Monday, June 4, 2018

Prize Winners for Week 8 and Final Results!

For Week 8 we had 13 people complete the group challenge to be entered in the drawing for the 2 $10 Walmart gift cards. 
Cam, Heather, James, Jenni, Kiersten, Laurie, Mary, Nicole, Sam, Sarah V., Weston, Margaret, and Artesia. 
You 13 people have stuck it out all 8 weeks, you are the true heroes of this challenge and I wish I had a prize for each of you!  Great job to all of you!  I used 2 different random name pickers to choose our 2 winners.

Winner #1:

Congrats Mary!!!

Winner #2:

Congrats Heather!!

Drumroll please!  Ladies and gentleman, I am thrilled to announce the final standings in the competition.  I'm so impressed with the hard work everyone has put in and the amazing progress many of you have seen!  Congratulations!!!

1st Place:  Weston, 959 points ($175)
2nd Place:  Laurie, 950 points ($135)
3rd Place:  James, 928 points ($100)
4th Place:  Nicole, 923 points ($50)
5th Place:  Sarah V., 834 points ($25)
6th Place:  Margaret, 827.5 points ($20)

Honorable Mentions:
Artesia, 816 points
Mary, 810 points
Sam, 808 points
Jenni, 759 points
Heather, 646 points

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Progress not perfection

I have not been perfect but I have made progress toward a healthier lifestyle. So happy the challenge ended a little early since I had company in town. Hoping thisblog post counts ;)


I am pretty glad we are done. I have felt less and less motivated to track my food because I feel that I have gotten a lot better at portioning and eating moderately. I have gotten healthier and better throughout this challenge, but I think its a good time to be done. Good job everyone!!!

Great Challenge

Good luck everybody! Glad to have such a big group participate and see how everyone has progressed. Overall I gained an inch on each bicep (started at 14 and ended at 15) and gained 3 inches in my thighs (started at 22 and ended at 25) which is what I have been trying to do. other than that my weight bounced between 205 and 208 where my inches stayed the same except those two areas. I was hoping to see more change, but I think I started to find what worked better (Burpees will be the death of me fyi).

Friday, June 1, 2018

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Can't believe challenge is almost over!! Today is last day.  Feels like we just started!  I don't want it to end..I want it to just keep going.  Don't want to loose my motivation.  I still have plenty of weight to loose but I've done better then I thought.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

New Habits

In the past when I've decided I wanted to lose weight and stuck to a plan I have lost weight.  This past 8 weeks I have struggled to lose pounds and inches...I'm trying really hard not to focus on that but to focus on what I have gained the past 2 months doing this challenge.  I'm definitely more mindful about what I'm eating, I'm planning to continue to track my food.  I had a great exercise routine going by working out at the same time while my kids were at soccer practice and being consistent.  Soccer season is now over so I plan to find a time that works this summer and stick to it.  The water drinking is definitely a habit now that I plan to continue.

So although I didn't achieve what I set out to do, I'm happy with the new habits I've made!  Thank you to everyone for participating!  I hope you have found this challenge beneficial to your own life as well.