8.  Leigh           270
9.  Sarah C.       267
10.  Amber        263
11.  Heather      262
12.  Michelle    253
13.  Mary            252
14.  Nada           245
15.  Victoria        244
16.  Elise             239
17.  Cam             229
18.  Kiersten        216
19.  Katelyn S.     210  
20.  Tabea            198
21.  Nikki            145

Week 3 Prize Drawing!  2 winners will each receive a movie pass!  Watch the video to see who won:

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Last week was really a struggle for me!  I was really tempted to throw in the towel! So far this week has been better (yes I know its only tuesday haha) Yesterday I tackled my nemesis the treadmill!
I know sounds easy but I did a 10% incline (which I have never done) treadmill gives me shin splints
every time unless I work up to it by walking outside enough before I start.  I really want to be able to
hike Angels Landing this weekend with my family but I'm not sure if I can make it without having to
carried out on a stretcher lol!!  Wish me Luck I am sure going to need it!

Adding more to my workout this week

So my workouts consist of doing 50 minutes on the elliptical. So this week I am doing 30 minutes on the elliptical followed by 5 to 10 minutes of stretching. Then I do 50 crunches, followed by some arm workouts with some 5 pound weights that I have. Then I do 50 more crunches. That works out to a total of 50 minutes of exercise. I am grateful for the change because 50 minutes on the elliptical was getting a little boring. It is good to change things up so we can stay excited and motivated. My tummy is really my problem area. So I'm going to look for a good ab workout . If I find one I'll share it. Good luck this week everyone!!

Week 4

Man for some reason walking up Monday morning and starting week four was daunting. But I got through Monday and was feeling more in my groove this morning. Knowing I have worked really hard so far is exciting and I'm seeing results. Excited to see what I can do for the second half of this challenge.

March Madness

Spring break was tough! Our road trip to watch basketball games proved to be very challenging! But I am back home and ready to have a great week! Thank you Stephanie for keeping me motivated!!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Blogs are kinda dumb...

Two weeks ago marked my last jovial blog that I will be posting in this contest. I officially missed last week's blog and as such I am now a downtrodden, dejected individual full of spite. This is my blog post.

Just kidding, don't get so worked up! Tonight for the new workout Erica and I did modified handstand pushups. Regular or strict handstand pushups are tricky and I cant do many of them at a time. A great modification we tried was putting our feet and then knees on an elevated box. See link below if your interested.

My Small Success

This last week I've been trying to find a way to add more cardio to my workouts as its a bit hard when i'm going to school, homework, work. I added a small 10 minute warmup/finishing treadmill into my workout and its made a difference in my weightlifting as my body is warm when I start lifting. Now 10 minutes in the grand scheme of things is small, but big for me cause I really really hate treadmills. I love running OUTDOORS, but not on TREADMILLS. As far as i'm concerned they were made by satan himself. I will give the treadmill credit to this though and say its made quite a bit of difference in my workouts as i've burned another 100 or more calories when I warm up with a small jog and notice that I am more active throughout the day.

Week 3 has been the hardest week so far, but I am excited to add some new exercises to my routine and see what can push me a little harder.

fruits, veggies, and seeds...

...yeah. It was a long week. But I was glad for the challenge. It made logging my food easier too since I really wasn't eating that many snacks.

Working out 5x a week has been really great. I am excited to try a new work out this week. I'm gonna push myself a little harder this week since next week I'll be vacationing and eating delicious tacos all week!

Barely walking

So yesterday I went for a  3 mile run on my treadmill (well mostly run but a bit of walking too). I felt pretty good afterwards like I usually do when I go that distance.  Then in the afternoon my parents came through town on their way home.  They were only here for an hour but the kids begged to go on a bike ride.  We did 4 miles which doesn't sound like much but I had my 40 pound toddler on the back of my mtn bike and in those four miles we managed a 328 ft elevation gain.  I barely made it home. Naturally my house has to be at the top of a hill.  I couldn't believe how much more difficult it was with my 3.5 yr old on my bike.  He was especially encouraging saying, "Are you tired Mom? I am not tired.  You are tired."  Super helpful.   It just made me that much more excited to say goodbye to the 40 extra pounds I carry daily.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Cookies for dinner -LEGIT!

This week has been a struggle. My husband was out of town and my older son who is super helpful went with him. My oldest daughter had her school musical that I was volunteering for and it was a lot of running around DeLong like a single mom. I managed to get all my workouts in, but man! When I had skipped dinner to get to the school in time and someone handed me some "thank you" cookies-you can bet that I didn't have the group challenge in my mind. I just scarfed those cookies down! Does it count against me if that was basically my dinner, not really a snack between meals?

