Monday, October 6, 2014

Favorite Snacks

   I so love reading everyone's posts-- sharing successes and shortcomings. Last week was very easy for me. I never drink pop, so there was no temptation. Day one for this week was a fail. I made chocolate chip cookies and thought I could resist!
   I do love fruits and vegetables, so I'll try harder the rest of this week. One of my favorite healthy snacks is easy, filling, and cheap! I love carrots or celery sticks dipped in peanut butter. You MUST get the natural peanut butter that doesn't contain soybean or some other kind of oil. We also do a lot of smoothies around here. I use up whatever super ripe fruits we have, put in ice and honey, and add some flaxseed or chia seed (both are good for fiber and omegas.) Plus my girls will eat it!  I also love KIND bars for when we're in a hurry.  Almond Apricot is my favorite, but it might have a little brown rice syrup for sweetener. Still better than white sugar!
  **INVITATION** I rode the River Trail last Saturday and it was beautiful! It's supposed to be nice next Saturday too, and I want to ride again, maybe from the red barn on 71st to Windsor. It takes a little under two hours. Anyone up for that? I'm flexible on time.  --Ally

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  1. I might be up for a bike ride this Saturday!! That sounds fun. Full disclosure though: I have not been on my bike since June of last year. Is that ok with you?