Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Meal planning group challenge... this is kind of a rough one for me. I never know what sounds good.. and what sounds good to me may not sound good to my husband, however we are so close to the end that I'm pushing through and getting my 5 days out of the way immediately.

Week 6 Results and 4 Prize Winners!!!

Hey Everyone!  Our numbers seem to be dwindling.  I only heard from 16 people for points this week and only 9 people qualified for the prize drawing!  Since I'm picking 4 winners the odds are pretty good this week! 

Here are the standings for Week 6:

594 Points:

593 Points:

584 Points:

579 Points:

572 Points:

563 Points:

561 Points:

546 Points:

537.5 Points:

529 Points:

517 Points:

500 Points:

464 Points:

446 Points:

Week 6 Prize Winners of the $5 Target gift card!

Click Here to see who won!

Tuesday, May 22, 2018


It’s time to reboot and regroup. I need a kick in the seat 💺 to get going again.
I’m going to eat better and try to distress ha ha
Wish me Luck 🍀
 I’ve been pretty good at not eating many sweets this challenge, but last week I failed, and unfortunately it happened to be the group challenge. We went out of town and I couldn’t resist the cravings.  Oh well. Everything else was great.

I love the group challenge for this week. I think it’ll help. I’m going to continue and make meal plans even after this week.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Been a While

Life has gotten so busy lately with the last weeks of school! I have forgotten about homework and final tests are on Wednesday, so wish me luck1

Week 6 - No Sugar

This challenge was a little bit harder than I thought...throughout the week it is easy with having meals planned, homework, family, and work. As soon as I got to the weekend I was ready to start snacking and packing on the treats. I held strong and did the challenge as well as enjoyed some treats with the family. Our favorite friday night go to has been Artic Circle for some ice cream...I'm really surprised they don't know us by name by now.

I will say that saturday I was pacing the kitchen trying to fight off the urge to knock off some sugary snacks like rice kripy treats. I think I ended up driving Kiersten a little crazy by doing that haha.

Day 1

It’s the small things... if it wasn’t for the challenge I would have abandoned my lunch and headed straight for Panera or Chik Fil A.