Sunday, October 19, 2014

Week 4 Down

Hey all,

Just a quick update from last week and this week. So, not eating snacks was sooo hard for me! I realized just how much I eat snacks during the day, and I feel like its so good for me to pass them up.So, just one example. I was doing a training that week for work and that a big bowl of reese's, snickers, trailmix, granola bars, and others snacks that we could get at any time.I really wanted the snacks and gave myself just about every excuse in the book to just go ahead and indulge myself. But I made the whole training with no snacks! This week's challenge was not as difficult, however, except for the fact that I don't have any weights at home to get as good of a workout as I would like. This next's weeks challenge might be hard as well, but I'm looking for ward to it. Maybe I can combine all of these challenges into one week. Yeah, that'd be nice. Good luck to everyone for this next week!


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  1. Combining all the challenges is the idea! Good job withstanding the treat would have been hard for me to pass up those Reeses.