Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Do You Cook With Quinoa?

I have a huge bag of quinoa in my pantry that I purchased from Costco.  This week I'm trying to incorporate it more into my meals.  Last night I made chicken soup and instead of noodles I added quinoa.  It wasn't a perfect substitution, but was filling and tasty. I've also used quinoa as a rice substitute with stroganoff. I've been searching on Pinterest for more tasty recipes and I've attached one below that I'm going to try this week.

Here is an article than features seven benefits of eating quinoa:


And here is the recipe I'll be trying:


Do you eat quinoa?


  1. How were those broccoli cheddar bites? They look yummy. I've only cooked with quinoa once--used them in stuffed peppers instead of rice--and it turned out well. I need to do it again!

  2. Yes I eat quinoa. I have a very delicious quinoa chicken salad I like to make. It's best in summer when grapes are in season and I can get the parsley from my garden, but it's mmm mmm good. I'll try and post the recipe.