Wednesday, October 29, 2014

30 calorie donut rides again

Sooo Monday was a teacher training!! DONUTS and TREATS.  That is what is supposed to keep these trainings interesting. I brought my giant water bottle (with Lime oil because then it taste yummy and you think you have a treat) to combat the DONUTS! Really I don't like donuts unless they are apple fritters and nobody buys those.  So through the WHOLE meeting all I could think about was how to eat a DONUT in 30 calories!! Imagine all the teachers running to the garbage to spit out their dough globs after they have sucked and savored the donut taste!! I guess the DONUT did keep me entertained during the teacher training just not on a sugar high! SWEET!!

What inspires me and keeps me going---
1. Whoever suggested Livestrong to track food and calories!!!  LOVE IT!!
2. Peoples post-- I love hearing things that are working.  Clearly some of them save me from eating donuts!
3. MY reward!!  If I win money I am going to use it to buy a new exercise system!  PIYO-- anybody heard of it.  I really want to try it! (Some of you that know my family are thinking I am crazy right now!)


  1. Hahaha!! I love that imagery. I would have caved and given the 30 calorie donut a try. I love donuts so I never but them because I go a little crazy!

  2. I never *buy* them. Ugh I hate typos...