Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Share success

I'm curious if we are allowed to share what weight we are losing or any other success. I went down a belt hole in my belt I always wear. I am going to Mexico in 18 days for my sister in laws 40th Bday party. I would love to have lost some weight by then. I bought a bunch of new clothes for my birthday but I bought them a size smaller than I currently wear to encourage me. Here's to fitting into my new stuff by the end of the challenge! If you want a fun new workout using weights and your own body weight Sarah and I follow a girl on Instagram that has a week free of her workouts on her websites, her name is Kayla Itsines.


  1. I know every body is different, but I lose a pound a week just by going off wheat and sugar. I still eat honey and coconut sugar. Good luck! I love Mexico.

  2. Of course you can share that! Sing it loud and proud!

  3. Just signed up for the free week of workouts. Excited to try it out!