Thursday, October 2, 2014

No Snacking!

My goal last week (and decided to keep for this week too because it was so helpful) was no snacking between meals. This was crazy hard to do because I tend to just throw down random bites of whatever is lying around thinking that since it's just one bite it's no big deal. Except when you do that all day long it adds up fast! So I decided to try and quit cold turkey. I was hungry a lot last week and almost goofed up several times, but this week has been a lot easier. Since I'm not allowing myself to snack, I'm focusing on eating the highest quality food I can during my meals, stuff that will fill me up until the next meal, and that never seems to involve candy and sugar. (sadly) A week and a half in without eating my normal unhealthy treats all the time is making me feel great! My husband Chris is trying to do this challenge along with me (at least some of it) and we decided to try going low-carb when we can, particularly for dinner, so I've been experimenting with a bunch of paleo recipes. Some have been amazing and others....less so. :)

What are your favorite things to eat while eating healthy?


  1. That's an awesome goal. Good for you! I'm thinking next week's challenge is going to have to do with healthy snacks.