Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Travelling and Family

We made a quick visit to see family in Utah last weekend. Which is why I forgot to blog and lost 10 points, boo. So I'm doing it early this week and not letting those 10 points slip away.

I did go to a weightlifting cardio class with my sister while I was there to get my final strength training workout in. Wowza, I was so sore the next day. Good sore, if I didn't go on a hike which would have been easy, if only I didn't have a 40 pound kid on my shoulders.

Anyway, you can imagine my frustration when after all my valiant efforts, sore muscles, still food logging while traveling, skipping second cookies, getting up early while on vacation to achieve my exercise points, opting for celery and carrot sticks to stay awake while driving as opposed to hot tamales, well . . . I actually gained weight! BLURG!

I honestly felt so good about my efforts I should have skipped the weigh-in.

Anyway, no eating after 8 p.m.-here we go!


  1. Okay, I back pack by kids on hikes all the time and I swear it always makes me gain weight! It's like your body knows you are trying to burn extra!

  2. GRRRR!!! It must have been a gain from all that muscle you built.