Saturday, November 1, 2014


I have had a harder time working out this week than I have in a long time. 
I love to exercise. 
I love the routine, 
I love the endorphins, 
I love the couple hundred extra calories I can eat. 
But I got this cold and it threw off my groove and I decided to sleep in and try to workout at night one day. Do you know how I feel at 8 p.m.? Well, not ready to workout, that's for sure.

Sometimes sleep is a better choice than working out if you're trying to get over an illness, but it stinks when the weekly prize is connected to that workout . . .because then not only do you have to skip a snack, but you're also not eligible for a prize! Waaaa, boo-hoo.

Okay, I'm done whining now. I hope next week goes better. I will finally get points in the 90's. I am not letting any excuses (valid or otherwise) get in my way!
Thanks for the little motivational thoughts this week. I can see improvements.  I have been swimming with the master's swimming group on and off since last year. The coach posts a workout that should take a little over an hour if you are in fact a "master" swimmer. It's usually around 3,000 meters when all is said and done. I can rarely finish the workout due to time constraints and what I like to call, "I'm not a very fast swimmer" syndrome. But this last week I went swimming after I took my kids to school and decided I'd just stay until I finished the workout, and just see how long it took me. I did the whole workout, 3,000 meters in 70 minutes! So, not as slow as I thought. Boo-ya! I am in fact improving. My endurance and ability to go faster. My understanding of how I can efficiently move in the water-all of that is better than it used to be. And it took a lot of hard work. Hard work does pay off. So I'll keep plugging away.

And tomorrow I will not eat Halloween candy for breakfast.

The End!


  1. candy for breakfast?? so good =)

    I'm so impressed by your swimming skills! I think I could swim that far in about, say, 24 hours hahah. We got this! and next week will be even better =)

  2. Heather, GREAT job! Wow. You are amazing! Don't worry about those points, you are making progress and you are an example for us all in perseverance, motivation and awe-someness!