Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Looks like a lot of you had a great first week, well done. This is Summer.
I've been looking for a current picture of myself and honestly can't fine one beyond one of my face. Honestly I hate being in pictures and seeing how I look right now. I have hardly any pictures with my kids or on any of our trips.  We haven't had a family picture taken since sophie was one, she is six now. Sooooo needless to say I'm not thrilled with how I look and I'd love to be happier with just that.
Good luck in week 2. If any of you need extra motivation and are on Instagram I have loved following livylovestorun. She has lost 100 pounds in a year and has done it in the healthy way.

I only joined the Challenge to learn how to blog? OR Helpful Hints

Week 1 is history! What was hard? Finding time to exercise 60 minutes a day When in the office I found if I went outside at 10am and walked for 20 min it was easier to work out 40 minutes at night! Hiking the hills hunting - 2 hours passed very quickly! So work less and hunt more!!! Hungry???? If you are feeling hungry - a Marie Callender's Pot Pie has 480 calories This can work for 1 meal - but cut the pie in half and eat that half real slow - it is usually enough - if not cut the remaining half in half - save the rest for another meal or if you need a snack. Don't be discouraged!!!!!! In one pound there are 3500 calories so if you are cutting 500 calories per day from your diet you will lose about a pound a week - exercise may work off another half pound - If the scales say more or less than it is water weight or you are cheating on the calories. F. Jeff


Wow Stephanie! I love the little movie so we could see who won the prize this week! What a fun thing to look forward to each week! Talk about going the extra mile, huh? THANKS!

I have to ditto what Stephanie said in her post. Anyone out there feeling discouraged after week 1 thinking there is no way they can come back after a bad week of low points? Well....don't! There are still PLENTY of weeks left to regain some ground and catch back up! Stephanie is RIGHT! All of us encounter set backs. Not just during competitions, but during LIFE! Don't give up! Keep at it!

We are doing GREAT! I don't know about the rest of you - but in my experience it takes at least a month of hard work before I start to see tangible results - just about the time you start thinking how hard it is and wondering if you should keep going - you see a smaller tummy in the mirror as a reward for some serious hard work! I figure I gotta KEEP AT IT...no going back.

I sure hope you all had a great week! Kudos to all of us! Here's to an even BETTER week two!

ps. I am not always this up beat. There are days I really hate eating healthy....and getting up at 4:30am 4 days a week to work out. Really. I promise I won't always have this annoying cheerful type post. I'm just feeling happy cuz it's 8:45 and I get to go to bed soon. I. am. tired.

Week 1 Results and Prize Winner!!!

28 people have paid (or will very shortly) to be in this challenge.  That's a lot of people!  We have some great prizes, here is a break down of how the money will be divided.

$100 will be put into weekly prizes (including $5 I left myself for postage to mail out the prizes).

1st Place - $225
2nd Place - $150
3rd Place - $100
4th Place - $50
5th Place - $50
6th Place - $25

$225 right before Christmas sounds like a great present to me!  Woot woot!

Now onto our week 1 results.

Week 1 Prize Winner:
This week there were several of us that made it into the drawing for the $5 Subway gift card:

Watch this video to see who won!

Week 1 Results:
1.  Cindy - 99
1.  Elise - 99
1.  Jeff - 99
1.  Jenni F. - 99
1.  Sariah - 99
2.  David - 98
3.  Stephanie - 96
4.  LauriAnn - 94.5
4.  Heather - 94.5
5.  Ally - 91
6.  Sarah - 90
6.  Bekki - 90
7.  Clark - 85
7.  Leisel - 85
8.  Melanie - 83
9.  Summer - 80
10.  Molly - 79
11.  Mary - 68
12.  Amber - 66
13.  Carrie - 57
14.  Kimberly - 51
15.  Jenny W. - 50
16.  Jessica - 49
17.  Katie - 42
18.  Ingrid - 32
18.  Karen - 32
19.  Justin - 11  
20.  Collin - N/R

Now don't panic if you are down in the bottom!  This challenge goes 12 weeks!  Everyone will have a week of travel or a week of being sick during the challenge...and keep in mind the points added at the end can change everything too.  Just take it one week at a time!

***Remember that you need at least 25 exercise points this week to be in the drawing for the $10 Target gift card at the end of week 2!

Keep up the good work!  Thanks for keeping me motivated!

