Saturday, April 29, 2017

Week 8 Prize Winners and Final Results!!!

I know, I know!  You've been waiting all day to see these results!

It's been a fun ride!  Thanks again to everyone for participating.  I didn't add up the total pounds lost this time, but I know it's over 100!  And even more for the inches!  Congratulations!  I will be sending out all the weekly prizes from the drawings and the overall money prizes this coming week.

Watch this video to see who won the Week 8 Prize Drawings for the movie passes:
Click Here

Watch this video to see the final results:
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Friday, April 28, 2017

We made it!!

Sometimes you have to crawl over the finish line to call it complete, I might be limping, speed-walking, but definitely not in my dead sprint like I'd hoped. I have upped my water intake A TON!!! so win for that, my sugars are way down and I've been way more successful at planning/prepping my food for work so I'll count lots of wins for this competition, even if the scale doesn't reflect it.

Thanks for the weekly reminders and motivation from everyone, its been a great ride!

Final Day!!!

This challange has been amazing for me I can't take Stephanie enough for putting this all together. My hope for everyone is that we can all learn from this and continue to make healthier choices going forward. I know for myself I am so proud I stuck to this challange all they way through.
My goal was to finish and I did! I realized two things. I'm all of nothing which means I would have fantastic weeks followed by terrible weeks. I also learned that the weeks I lost weight I had very little inches cdifference and the weeks that my weight stayed I lost more in measurements. I also decided that if I ever track weight I also have to track some inches is that I can feel like I am being successful.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Started from the bottom, now we' here baby!!!!!

We made it! 8 weeks has never gone so slowly! If you want to cherish the adorable nature of your precious little children at home and say things like "i hope you stay small forever"...just start a diet challenge! It will seem like a never ending fountain of youth. For me however it just seemed like a never-ending fountain of torment. And like a fat kid in dodgeball..."I'm out!!!!!!!"

A HUUUUUGE thank you to Steph!

Well...I can't believe I made it. It was very difficult for me mentally. Committing to this was very difficult for me...but I am proud to say that I hit my goal. I have never lost weight (except being pregnant and losing every meal for a couple fun months) in such a healthy weight. And I have never been able to lose this amount of weight before. My coworkers are noticing that I look different. And I feel better. I am so grateful for the mindfulness that this challenge has brought into my life. I truly am a person who feels that everything in moderation is okay...but when you never hold back...that is not moderation :). Say no to yourself sometimes. Pay attention. And tracking what you eat is one of the most AFFECTIVE tools ever. Because sometimes you'd rather not pop something in your mouth than put it into your phone! Great job everybody. I'm so grateful for the challenge to try to live healthier and be better to myself.

Not trying to be negative I just thought this was funny