Spring break for my kids this week, but I am determined to keep at it!

You can do it too!

My Fitness Pal

A co-worker told me about a $40 off $100 purchase from Under Armor for logging into MyFitnessPal consistently. He gave me one of his before I realized I had one in my email. Got some new running shoes and exercise shirts.

Saturday, March 18, 2017


This week we took spring break to build a tree house and play house for the kids. Which worked out great since I have very bad snacking habits. I was outside and keeping busy. I snack when I am happy or sad or bored or breathing and it is rarely anything healthy. So this weeks challenge was hard. I am grateful for all the warm weather and time outside with my kids.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Water up, scale down...

 So I found a challenge on top of this challenge, a 15 day nutrition guide that included drinking a gallon of water a day. Yes you read that right a GALLON!!  Food was also mapped out for me and while I spent an hour on Friday and Saturday pre-cooking and prepping food, the effort to get a gallon in each day  sure sidelined any effort for a diet soda.  I've felt more full and when I'm hungry I reach for my water instead of a snack and I've seen slight drops in the scale almost every day ... and yes sadly I've been looking every day.  The only real add to my regular foods that I had to buy for this was a protein powder and I got it at Walmart for $16. I'm not as strong water drinker so my suggestion this week is to Drink a lot more than you normally do. And yes have a party nearby, but it's moving things a little for me. Bottoms up!
Ugh this week has been rough. I am definitely an emotional eater.Way to many non healthy foods. I think part of it was getting on that stupid scale on Monday and having gained weight back.  I know it's not all real especially when the week before I know that I did things right so here we go to next week to do better.   

A little lost

This week I had some emotional stuff hit me where it hurts and I have felt more than a little lost. Luckily, I was still tracking my points for this challenge. I'm a little behind, but not giving up! I LOVE the 'try a new workout' challenge! Thanks to Stephanie for all the work put into this group! There are so many of us! I love reading all the blog posts!

The Scale Does Not Own Me

This morning I went in for my weekly weigh-in sure to see a good loss...I mean I ate healthy snacks allllll week!  But down .4 lbs. was not really what I had wanted to see.  So I'm trying really hard to not let that number put me in a negative mood.  The scale can only measure one thing...the scale can't measure that I finally wore a pair of jeans that fit me before pregnancy last night...the scale can't measure that I've lost over an inch on each arm...the scale can't measure that I had more energy this week while I exercised despite staying up all night with a sick baby...the scale can't measure that my wedding ring fits better and doesn't give me claustrophobia to wear it anymore!

So if you're like me and your weigh-in is not quite what you wanted, remember the scale really only measures one thing.  And that one thing is just a number.  Keep making healthy choices, keep trying, keep being consistent...results will come over time.  Trust your body and trust the process!  (I'm writing this for me more than anyone else).     

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Leigh Week 3: Vacation, all I ever wanted...

Hello all! 
I'm packing madly before we head out for spring break.  I'm excited to hit the beach!  But I'm a bit nervous, as many of you have talked about the challenges of traveling and sticking to some kind of plan. 
Here's my plan: I'm bringing my fave breakfast protein shake stuff, some healthy snacks for our flights, workout gear and I'm going to track all my eating on myfitnesspal.  I'm worried about going crazy at the lunches and dinners, that will be rough!  I'll report back and let you know how it goes.  Hope you're all doing well and having a good week.

The struggle is real!

Okay so I am seriously struggling! Holy cow! It is so hard for me to stay motivated when I feel so stressed all the time! All I want to do is eat cake and wallow in my sadness of always giving into my cravings! How do I change this!? I have such a big desire to be healthy and feel better about myself but I just get so overwhelmed! Help!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Keep Trying Hard

The third and 4th week will seem hard -

If you stay at it and don't underestimate your calories you will see good results!!

There r 3500 calories in a pound of fat
Your body uses about 2400 calories a day soooooo
you need to add exercise so you body will use 2600 to 2800 each day
you need to cut the intake of calories below 2000 per day (1500 would be better)
so by staying 600 to 800 less than 2600 you will lose a pound about every 4 to 5 days

this early in the challenge your water weight on the scales may not be consistent yet
soooo hang in there - do not cook a pizza then fold it in half and eat it like a taco!!!!
Don't underestimate your calories and it will happen!

Who was sitting by the Queen in that video?  Fascinating Fascinator!!!!