One Week Down

Hey all,

So, one week is down on this challenge, and I had a pretty good week overall. I didn't do everything I could have, but I'm satisfied with what I did. A couple of things that have helped me are:

1. Implementing part of my exercise routine into going to work. I ride the bus to work and the closest bus stop is about 10 minutes from my house. Now I jog over to a bus stop that's a little farther from my house just so I can get some more exercise in. It helps to not do the entire hour workout  at once.

2. Drinking lots of water.It just feels healthy and it helps me stay full on less food. I wanna keep up on this one.

A couple of things that I could have done better from my food log:

1. Eat more fruits and vegetables and less carbs.

2. Have more vigorous workouts (a little more running and less walking)

3. Play more sports.I would like to organize some basketball soon because I would MUCH rather play a sport than just run or bike.

Overall it was a good week and I look forward to another week. The no sugary drink thing shouldn't be a problem as we pretty much only live on milk and water at my house. Good luck to everyone this week!


Hit the ground running

Wow nothing like a week of keeping track of what you eat and calorie checking to really shine a light on bad habits. I am a nervous eater. If there is nothing to do I eat, if there are a hundred things to do I eat.  If there is nothing to eat I shop and then cook. A nibble here and there and of course several unhealthy servings of sugar. Cookies, cakes, candy the works. The saddest part is that I don't even enjoy it most of the time. My meals, treats and snacks are only an after taste and I realize the whole thing is gone. It is not helpful that since my cesarean 8 years ago that I don't feel full or hungry.  So I eat and eat and eat and eat out of habit and anxiety. I will be and old round goat in no time.
Does any one know of a safe company? I need to hire them to put my kitchen on a timed lock and unlock system....."Oh shoot, the kitchen is closed I guess I will just have to wait...." Problem solved.

Monday, September 29, 2014

that was a close one

phew! I was just about to steal a mountain dew from the hubcap's reservoir and luckily sat down to read the ol blog here before I did.


so now I have a huge thing of ice water, and it's raining outside and all I can think is....

hmmm. probably.

Dang you rainy Utah! Where were you last week!!!?

Love and Love Handles,


Change your diet, change your life

   For me, losing weight and feeling good mostly comes from eating right. We all know that eating fruits and veggies, whole grains, and lean meats is good for us. What about everything else? I love blogger/ you-tuber Mama Natural. She researches EVERYTHING, and explains things in easy-to-understand terms. Above is the first video in a three-part series called "Change your diet, change your life." She goes over healthy and unhealthy sugars, fats, and salts.
   Take 12 minutes and watch all three videos! I still have a weakness for white refined sugar, but our family tries to substitute honey in many things, and has cut out unhealthy fats and table salt. I contribute my healthier looking skin and hair, decreased asthma and allergies, less back and shoulder pain (from decreased inflammation,) easier time sleeping, and having no post-partum blues in part to changing my diet.
   Here's one yummy recipe for Flourless Double Chocolate Muffins to get you started! (Even though the recipe says to not use natural peanut butter, I still do and they turn out great)

Interesting Situation!

As stated in my previous post, I have an injured knee (which did result in a surgery).  As a result of the knee injury/surgery combo, it is a good inch or so larger than the other knee and swells to be even larger when I exercise!  If I manage to stay competitive and things start coming down to quarter inches and half pounds to determine a winner....this knee will not be my friend haha!  Anyway, I had a pretty good week and managed to get all of my points this week, even though there were a couple times I still had a glass of water I had to down right before bed. (For some reason water intake seems to be the most challenging for me!)  This week my personal goal is to not eat after dinner, which has been a problem for me lately.  Good luck with the week everyone.  We can do it!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

I have done my share of procrastination, but this is a little ridiculous.  :)  My name is Jenny and I have participated in a couple of health challenges now.  I haven't made it through one yet. One of my goals is to stick with this to the end.   My main goal is to be more conscientious about my daily choices.  I don't want to be the mom that doesn't have the energy to do active things with my kids.  I want to be an example to my 5 kids of a balanced life. 

30 in 3

My name is Clark. I am Stephanie's husband. Ten years ago I returned to the States after a 2-year Church mission. I weighed 10 lbs. less than I had in high school. 3 months later, 3 months filled with late night trips to Wendy's, I was 30 lbs. heavier...30 in 3. I've gained and lost weight (mostly gained) repeatedly since then and now find myself 30 lbs. over my goal weight. I no longer participate in my old favorite sports because my joints just don't seem to handle the extra pounding, go figure. About the only positive thing with all of this is that I stay a little warmer in the winter!

