Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Week 2 Results and Prize Winner

Hope that your week is going well.  Now that I've collected everyone's money I want to give everyone a run down on the prizes.  17 people paid the entrance fee, so I'm working with $340.

$75 will go toward 7 weekly prize drawings.

Final Prizes will be rewarded based on final points:
1st Place - $100
2nd Place - $75
3rd Place - $50
4th Place - $25
5th Place - $15

Here are the standings after 2 Weeks:

1.  Sarah C.                   186
2.  Sarah V.                   182
3.  Amber F.                  180
4.  Linsey                      177
5.  Cameron                  174
6.  Brenda                     173
7.  Susie                        171
8.  Danica                     169
9.  Brian                        167
10.  Stephanie               163
11.  Briana                    160
12.  Carsen                   155
13.  Erica                      152
14.  Melanie                  140
15.  Trishia                    96

See who won the Week 2 Prize!

This week is the hardest!

Last time I did this challenge I was in Mexico and we didn't have as much access to food after dinner so it wasn't so bad. But this time...I'm home. My husband is snacking after dinner. And I WANT TO EAT EVERYTHING! But even though I feel like I haven't eaten in DAYS it's only been like an hour by the time I want to start snacking on everything. But good news. I didn't waste away last night...I made it through the night and felt fine. OBVIOUSLY a bad habit that I have to work on! Ha ha!

Keep at it everybody!

Wish this was me!

Feeling frustrated

My weight loss is always such a Yo Yo. I lose four pouns, I gain two, I lose one....up and down until my net weight loss is about zero!!! I did good with the no sugary drinks. That is about the only thing I do good on. I've never been a soda drinker. On the flip side my snacking habits are horrible!! Here's to a more positive week!!!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

This week is a little harder for me,  oh how I love to piece and snack after dinner.  My kids always want a dessert after dinner so this week is a challenge for me.  Has anyone ever tried water walking? I did last night and if was so much fun, Ana it helped with wanting to eat a snack because I was exercising and then when I got home I was to tired and went to bed.   I hope everyone keeps up the good work.  I know I didn't do very good Sunday with my eating , time to be motivated again.  

Monday, June 19, 2017

Week 2

I made the challenge of not drinking any sugary drinks besides milk or water. It wasn't too bad since this is what I mostly drink anyway. We did however buy some capri-sun and had them nice and cold so...the 6th day I definitely drank a few to make sure I remembered what it tasted like. I do feel good as I've been maintaining my weight and even keeping down to around 207. This helped with my cravings since drinking a cup of powerade at lunch would just make me want even more sugar throughout the day. this has been extremely helpful in keeping my carb intake down since that has been my overall goal of this challenge. I even celebrated by getting a fruit punch at Jersey Mike's today. if you haven't been there they make some amazing philly cheese steak sandwiches.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

My biggest accomplishment for the week was figuring out how to post to the blog.   Yep, I missed those 10 easy points the first week.  Been pretty happy with my calorie intact and  exercise the past two weeks.  I think my biggest challenge is the 8 cups of water.  It isn't the in-tacking of the water its the elimination of the water that is my challenge.  Seems I got to go all the time.   Very inconvenient when your in sterile gloves doing surgery.  Also hate getting up 2-3 times during the night... Any suggestions
This week I really made it a point to exercise each day.  A couple of days I was really proud of myself....since I exercised twice in a day!  Every day I tried to take my 10,000 steps, but a couple of days I went the extra mile by biking to work and running.  This week I hope to continue this practice but start to see some weight shift.  Too many parties, celebrations and company.  I need to focus more on portion sizes and not turning to snacks.