F Jeff

I am learning a lot about myself

This week, not eating sweet snacks, has been much harder for me that last week with staying off soda.  This was new information for me, and information is POWER!  Also, this blog and my journal writing (my personal goal) has been very therapeutic.  Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU Stephanie for organizing this group.  You have helped me change my life for the better, and I don't even know you.  
This week has been going well. Loving the warmer weather to get outside for some workouts. But I'm a little nervous with family coming in-town for the weekend.  There always seems to be so much more eating. In particularly lots of  snaking. Planning on keeping my water bottle full and by my side.
This week has been a little tougher for me. I didn't work out on Monday so I have to make sure I get five out of six days which is a lot harder. I  also made my goal to write in my journal five out of seven days. I missed Monday and yesterday. 😬 Now I can't miss another day. ... I love love love sweets so I'm really glad we're doing the no treats challenge this week.  I've been needing a little extra motivation to eat well. Loved the video this week Steph!


I have never tried to lose weight before and I am not doing a good job!  I have literally lost 1 pound this challenge.  I really could use some advice.  I have been getting almost all of my points in the exercise category, water (5/7 days a week), sleep and I have not missed a day logging food/calories.  There have only been two days that I wasn't withing the calorie intake goal set by myfitnesspal to lose 1.5lbs/week.  Most of my protein intake is plant based and I have been trying to choose whole grain. I am super frustrated.  What am I doing wrong?!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Week 2 Results and Prize Winner

Another great week in the books!  People are losing weight and inches, and smiles are growing bigger!

If you didn't get your points to me yet, just let me know for next week and I'll add them to your total.

Week 2 Standings:  
Tied for 1st place with 188 points:

1.  James
1.  Katie W.
1.  Leigh
1.  McKenzi
1.  Sarah V.
1.  Weston
1.  Nicole

2.  Elise            187
2.  Jeff              187
2.  Leisel           187
2.  Erica            187
3.  Stephanie      186
4.  Brenda          185
5.  Michelle        182
6.  Kate R.          180
7.  Mary             178
8.  Sarah C.        175
9.  Amber           173
10.  Heather        172
11.  Victoria        170
12.  Cam             164
13.  Nada             155
14.  Kiersten        151
15.  Tabea            140
16.  Nikki            132
17.  Katelyn S.     123  

To see who won the $10 Walmart gift card watch the video linked below:


 So far this challenge has been the motivation I need, I always find myself saying I want to get back into shape but after a few days I always give up. My goal is take make it through the FULL 9 weeks. The toughest part so far are giving up things I love such as soda and treats. Like someone else said when your told you can't something that's all you want.
So....week 2 I did a little better in the exercise department...thanks to a lot of yard work....but not so good in the Coke department.  I failed...simply could not do it! I am still watching my calories.I love nuts ( I am married to one) and have a jar of almonds  on my counter, just have to be careful not to eat too many. Hope to do a little more walking this week. It helps to know that I'm not the only one who did not meet all the goals.....but every goal completed is a step toward our end  goal.  Good luck this week!

Monday, March 13, 2017

No snacks...what???

So this week's challenge is going to be hard for me. I believe snacking is truly my weakness and probably why I need to lose weight. And snacking on a carrot just doesn't do it for me...haha. But....I have lost 6 pounds so far and I can't cave in now. I can do this!!!!!!

Sharing my favorite work out!

DANCE! A few months ago I started a new dance class. I danced growing up but not competitively or anything...but I love dancing. I love to play JUST DANCE on the Wii and finding this dance class has been so fun! The dances are so fun, pretty easy, and a few of them are focused on doing legs or just arm work outs. So you get a good cardio work out...and build some strength! But I can't always get out to go to class. They have a ton of their dances recorded and on I sometimes just click on one song and then a bunch will play in a row. Or I've made a playlist on youtube of my favorites and I'll just play the whole playlist. So if you like to dance...or even if you just want a work out that is different than your usual. HERE YOU GO:

Here is one of my favorite dances:That's My Girl

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Fail to Plan... PLAN to fail...

I had a five day road trip with my family to San Diego and I was doing such a great job with my water challenge week 1 that I just knew I could manage on vacation too. I planned my meals, packed my snacks, kept plenty of water handy and refilled (plus potty) at EVERY stop whether I felt like water or not.  Days 1-3.5 went really rather well, I was honest in every bite I took on my Lose It app so I was staying in my calorie range and loving getting to take a run on the beach. I even got crazy and used my workout band in the car (Kids were DYING)....