My goal is simple: get control of my daily health habits so I can be the kind of husband and father I always planned to be.

Good luck everyone!

PS- I think Steph is choosing the group challenges just to make it tough on me...no sugary drinks? Seriously?

Wait for me!

Hi everyone.  I'm Karen, Stephanies's mother in law.  I am excited to be part of the challenge.  I over-think everything;  use so much energy thinking about a project that I have a hard time getting the project done.  I'll share some of the things I've learned about weight over the years.  Each child will add 5# (that's 35# of my trouble so far)  Each year of marriage will add 1/2# (that's another 26# of trouble.)  Yep, that adds up to being 61# over what I was when I got married.  It would be sweet justice to fit into something I haven't worn for a very long time. (I think I've disposed of any size 10, but there are a few size 12 and a ton of size 14 pants in my closet.)  My goal is to dispose all size 16.  I'm starting right now!  Oh wait, am I a week late, already?

Healthy = Happy

My husband and 3 sons

Hello my name is Molly, I am a sister-in-law to Stephanie.  I have 5 great children and a wonderful husband.  So here's the funny thing I am a trainer at a local pilates studio and teach everything from pilates reformer to boot camp.  But when Stephanie presented this challenge I wanted to join because no matter what we do in life we can always improve our fitness.  Because I spend time teaching I actually find it challenging to find time for my personal workouts.  Without being obnoxious I do hope to be able to share some things I've learned, especially as I work with individual clients.  And I hope to be inspired by all of you.  So kudos to everyone who has accepted the challenge, it's not easy to be so accountable but will probably be the best way to get the results we all want.

My goals:
Gain muscle mass (yes I hope my arms increase in size and my thighs shrink).
Lower my body fat
Get enough sleep
Have fun

Lots of Little Things


I'm Heather Herrick. I don' t think I can say I "came up" with the idea for this fitness challenge the first time, but I did compile these ideas and moderate the first group of "hot for the holidays" competitors. Sariah took the reigns to keep the healthy fun going after me, then Stephanie did it again later, and I've hosted a couple more since. I haven't ever won . . .BUT I have always ended up healthier than when I started. Which, really is winning, right? Cheesy, but true.

I enjoy having a group of people to be accountable to and that can help each other. I'm excited so many people are on board this time.

I've heard a complaint more than once that this style of competition has too many things to think about: sleeping enough, drinking enough, logging food, exercising, group goal, personal goal, blogging . . .And my response is always the same. There are a lot of little things to think about if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Anybody can do a crash diet and and lose 20 pounds fast. But keeping pounds off and staying healthy day to day takes lots of little things. Practicing those things when we have accountability can help them become habits and help us not have to think so hard about them, but do them regularly just because that's what we do, not because we'll win a prize at the end. Prizes definitely help with incentive though. 

So here's to 11 more weeks of helping each other do lots of little things.

My goals for this competition are:
1. Lose 8-10 pounds
2. Visit podiatrist and make a plan to heal my foot. (I'm a runner on hiatus due to a hurty foot)
3. Make sure to include strength training into my workouts 2-3x a week
4. Stay happy and don't stress over the scale . . . celebrate the little accomplishments
Last Spring running a 5K/kids dash with my kids.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Living better, longer, happier

Mel here! (finally figured it out)

I've been married to the love of my life for 4 years, had millions of adventures, a 3 year old boy named Asher, a year old girl named Ember, and my share of ups and downs in the "being healthy" department.

I love the accountability of this group, tho it is also what made me waver on doing the challenge... oops. Sometimes the work to get us to a better place, looks too much like work. I freely admit it, I am sometimes lazy at heart. welp. I used to be. I am changing!

My goals are to be even closer to my husband, the hot Mr. known as Greg, and truly embrace everything about my body- from the Love Lines from my pregnancies, to my curves and strength. I am finally going to let my body be as brave, free, strong, and fast as its always wanted to be.

There's so much potential and I can't wait to be my healthiest at 28.

Two years ago I ran my first half marathon, last weekend I climbed Mount Timpanogos for the first time, and today I ran a 10k. Planning to do the half in St. George this January. I'd also like to finally get back to my prebaby weight- 15 more pounds to go!

you all rock so hard! Get it.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Hi Everyone!

