Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Not eating after dinner and water only challenge

Well the only way I could cut myself off was to stop eating after dinner. Brush your teeth and be too lazy to want to brush them again and poof!!! Done. It was hard but I'm proud I did it.
Silk Touch MD
Erica K. Peterson

Wrapping up this challenge

I'm flying out tomorrow to go to Nashville while my husband attends a conference there.  I will be home Sunday and will have our final prize drawing for last week and figure out the final results.  Thank you to everyone who participated this time around!  I'm so impressed with everyone!  I'm excited to hear about your successes and final results!  Please let me know if you have any questions.

The Home Stretch

I've tried my hardest to give this challenge my all and despite a few obstacles, I've definitely seen results and pushed myself even on hard days! But lately (the last week) I've felt like I've plateaued and that has been really un-motivating...I was seeing good results immediately at the beginning and now I feel like I hardly see anything several days in a row. I know its a slow process and I can't give up, so that I have been proud of myself for doing!! Hoping to kill it this final week and really show my mind set what I'm made of!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Week 7

This past week I had a family reunion.  We decided to all eat meals together.  I really wanted to achieve the group goal for the final full week.  One of the goals I picked was to eat enough fruits and veggies.  I knew this would be a difficult task because of all of us eating together.  I brought the fruits and veggies for the meals so that I would be sure that they were available for all the meals.  It worked out great and helped me achieve half of the group challenge.

Watching my calories and no eating after dinner

This last challenge was a good reminder of control and working out vs. no eating after dinner. I am glad that I was able to do that, but it wasn't easy. Logging my food in the morning helped me keep a good mind on what I needed to do to hit my calories. I also pushed myself in the gym so that I could earn a few more calories and have a little luxury that way. That extra scoop of peanut butter sure hits the spot. I am weirded out that this challenge is almost over and I didn't get to exactly where I wanted to, but have learned a few things about myself and eating. Its been a good challenege

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Keep on Trying!

This has been ROUGH! And even though it's frustrating to not be doing GREAT...I am proud that I haven't stopped trying. I am guessing I would have put back on all the weight from the last challenge had I not done this challenge. It's kept me aware, and wanting to try harder. The water intake has been continuing to be successful for once in my life...so I'm excited to keep with that! Thanks Stephanie for helping inspire everybody to get some healthy habits in their lives!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The difference maker...

I have always been big on exercise and actually consider it a "Like" for me. I love the feeling I get from a good workout! But I typically do the same work outs week in and week out and I enjoy them...the amount of time I have to commit...etc. AND I always justified eating what I wanted because I would exercise it off later. This challenge has REALLY made me focus on the opposite. Eating healthier to see the results I want. I've tried REALLY hard for the past 3 weeks and seen awesome results. I'm down 6 pounds, have a much better game plan for making this long lasting, and I love that I have more energy from clean eating (cutting out sugar and processed foods). Also I actually know how to cook vegetables I like! Weeee!