But here's the kicker, my best laid plans were good for me and not my add-on kids who of course enjoyed my healthy snacks, drank my water mix-in (I'd planned one a day) and by the last day headed home I was out of my go-to's, not one hard-boiled egg left, no yogurt or string cheese, not a bite of jerky or apple with P. butter in sight.  In hind-sight I should have just hit Walmart before we left town, but always anxious to get on the road I just thought I'd wing it... wing it into a tailspin of calorie blow-out, trail mix gone wild, PB & J on that fabulous Grandma Sycamore bread,  and hand over whatever snacky salty thing your eating because I'm starving again, bored and FAILING fast...  Sure it was only the last day or so, but the dinners even in calorie count weren't stuff I'd normally get because it was through a drive-through and I was sitting A LOT, so my scale responded in kind and I frankly couldn't argue.

Parting words, if you fail to plan (FOR ALL FIVE Days, not just 3 plus) You will plan to Fail, so do yourself a favor. Make a meal plan, pre-cook for the crazy practice, PTA, church activity, carpool chase days, and make your program work better than mine did this week.  I did manage to kick the soda for the week which by itself is HUGE because I just like a Diet Mtn Dew to nurse all day :) But alas its done and my personal goal is to hit again this week, maybe even 2 more weeks and see if I can keep it up.  Learn from others, stick to your PLAN people, its a good way to roll.

No soda!

Yeah, this week we did not make our goal of no soda or sugary drinks, but we did walk/exercise so much.. although I did at least TRY to complete the goal, it didn't work. It's a lot harder than one would think. The rebel in me always wants what I can't have anyways, and when the thing I already want becomes the thing I shouldn't have, it makes it so much harder. BUT this health challenge has definitely been interesting and fun. It's made me realize how much better I feel when I actually drink water. Considering I never had water.. ever. As hard as it is to get those 64 ounces down there has been a lot of benefits! I'm excited for this weeks group challenge as fruits and veggies are my favorite.

Dirty Thirty!!!!!!!

This week I turned 30! I used to ask people if they "felt like their life lost a little meaning at age 30?" The joke is not nearly as funny as once thought it was. After a slight detour in this challenge (trip to Texas Roadhouse for some ribs and ice cream)  I am back on the straight and narrow hoping that some newfound maturity will give me some extra self control in the days to come.
Still struggling but trying to stay positive! Without this challenge I'm sure I would be gaining weight so even if I just maintain I'm so happy to be doing this challenge again!   I have a son headed to the navy (empty nester?) So not ready! And a mother in the hospital that has been placed on hospice.  I can't seem to get my mind straight!

Oh! For a Minute I Thought You Said NO SODA!

My 1st thought went out to the Diet Coke drinkers in the contest - probably the longest week of the year?

Stayed with friends a couple of days in a Mountain Cabin - very hard to not snack or stay under a weight loss calorie limit!

I couldn't tell if soda pop was considered a between meal snack this week or not???

Hang in there! Week 3 is usually where the wheels come off and the Ice Cream comes out!!

F Jeff


I'm so proud of myself this week. This was the challenge I was looking forward to/dreading the most. Dr Pepper is my treat. I had been thinking that if I could cut it out it would help with my weight loss. I did it! I succeeded in cutting it out. And I made it every morning to the gym. I didn't sleep in and have to do a home workout or something in the afternoon. Waking up at 4:30 was hard but I was so proud that I did it! Bring in week 3!

Week 2 - Disney made me do it

This challenge was surprisingly hard as I found out that my favorite drinks, Powerade and Gatorade were on the list of not to drink. For the most part i'm the black sheep at the dinner table and only get water, but we took a family vacation to Disneyland and when its 90 degrees and you've hit that 20,000th step...nothing sounds better than that. I didn't make the challenge, but hit about 60,000 steps this week. Hitting the 50 minutes of working out has been difficult as I work full time and go to school almost full time. I only have about 30 or so minutes to work out in the mornings, but try to sneak in stairs while I go around the office to make up the other 20. If anybody has a desk job or no time to go out to the gym you can find some decent body weight work outs at this website
they have the workout of the day, themed workouts, and for the nerdy Video Game themed workouts.

This was the easiest challenge I'll have's my favorite. I don't like soda, don't really like juice, and being somebody who gets kidney stones...I've been told water is my best friend. So...I didn't even have to think about it this week.

