Thursday, October 2, 2014

Being an Example

So today I found myself working out while my youngest was napping, and my oldest was at school.  That left my little 4 year old Caden home watching me work out.  At the beginning of the video there were two options a short one and a long one.  When I told Caden we were going to do the long one he said, "oh, so you can earn more points."  I took a minute to explain to him that exercise isn't about points, it's about being healthy.  I told him he already had a lot of exercise that day playing in a jump house at a birthday party and running around the gym while I was in a scripture class...and now it was my turn.

Shortly after starting the video Caden was bored.  I started to feel a twinge of guilt that I should be using this one-on-one time for something more important like reading to him or playing with him.  But just like that I realized this is important too.  I am allowed to have an hour out of my day to take care of me, and it's an example I want my kids to see and follow when they are older too.

So I kept plowing through..and he kept pointing out how I wasn't doing it like the girl on the workout DVD...and during my moments of pain and exhaustion I didn't appreciate that...but in the end another hour of the day passed, and ya know, I feel good about it!  

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  1. I love being critiqued too while I am working out. Ha ha.