Hello Everyone!
My name is Kimberly (Kim) I have 2 babies; a 22 month old  girl and a 10 month old boy!  I currently live in  Harlingen Texas .... way down south! I was pregnant back to back and since then I have struggled with weight loss...  I have several clothes in my closet that I have not worn since before pregnancy and I would love to fit back into my jeans...  I am a stay at home mom for now and I love it. I am excited about this challenge :)
My goals are :
- lose 15-20 pounds
- lose inches
-drink more water

Better late than never...

Hi! My name is LauriAnn.  I live in Boise, Idaho and have known Stephanie since our junior high and high school days.  We called her "Barb" then (don't ask).  I have four kids all named after dead presidents: Madison (9), Hayes (7), Pierce (2), McKinley (3 months).  I will admit I had planned on barely scraping by on this health challenge, but then I read everyone's inspiring goals and decided to "go big or go home."  I have some pregnancy pounds I need to get rid of because I too refuse to buy new clothes!

During the challenge I want to:

*Lose 8-10 lbs.
*Fit in my clothes again
*Get back in running shape so that I can train for a half marathon in the spring
*Not eat too many cookies
*Make and accomplish manageable goals that will help me turn my MA thesis into a journal article

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

First Ever Challenge!

Hi!  I am Amber.  My family and I live in Loveland (though we just moved from Greeley and might be moving back this coming summer).  Like a few other group members, I am a mom to 3 handsome boys.  6, 4 and 14 months.  I have never done a challenge like this before but I am really excited and think it will be super fun.

I have to say I am a little embarrassed when I compare my goal to yours.  Maybe I need to set my sights a little higher :)  My goal for the challenge is to complete it!  Its a little pathetic but 12 weeks to focus on so many little things involved is not my biggest strength.   I am also finishing my biology degree this semester and am student teaching full time in 7th grade.  I have my hands full and stress level high.  I am hoping that this challenge will help keep me balanced a bit more.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

     Hi! My name is Carrie Fowler and I live here in Greeley and I am ready to be more healthy! I really do have a passion for exercise and nutrition, but with 4 little kids and a husband who is busy in his residency program, I sometimes don't take care of myself the way I know I should! 
    I know I am good at eating fruits and vegetables throughout the day but I also love sugar WAY too much.  I love dessert, ice cream, candy and chocolate and I eat a lot of it!! As my most favorite and tasty season is upon us, I am excited for this challenge to keep me in check!  Exercise and getting enough sleep is also an important way for me to be happy and have the energy to do everything I need to.

My goals are:

Get rid of those last stubborn pounds.
Maintain my goal weight through the holidays.
Exercise 6 days a week even if it is only 20 minutes a day.
Get all my points for sleeping 7 hours at night. 
Cut back on sugar a lot. 
Drink at least 70 oz. of water a day.

Off we go!

Hi there, my name is Bekki Johnson and I am Stephanie's sister-in-law.  I live in Brighton, CO and I'm thrilled to be joining this group.  I have twin sons who are serving on their missions right now and I'm determined to be lighter when they return home early next year. I also have two daughters (13,11) who keep me busy driving the car everywhere they need to go!

This week my goal is to read the scriptures as a family every single day!

I look forward to the support and accountability this group will provide!  Thanks for inviting me Stephanie!!

Monday, September 22, 2014

It Depends

It really motivates me to be associated with so many losers!

I think that if we put our mind to it in 12 weeks time we can lose an entire person? 

1500 cal per day should help reduce 1 to 2 lbs per week -

However, drinking 64 oz and trying to sleep 7 hrs - who's idea was that?

Q. Can you drink 64 oz and sleep 7 hrs???

A. It depends!

F Jeff
Hi, I'm Summer Voorhies. I'm excited to have a reason to get on track with my health. I use to be a runner and workout all the time, eat healthy etc. then I had kids, the last two a year apart. I have a low thyroid and a thyroid condition called Hashimotos which makes me tired and makes it difficult to lose weight. I'm hoping to get my thyroid under control and to get back to running and working out. My goals for this challenge and beyond are
1. Lose 70-80 pounds
2. Slowly cut out gluten and processed foods for my thyroid health
3. Run a 10k
4. Workout 5 days a week
5. Stay under my calorie goal 5 days a week
6. Drink water and not pop during the week

Healthy AND Happy!

Hello all! My name is Elise Adams! I am SUPER excited to be part of this challenge! I can tell this group of people will be AWESOME! We will encourage and support - all the while doing the best we can individually! Woot Woot!! We will kick butt!!