The hardest part for me is definitely the 50 minutes of exercise! My son pulls at my legs the whole time and yells at me to get me to stop. So I either have to take him on a walk/jog or work out when he is asleep. Man...Hunter is not supportive of this challenge. This wasn't my best week for spirit of the law healthy habits...but snacking on healthy stuff this next week will definitely change things!

Week 2

Hello everyone! The week got away from me and even though I've thought often about posting here I am just now getting to it!! AH!! My life is a crazy mess!

I may be the only one, but the no sugar drinks challenge was actually not bad for me!! Ha! But just wait until the one and done challenge - that is the one I love to hate! I do not struggle with sugar drinks - it's TREATS that get me!!
So, anyone ever notice that when someone tells you you can't have something, that is all you can think about?????? Holy cow, this week was rough. Talk about thinking about pop 24/7. YIKES! It didn't help that I just had an off-week, don't ask why, because I couldn't figure out myself what was going on. But as soon as I got up Monday morning all I wanted was a pop. But there was that Stephany's voice in my head "Don't drink pop, Don't Drink pop!". Aaahhh! Oh the struggles. Anyone else feel this way?? No, just me? Great! I did manage to not have pop for 5 days, and I survived!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Welcome to Menchies

I don't much care for healthy foods.  I find myself walking down the aisles of the grocery store and being disappointed at how small serving sizes are and how many calories stuff I like to eat has.  I found a good low calorie treat in Menchies Frozen Yogurt. They have a 45 calorie for 4 ounce option.          Sometimes it is the flavor I would have chosen anyway.  I plan on going every Saturday during the challenge.  If you happen into the same Menchies as us, I'm sure my 4 year old will say Welcome to Menchies as she does to every who comes through the door.  Kinda cute, kinda embarrassing that we go there enough she thinks she is an employee.  Menchies is expensive but I would probably pay $80 for a 45 calorie Cheeseburger right now.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Week 2 personal goal

Week 2 has been going fast for me!  But I learned a valuable lesson, if you don't write down your goals, you won't achieve them.  I had a hard time remembering my personal goal just now as I sat down to tally my points so far this week!!  I finally remembered it was to take my multi-vitamin everyday.  I haven't taken it once so if I start tonight I'll get it 3 nights!  Crazy!  I will write down my personal goals!!!

All the Right Reasons

I'm Stephanie and I'm here for the right reasons (no this isn't an episode of the Bachelor).  But really, my overall reason for losing weight and making healthier habits is so I can keep up and have fun with my kids.  I loved riding scooters and playing basketball in the driveway with my boys this week, and I love having Gracie bounce along in her jumper-roo while I attempt some at home Zumba.

My second big reason is so I can water ski this summer and not have this happen to the boat!

My personal goal

My personal goal for this challenge is writing in my journal, and so far, I have enjoyed it so much!!!  It is a task that benefits so many more people than just yourself.  The week before this challenge started I lost my 86 year old grandma and her funeral was on day one of this challenge.  At her funeral service he children and past neighbors and friends of hers were sharing memories and everyone was crying by the end...some from laughing so hard, some from missing her so much!  ANYWAY, my point is, this is why it is important for me to write in my journal, to be specific and write down happy and sad things so I can go back and read it but more importantly, my kids will know who I was.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Ugh the Detox from Diet Soda

This week has been much better choices with food than last week and I even danced around one night with the kids in the kitchen so I got some exercise. Wahoo. But this detoxing is a killer.  I like many others love my Diet Coke.  But I have made it almost through the whole week without one. I can do this.  Stay strong fellow healthy friends.  We got this.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Ok so I thought right now is the perfect time for me to write my blog to remind me of my goals while the rest of my family is dishing  up ICE CREAM!!!! I have been doing surprisingly well so far, minus the fact I am literally counting down the days till I can have my Diet Dr Pepper back, I can officially admit I am addicted. I appreciate everyone's post it helps knowing others struggle with the same issues I have a difficult time with.
My name is Nada. I am a week late sighing in because....I didn't know how to BOLG!
I am an over weight wife, mother, grandmother to some of you and a great granma. I love bread of any kind,  shape or color. I also love Coca Cola....have had one a day for over 40 years.
The 1st week I got a LOT of exercise running up and down the hall to the ladies room.
This week challenge is not going to problem with the juices...the coke.........
Congratulations to those who won  the 1st week.....hope the rest of us can stay close to you...
just doing this blog will give me some much needed points.

Leigh's Week 2, uhh, I didn't sign up for THIS?!

