Sunday, April 22, 2018

The Struggle Is Real

This week was challenging in ways that I didn't expect. My foot injury has proven to be a difficult hurdle to overcome when it comes to the workout portion of the challenge. There is only so much upper body workouts I can do! I have the desire to run and jump and play sports. I need the cardio but my foot keeps me from being able to get a good solid work out that is actually enjoyable as I also lose motivation through normal machine workouts. Soooo....this week I failed a little bit on that end. Which then made me lose motivation to eat well. Luckily drinking water is easy for me and I'm not a dependent soda drinker although I do love it. I was able to talk to some family about my foot frustrations and they gave me some good ideas on some workouts that would be low impact on my injury. I'm hoping I can get a better routine this week and find some things that will effectively help me to get the exercise I need and motivate me to eat right.

If anyone has any suggestions for workouts with limited use of the calf muscle (nothing including jumping or running) please comment below. I'd love to get some ideas.


Week 2

This week I had an out of town choir competition trip and I was not home for two meals. While all my friends were getting Jamba Juice and soda pop with their meals, I just stuck with my ice cold water! Also, I had a difficult time finding healthy meals and snacks while on the go. It was tough, but not impossible! By the end of that day, my eating had been pretty successful.  Also, my choir ended up being 1/2 a point away from going to state, that was a little disappointing. But now I have more time to prepare for the competition coming up this next week! Wish us luck!

The struggle....

 This week was really difficult for me. I have an addition it is diet Dr. Pepper. I last 1 day without it so I must confess I didn't complete the group challenge.  Friday I went to Spokane with my daughter, there was a lot of eating out and junk food. This next week will be to be better. I promise.


   Its been interesting this week. I've was doing really good with the soda, but I got sick on Thursday, so that was my first day where I didn't do the group challenge. I needed the calories and nothing was appetizing. Then on Friday I had some because we were having a Birthday Party. Weirdly enough, the two days since then have been really hard. I was fine Monday-Wednesday, but I would kill for a refreshing Diet Dr. Pepper. I'm going to be honest, I am so glad that this challenge was this week, and not next week. I'm in a play, and its opening this week. For those of you who've done theater before you that opening weeks means excruciatingly long, and tiresome rehearsals. Did I also mention that we're doing state testing and all of my classes are giving out projects? I guess soda is a little something to look forward to everyday, but I know I'm not going to drink it as much after this weeks challenge. Unfortunately, I don't think giving it up will happen.
   I also thought was doing pretty good on the healthy food all week until yesterday I had pizza for lunch and burgers and fries for dinner... Splurging is fine right? But then I wonder, is all of the hard work I'm doing going to nought because of one or two off day? It's a hard balance, and we all have to find what works for us, and I'm still looking.
   Raise a glass of Diet Soda to a new week, and a new challenge! Hope its a good one!

Diet Coke

My name is Lori and I am a Diet Cokeoholic.   Last Sunday I had made my mind up I wasn’t doing the challenge. But by Monday morning I had changed my mind and thought I can do anything for five days.  The hardest part was not going through the drive-through at McDonald’s every time I drove by it I just wanted a Diet Coke.  Saturday morning my daughter asked if I’d like a Diet Coke. She was at Maverick and said she would bring me one, so of course I said yes. When I took a big drink it just didn’t taste as good as it used to.  I still think I’ll drink pop but maybe more water than I used to.


Week 2 has been hard, I am pop drinker and to give it up is rough but drinking water has helped! So I’m going to try really hard for week 3! I have been doing so much better with drinking my water! Definitely been wanting to drink water more then pop this week!

New baby and sick baby

What a week! Totally killed the challenge as I don't really care for pop or flavored drinks... except for chocolate milk... which I haven't had for weeks but of course I was craving it like crazy this week. My sister had a baby, so I share a niece now with Stephanie. And my 8 week old is sick, like throwing up every other feeding and diarrhea for the last 4 days... so laundry, and stress and lots more laundry!

I went to a circuit training gym this week and now I am incredibly sore. But, it was a great work out and I have a free membership for two weeks.


PS. How in the heck do you drink 64 oz of water in 24 hours... by far the hardest thing to do for me.