Monday, October 6, 2014

On the move, sort of

Since I missed out on the easy 10 points last week, I decided to get the posting done first thing this week.  :)  The no sugary drinks was easy for me, the exercising was not.  I went on a lot of walks with my younger kids (3 and 5), but can't count it as a cardio workout since they were on their bike and trike.  :)  The good news is I took the time to go on walks with them.  Before the challenge, I would send them outside to play while I attended to my many household tasks.  So I look at the increased activity  and time spent with my kids as a win.  Here's to baby steps!


  1. Walking, even at toddler pace is better than not walking! Way to go!

  2. Baby steps are big steps really! Good job Jenny!