This week's challenge is so, so difficult for me.  I love Diet Coke and I'm pretty sure it runs through my veins.  So, it's been tricky, but I decided I'd give it a shot for the week.  So far I've stuck with it after warning my husband and kids to beware! 
In honor of this great sacrifice (and after seeing the fun video Stephanie posted) I decided to post a few of my favorite workout songs:
 Kryptonite- 3 Doors Down, Something I Need- One Republic, Monster- Imagine Dragons, and Island in the Sun- Weezer. 
Feel free to comment and give me a few new tunes to add to my playlist: "Diet Coke Deprived." Keep up the good work, I love knowing that I'm not doing this alone! Leigh

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Week 1 Results and Prize Winner

Wow-wee!  We have a great competition on our hands!  It looks like our group has 28 contenders from Utah, Colorado and Idaho.  

Now that I've collected the money I can tell you about the prizes!
I collected $560.  
$130 will go towards weekly prizes (there will be 14 weekly prizes given out throughout the challenge).
First Place Overall Male - $100
First Place Overall Female - $100
Second Place Overall - $80
Third Place Overall - $60
Fourth Place Overall - $40
Fifth Place Overall - $25
Sixth Place Overall - $20
I will keep $5 for postage to mail out the prizes in the end.

Congrats to the 12 people that got a perfect score this week!  From doing many of these competitions in the past I know that everyone has an off week, a vacation week, or a week they are sick so the numbers change a lot...don't stress the numbers...just keep trying your best.  I would love to have 28 people still in the competition by the final day!

Week 1 Results:
Tied for 1st place with 94 points:
1.  Elise
1.  James
1.  Jeff
1.  Katie W.
1.  Leigh
1.  Leisel 
1.  McKenzi
1.  Mary
1.  Sarah V.
1.  Erica
1.  Weston
1.  Nicole

2.  Stephanie     93
3.  Brenda         92
4.  Heather        91
4.  Michelle      91
4.  Victoria        91
5.  Kate             90
5.  Marla           90
6.  Sarah C.       87
7.  Amber          84
8.  Cam             80
9.  Nada            75
10.  Kiersten     74
11.  Katelyn S.  72
12. Nikki           67
13.  Tabea         59
14.  Lori           40

And to see our Week 1 Prize Winners (2 people won a $10 Amazon gift card), please watch the video linked below:

Keep up the good work everyone!

Monday, March 6, 2017

Hi everyone!
My name is Katelyn and my life is nuts! I forgot to post in week one so Im going to do it now. I am the worst hahaha! I just had my little baby Clara. She is almost 4 months old. Time has absolutely flown by! I really want to get back in shape before July because we will be going to the beach and it would be nice to have a good lookin body for that :) Ive been married for a year and a half and have loved every hard and easy moment!
Thank goodness for friends that have the same goals of weight loss that I do! Week one was a little difficult but I'm excited for the results! Bring on the weight loss and all the trips to the bathroom from drinking so much water!!

Ugh Struggling!

I am trying to get back on track but I am struggling!!  I started out really well then Ive had guests over the weekend and totally fell off the wagon!  My life is a little crazy right now.  My son leaves for the Navy in just over a month and my emotions are all over the Place! Im so proud of him, but at the same time dont want him to leave home!  I ate horrible over the weekend! But this week has got
to be better right!

Rough but worth it!

For the last 4 months I have been up and down with my weight and just adding work out after work out to try and move down the scale. I had a lot more success with calorie tracking than I did with anything else I have tried. I hate that. I really struggle with keeping track of what I eat and not feeling deprived and starving. I had one day last week where I felt full and satisfied. It was my junk food day and I had desserts several of them. Well I am going to go with what works and counting is in. Leisel
Glad to have week one under my belt. It was a good week. The results are always motivating to keep going on this path. Of course during the first week my daughter needed me to make some cookies for a church activity. The kids wanted to keep quite a few at home. I quickly vetoed that and sent most of them so I wouldn't be temped. Hope everyone had a good first week.

I listened to a podcast this weekend.  The interviewer asked if the guy ever indulged in any sugar. He said of course, every now and then. Then he said "I'm all for dessert but the problem is if you're going to have breakfast cereal with orange juice and a Capri Sun, and a granola bar, and that's all before 3 o'clock, then you've got a problem." ... This is my problem! I tend to think all or nothing.  If I'm not cutting out sugar completely then I'm a sugar addict.  It's so easy for me to fail with this thought, so this idea of being "all for dessert" gave me some hope. I can have dessert if I don't eat processed sugar and junk food during the rest of the day (because that's like already having dessert all day… Not good for me).
Anyway, just some thoughts. Last week was good.  I just read through everyone's posts and feel a lot of encouragement and excitement about this challenge. Good luck to everyone!