A shout out to David for being in the challenge! You shouldn't feel bad about doing this with a bunch of women - you truly have an advantage! We will all be working harder to keep up with your results! ha! You are great for being here and putting yourself out there - and for working hard! I know first hand the benefit and stress relief of exercise! Part of my journey in life is dealing with (sometimes extreme) emotional rollercoasters! I firmly believe part of my success of not having to be on prescriptions to help me through some of those difficult times has been due to regular exercise!!!

A little about me. I live in Greeley! I have 4 kids! My husband is a nurse and is currently in GRAD school to be a nurse practitioner! It has been a big change in our lives to have him in school! After being married 11 years, with 4 kids and a mortgage, yard, etc. he went back to school! He is doing a GREAT job and will graduate in May 2015! Yay!

I have been blessed to be surrounded by other healthy and fit gals in this area! In 2012 I lost 50 pounds! Yep. It was hard. It was thanks to A LOT of help from my husband and friends, particularly Heather! Since losing that weight - now a year and a half later - I have put back on 20 of it! AH! I have been 'trying' since 2014 began to get on top of it and lose it - but have only gained more in the process. I have come to a point where I am truly embarrassed for my past food choices and angry about lost 'skinny' time! I am ready to make better choices and have decided my lost weight and inches will be my Christmas present to myself!

I think it's great we all have goals for the challenge! I have learned through some ups and downs of weight loss that putting a 'time limit' on weight loss is not always productive! Therefore I am allowing myself to have goals but understand they may take a few weeks longer than the challenge will last. (However, that does NOT mean I will not be working HARD to make them come to pass ASAP!)

1. I would like the habits I create and maintain over the next 12 weeks to LAST longer than 12 weeks! In the past when I participate in weight loss competitions I tend to look forward to the end of them a little too much! When the challenge ends I have given myself a 'break' from the structure and diet and in the past this has NOT served me well! So - my FIRST and most important goal for this challenge is to MAINTAIN my changes!!

2. I have decided my overall weight loss goal is to lose 10% of my current body weight. I am, however, going to allow this to take as long as 6 months to happen. If possible, I hope it takes less time! But, I also understand my life is very dynamic and I would like to be patient with the process this time around!

3. I have committed to have perfect points for the first week! Yep! First week for me will be 100% points! I am going to hit the ground running! Literally!

Last of all I wish you all good luck! Remember though - hard work is the BEST form of luck!

Where are the rest of the guys?

Hey all,

I'm David Haralson. I'm in the Glenmere ward here in Greeley, Colorado with my wife, Emily, and 3 boys. Though a bit awkward that there's maybe only one other guy in the group, and that I know many of you (and was the home teacher for at least one of you), I told myself getting in shape is more important then anything else and I told myself that this might be just what I need to lose some weight. The main reason I want to get in better shape is so that I can better take care of my family, and so that they don't have to take care of me as I get older. I also want to be in good shape so that I can be healthy enough to travel as I get older. Lastly, this will be good for me as sometimes work can be quite stressful for me and I know how stress relieving exercise can be. Glad to be a part of this. Good luck to everyone!


Ready to feel lighter and more energetic!

   My name is Ally Lott, and I'm in the Peak View ward in Greeley. I had my third baby 7 weeks ago, and am back to the weight I was before I had him... but I have two older kids that I haven't lost all the weight from! I know many of you, or have heard your names at least. The depth of this challenge is a little intimidating, but I'm going to try hard to not feel overwhelmed and succeed at my goals, which are:
*Lose 20 pounds (that would put me at pre-babies weight)
*No eating after 7pm
*96 oz water daily
*Minimum processed foods, avoid hydrogenated oils and refined sugar
*Exercise an hour each day (1/2 high-intensity, 1/2 playing or walking with my kids) I'm planning on another triathlon in July and hoping this will kick-start my training.
    I'm so excited to hear and learn from all of you, and I wish you all luck at succeeding!

**P.S. Stephanie-- I love the river trail, and will bike with you to Windsor anytime!

So ready for this challenge!!

Hey everyone! My name is Cindy Jewkes and I've done 2 of these challenges with Stephanie and Heather and a few others of you. I live here in Greeley and I had a baby 4 and 1/2 months ago. I gained a whopping 53 pounds this pregnancy (yikes!) and I am beyond ready to lose every single one! In addition to my baby I have a 3 year old who likes to keep me busy. I love zumba and working out; my troubles come with eating because I love food, particularly desserts... :/

Here are my goals for this challenge:
1. Lose 20 pounds
2. Eat healthier--smaller portion sizes, fresh and unprocessed foods
3. Get back into running. I want to be able to run 5k without wanting to die by the end of the 3 months!
4. Fit into my non-pregnancy clothes! I've been too stubborn to buy bigger sizes since I had the baby and so far I only have 1 pair of regular jeans that fit. I want to be able to wear my whole wardrobe.

