Monday, October 20, 2014

Leg Day

I have been requested to post the workouts I get from the new weightlifting group!  In the end I think it will be easier for me to type it out than trying to get a picture of it up on here.  Enjoy!


Warm up with 3x20 body weight squats

1) 4x12 reverse lunge with barbell
    4x12 laying hamstring curl

2) 4x10 squat (in rack)
    4x15 step up w/box & dumbbell (each leg)

3) 3x12 stiff leg dead lift (with barbell)
    3x20 mountain climbers

4) 4x10 leg push down
    4x8 froggy (with dumbbell if possible)

5) 3x15 sitting hamstring
    3x12 reverse hack squat

6) 3x12 cable kick back
    3x10 single stiff leg dead lift with dumbbell

7) 3x10 sumo squat on Smith Machine
    3x10 curtsy lunge with dumbbells

And this week I will learn and upper body workout.  Woo!


  1. Thanks Sariah for posting!
    Yesterday Heather and I tried this at the Funplex...and I am sore today! Hoping to add this in to my regular routine.

  2. There were a few machines we couldn't find at our gym...also wondering what a froggy is?

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