Tougher from Here

This first week wasn't bad at all.  I feel like it was fairly easy to stay focused on the challenge.  I am nervous for the next two weeks as the excitement of the challenge wears off but I haven't formed habits yet.  My weakest score last week was the water.  I am not a huge water drinker as is and feel like I have to drink it all at once or I wont do it.  I did learn that I prefer slightly cool lemon water as opposed to just ice water.  Good luck this week!

First 2 pounds gone!

Well I lost 2 pounds the first week. I was hoping for more but I have to be patient. That's where I have failed in the past. If I didn't lose like 6 or 7 pounds immediately I was frustrated and gave up! I exercised on the elliptical 5 times this week and 2 of those times I did 50 minutes! I've never done that before. Here's to a positive week this week! Good luck everyone!

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Week 1 Musings

Already one week down friends! It was fun reading everybody's introductions. There is always a lot of energy and enthusiasm at the start. Let's see if we can carry each other through as the days and weeks get a little tougher and more monotonous.

A few things I learned about myself while logging every bite of food again this week.

1. I have been eating a lot of treats during "snack" time. If I could switch those out for some fruits and veggies, I'd cut out 300-400 empty calories a day. Therefore-my personal goal this week is just that. Focus on fruits, veggies, and nuts for snacks. I'm still going to eat some treats each day. Because I'm not mentally prepared to give them up all together. But I will have a small treat (under 200 calories) with either lunch or dinner. And that's it!

2. I used to be a champion water drinker and I have really fallen off the wagon with that. I had to really focus to get all my water in this week. I am going to find a bottle that fits better in my car cup holder for this week so I can bring it with me wherever I go. I made the 64 oz. goal all but one day, but it was hard.

3. Exercising continues to be my sanity saver. Taking some time each day to regroup through physical activity keeps me happier, more emotionally balanced, and generally more productive. I was really sore after a tough workout this week, so I took it easy with a swim and lots of stretching the next day. And it just felt good to listen to my body and know that I am treating it well. I love the added bonus of getting points for it.

Hope everyone learned some good stuff that will help you through next week's work.

Carry on!

First Week is Easy!!!!!

First week is easy -
They have an Ice Machine at work with the party ice and filtered water - the water taste is excellent!
Do we get anything else besides water on this challenge?
Also at work they offer YOGA twice a week - I'm new to Yoga but I have the dead dog pose down and am working on the spitting cobra (they may kick me out by next week)- so between Yoga, walking and the Gym the exercise has had good variety - this week I plan on a couple of 5 or 6 hour sessions of Snowmobiling to count for exercise for a couple of days.   The 2 piece dark chicken at Popeyes is 440 cal and the mashed potatoes are only 110 cal  seemed like a lot of food for $0.99
Keep smiling! it helps being in this all together!

F Jeff
Hi friends,
I am Michele and I am so thankful Stephanie got this going!  I am mother of 5 children, 2 are married with 2 daughters each! Our four granddaughters are all under the age of 2 1/2.  I have a returned missionary daughter at BYU, a son in Mexico City on a mission and our baby (hahaha 6'4" 17 yr old) is a Junior in high school.  I've let my weight and exercise yet far away from me.  I want to be a fit and healthy Grandma! Having the cap for points on exercise be 50 minutes really helped. Sometimes I felt it wasn't good enough unless I exercised for an hour or more! Fifty minutes was doable for me somehow it took away a mental block!
Thank you Stephanie!!  I had a difficult but successful week!
Hang in there everyone!
Ahh, I finally got it to work. I have always struggled with my weight. I can't even tell you how many different things I have tried. I am excited for this one. It seems low key but it has some good changes. I'm hoping for some great success.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Hello everyone!

I thought I would share something for anyone who has trouble drinking water, like myself.. I literally carry around my 32 ounce jug of water everywhere I go, that way, I see it and I'm constantly reminded that I need to drink 2 of them. I am not a water person at all so if I can't see it, I don't think about it! Not a complicated strategy in any way but it's the only way I'll drink it. Now the trick is to drink 64 ounces of water WITHOUT my Diet Coke! Good luck with that everyone! I know I will definitely need all the luck I can get.
Hi! My name is Sarah.  Stephanie and I have known each other for a while now. She is my kindred sister 😘  I've done a couple of these challenges. I really like the point system and the way it motivates me. I am a mom of 4 and love that I can stay home with them. I'm trying to find balance right now. This will help me focus a little more on myself and getting healthier. I know that the healthier I am, the better person I can be for my family. My goal is to lose weight and run a half marathon by the end of this.