So excited to start this challenge!!! Good luck everyone!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

My name is Sariah.  I have done a total of two fitness challenges similar to this one (including being the moderator for one of them) and have (mostly) loved it.  Both Elise Adams and Heather Herrick invited me to this challenge, and I have participated with both of them in the previous challenges!

Last June I injured my knee, which took me from a very very active lifestyle to a totally sedentary one for quite some time.  I did not adjust my eating habits, and plus I was very sad and disappointed about the whole thing, (emotional eater here people!) so I gained 30 lbs. (yes you read that right. 30)

While I am still not currently able to run or jump, or even perform a nice deep squat, I am ready to stop this out of control train before it completely derails.  While many of the types of exercises currently available to me are generally not huge calorie scorchers, something is better than nothing, right?  My goals -

1. Start to lose some of this weight
2. Continue the physical therapy meant to strengthen my knee that will ultimately allow me to do the type of activities I actually want to do
3.  Be more mindful of my eating
4. Don't let the physical limits I currently have discourage me from still getting out there and moving my body is some way

Good luck everyone.  :)  Looking forward to being a part of everyone's journey!

Hello,  I am Sarah Richardson.   I am doing this challenge because I need a kick in the pants!  This summer I just sort of stopped working out.  I was racing around with my four great kids!   I love lifting weights and playing tennis when I can.  Here are my goals.
1.  Be consistent with a healthy diet.
2.  No processed foods.
3.  Hit the gym a minimum of 4 times a week.
4.  Reach my goal weight.  (As of tonight that is 12 pounds lighter)
5.  Drink 70 oz of water daily.
This should be fun!!  I am excited! 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Two new things!!!

Yes this is the first time I have ever written on a BLOG!!!  It could be trouble for the rest of you!!  It is also my first fitness challenge!  I am excited to try it.  I need it.

My name is Jennifer (Jenni) Foley!  I am Stephanie's favorite cousin (for real!).  I am the mother of four kids.  I think I have an extra 10 pounds from each of them :) I love them dearly! I am teaching Kindergarten half day and working on getting my Masters!! (Yes I feel crazy!)

My goals: (Steph I really hope it works to post them)
1. Get my sleep points at least 80% of the time. 
2. Lose 20 pounds
3. Be more positive about myself.
4. Enjoy the minutes

Thanks, and best of luck to all, BUT I really hope I am the biggest loser:0

One foot on the right path.....

My name is Leisel Bode and I live in Greeley Colorado "just down the street" from Stephanie. I have four children and I have about 5lbs of left over weight from each of them. I am sick of looking in the mirror and wanting to run away and going to bed at night realizing that I have taken care of my family and not myself. I want to have another baby, but not before I have really improved my eating habits. The last time I did this challenged it paid off big time for me. I felt great and looked great too.  I love to cook, I love to make things and teach my kids.  Bring on the healthy and the happiness of really taking care of myself!
*And Stephanie I would love to bike ride with you!

Stephanie is Ready for this Challenge

Yes, this is my son Ethan in his soccer pictures last Spring.
I'm pretty sure that when my husband sees the hummus in the fridge he knows I am making an effort to be healthy.  Well the hummus is in the fridge so bring it on!  Thanks to everyone that is joining me for the next 12 weeks...I'm excited to see the progress all of us will make.

For those of you that don't know me, I live in Greeley, Colorado.  I have a great husband Clark, and 3 little boys that keep me on my toes.  I thought I would put a couple of my goals for this challenge in writing so you can hold me accountable.
1.  Lose 20 lbs.
2.  Lose a pants size
3.  Never miss an exercise point...1 hour/6 days a week for 12 weeks.
4.  I want to ride my bike from Greeley to Windsor on the river trail...I have not ridden a bike in years so this really will be a challenge...any of you locals want to join me?

Our family hiking this summer in the beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park.
I hope you will all take a minute and introduce yourselves this week and maybe share some of your goals for the next 12 weeks!  Also take some "before" pictures...so you can post them with your "after" pictures at the end.  Good luck everyone!  And happy hummus!