Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sun's out, guns out

I, too, had way more success with the weightlifting challenge.  I currently do not have time to go to the gym so I do my weight training at home.  I bought 3, 5, 8, and 10 lb. dumbbells several years ago and that has been great (until my husband complains when we move and I have thrown them all in the same box, ha ha). Lately I have been doing 5 minute target toning videos on YouTube (shoulders, back, chest, outer thighs and hips, and inner thighs). I felt like the repetitions weren't enough so I do each workout 2 times and then add in an intense 10 minute arm workout to get a full hour in. I like the 5 minute segments because I frequently get interrupted by small children and the short workouts give me good stopping points. I realized long ago that for any workout to be successful for me it was going to have to convenient. I am hoping when the little guys get a bit bigger I can hit some bigger weights at the gym. I have really only done cardio until the last couple of years, but I have come to enjoy weight training.

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