Steph's Brother Who Doesn't Wear Shorts In Winter

Maple Cinnamon Candied Pecans

2 c pecans (we used raw and unsalted pecans, walnuts, almond slices, cashews and sunflower seeds)
⅓ c pure maple syrup
½ tsp kosher salt
½ tsp vanilla extract
¼ tsp ground cinnamon

1. Preheat a skillet over medium/high heat.
2. Add pecans and stir for a minute or two.
3. Pour syrup over the nuts and stir quickly to coat.
4. Sprinkle on cinnamon and vanilla. Stir constantly to prevent the nuts from burning.
5. Stir for a few minutes or until the nuts are coated well and browned slightly. The syrup condenses down to
caramelize the pecans.
6. Transfer to a parchment lined pan and spread out to cool.
7. Sprinkle with kosher salt.

Recipe by simple life by kels at­cinnamon­candied­pecans/

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Nicole here

I'm Nicole, my baby is 2 1/2 and I'm still working on losing that baby weight. I get on a gym routine and then something always happens to keep me from going. I have found the solution though. As a working mom trying to balance everything, I have found that my me time comes if I wake up at 4:30 am and  get to the gym. I'm a morning person but this sure has its own struggles. That is so early!!! But I want my pre baby number 2 body back and I am committed!

Hi I'm Kate

I'm Kate, an old classmate of Heathers and Elise moved into my neighborhood and suggested this fun challenge as we've both been trying to fight the battle with a scale.  I already love that I've hit my water goal four days running and that setting a personal goal about my "treats" has been more of a focus than the scale. I'm also a list checker so I like marking off each item daily... feels like I accomplished something!

I'm Mom to four kids 13 to 8 and currently in the middle of a 10 hour road to San Diego, hoping that I can still meet goals for the next four days and not blow my fairly solid start. I'm active and work part-time, full time cheuffer and kids coach. I like others love sweets and hope to stay more accountable through this challenge.  Thx for letting me play!

Hi! I'm Marla!

Hello everyone!  I am so excited for this challenge and thankful Amber asked me to join.  I turn 50 this year and am about 50 pounds overweight.  I am the type that will do really well during the day with diet and then at night blow it.  I always say "I'll start again tomorrow!"  I can't do that and lose the weight.  Another motivation for me is that my husband and I have travel plans over the next six months and I don't want to be embarrassed when taking pictures and want to be in shape for the hiking, walking, etc.  I also want the added energy as I am incredibly busy with getting a Master's degree, working full time, and working a consulting business part time.  Here we go!!

Hello I'm Victoria

Hello everyone! My name is Victoria and I was introduced to this challenge by Brenda! My goal is to lose 10-15 lbs and get toned. I am getting married next year (woot woot) and want to fit into a size 8 wedding dress! I've had issues with my weight for a long time. I have been on a weight loss journey since July 2016 and plan to stick to it! I'm hoping this challenge keeps me motivated so that I can reach my goal.

Hello! I'm Amber!

Hello everyone!  My name is Amber and I am an old friend of Stephanie's from Greeley.  We both live in So CO now but never get to see each other.  I will be honest, I am a chronic not-finisher :)  I have started a few of these challenges but have never actually completed it.  My goal is to finish and any weight/inches lost would be an amazing side effect of finishing :).  I work full time teaching middle school science and have three young boys at home (8,6,3).  I am super busy but have managed to do pretty well so far mostly because I brought my teaching partner, Marla, on board for this challenge.  My biggest issue with this challenge so far is the water!  I feel like I have to drink it all at school then I can barely make it until passing period...ha ha ha...  

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Anyone else having a hard time getting through Day 3?

Day 1 and 2 I felt so good (like skip through the grocery store good).  Today I feel a little hangry (like only ice cream can make me happy type hangry).  My family was also a little hangry tonight when I tried to feed them "weight loss soup" for dinner.  But I'm pushing through, my accountability to this group is the only thing keeping me within my calorie goal today.  Hope you're all having a great day!
Image result for hangryImage result for hangry

Hello, I'm McKenzi

...and I am one of those people who like to make lists and check off things.  So this kind of a group is perfect for me.  I also need structure and outside motivation to be healthy because I LOVE to eat!  I am excited to do this and to be a part of this experience with so many people who I may never meet but can be friends with!