Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Congrats to everyone who lost weight and is feeling ready for the holidays.  Thanks Stephanie, you've motivated us to keep going in 2015.


Thanks Stephanie!!!!!!!!

Lots of work running the Blog - But it made the challenge fun!!! Thanks to everyone for creating a great environment to encourage and share! I'm a little embarassed that I ended up on the top step of the podium. But I'm not embarassed that I lost!!! I went to the gym last night - logged my food - made the 64 oz of water go down - and am committed to keeping the ground gained and not sliding back for the holidays!!!!

These are the Wranglers I wore in 1980 when I proposed to Tammy.

F. Jeff

Monday, December 15, 2014

Final Results!!!

First off, I just want to say congratulations to everyone that participated in this challenge!  What an amazing group of competitors, the final results literally came down to inches!
14 people sent their final totals and out of those 14 we lost 186.2 pounds and 342.9 inches!  We literally lost a person!!!

And here is what you've all been waiting for:

 Thanks everyone!  Congratulations!

baby steps =)

My favorite actor is Bill Murray, and one of my favorite movies is What About Bob? So when I'm making progress by baby steps- it's an additional win hahah. I'm not at my smallest this week, two weeks back I weighed two pounds less, but that's the way a girl's body works. dang cycles. anyway, almost 5 pounds lost and kept off! and some substantial inches for me! I love the feeling of getting a lil bit healthier and more ready for our cruise in a month and 3 days!

I've loved discovering strength training and HIIT, and getting back to playing soccer- who knew that so many ladies in my ward here would be up for going to a pick up game and we are all thinking about joining up to a league!

Sign me up for the next war! ;)

Sunday, December 14, 2014

I am pretty excited about my success! I lost eight pounds and a lot of inches.  I have never tracked inches before but I am glad Stephanie had us do it.  Some weeks I didn't lose on the scale but every week I went down in inches so that kept me motivated. I did pretty good with the exercise portion of the challenge, but I need to work more on the eating.  Particularly the snacking! The late afternoon hits, I am starving, and eat convenient junk. The challenge really shed some light on some of my less than healthy habits and some new ways to deal with them.

I am ready to step it up in 2015!  In the meantime I plan to continue tracking my food and exercising at least 5 days a week (if I write it down I am more likely to do it).  Thanks Stephanie! And happy holidays to everyone!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Before and During Photos

Every four weeks of this challenge I took a picture wearing the same outfit, it was really motivating to see progress each month through the photos.  I'm not going to call these my before and afters because I'm feeling so motivated right now to keep this momentum up and lose another 30...so I'll call this my before and during photos.

Week 1
Week 12

Week 1  
Week 12

That's a lot of inches and 2 pants sizes down...and they ain't never coming back!  Yahoo!!!

Thanks for being such great motivators to me the past 3 months!  At this point I'm planning on starting round 2 around January 12th...I will send out more info. to anyone that is interested after the holiday break.  Recruit a few family members or friends in the meanwhile and we'll be ready to go!

Congrats to everyone on healthier habits!!!

Summing things up!

My goals for this competition that I put in my first post were:

1. Lose 8-10 pounds Accomplished!

2. Visit podiatrist and make a plan to heal my foot. Accomplished!

3. Make sure to include strength training into my workouts 2-3x a week Accomplished! (for the most part)

Thanks to everyone for an awesome challenge, especially Stephanie! Have a wonderful holiday and stay Healthy! 

Here’s an after picture taken with two of my four kids when we went to see “The Nutcracker”


Wow, twelve weeks flew by for me and by the end most of the point requirements were second nature! I'm excited to see how it all turns out on Monday.  Congratulations to everyone for achievements big and small. And THANK-YOU to our fearless leader, Stephanie!!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Well done

Good job to everyone. Good luck to all doing the challenge next time. Happy holidays...now let's all go enjoy a Dr. Pepper!

Three More Days!

Honestly, December has been hard. I sleep enough, exercise enough, drink enough water... It's the sugar that kills me. I'm glad I took a before picture (but it's not modest enough to share,) because I definitely can see some difference. Otherwise I wouldn't believe it. I still have 7 more pounds to get to my goal weight, and I would love to go another round in the beginning of the year! I can also think of a few people who would want to join, if it really does happen. Thanks for the motivation everyone!


So, just to get an idea of where I was I decided to do a mid-week weigh in on Wednesday. I was SUPER pleased and surprised with what the scale said! I just hope I can keep it there through the end of the week!

I hope everyone is enjoying the 'last week' excitement of a challenge! I've participated in more than my fair share of weight loss competitions and it's always an exciting and somewhat stressful week!

Like a lot of you, I'm also planning to participate in the challenge after the New Year. (God Bless You Stephanie!) I've already begun thinking about my goals for over the break (WHEN WILL WE START THE NEXT ONE??) and the next challenge.

I've decided whatever my ending weight is - I want to be within 2 pounds of that number the beginning of the next challenge. Hopefully the SAME!

I've also committed to weighing myself every few days in order to keep myself in check. (One year I didn't weigh myself for well over a month - until the END of the Holiday Season - and discovered I'd gained 8 pounds. I'm STILL trying to get those 8 pounds off!

I'm going to stay focused on fruits and vegies over the break. I'm also going to SOAK up having my husband around because beginning mid-January he will be leaving for 6 weeks to work out of town. I'm going to focus our family and couple activities on staying active and healthy!!

Good luck for the rest of the week! I'm excited to see our results!!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Skinny Jeans or Spanx??????

I found a pair of white cotton 1978 Wranglers in the closet - they were great in college and I have kept them hoping some day to be thin enough to fit back in them -- Well.... I tried them on the other day and after a little struggle I actually got them to zip up!! They kinda freaked out my wife and daughter-in-law?? I don't how you ladies do it because if you can get into it you will wear it for the evening - I did not last 4 minutes! (sorry - no photo) So now I'm really confused as to what to ask Santa for? To celebrate the challenge I was going to ask Santa for a pair of skinny jeans - but after the college pant episode I don't think it would be appropriate. I'm now thinking about asking for a pair of Spanx for men???? Thanks to everyone for your support and making the challenge fun!!!! Yes Jenni F. is related to a pretty serious family of whack-a-doodles!!! F. Jeff

Cindy's Progress Report

My goals for this challenge were:

1. Lose 20 pounds. --Well, I didn't lose 20 and I'm thinking now that was slightly unrealistic. But I did lose about 14 (and counting) and I'm very happy with that.
2. Eat healthier. --I have definitely improved there. We tried eating low-carb dinners these last 3 months and I think it really helped. More veggies, less rice, pasta, and potatoes. I still love my sweets and learning to enjoy in moderation will be a lifelong struggle for me, I think.
3. Get back into running. --Didn't really do this one. I did do a 5k on the treadmill at the gym once but it was torture and I didn't enjoy it one bit. I am getting back into swimming and I think I'm enjoying that a lot more.
4. Fit into non-maternity clothes. --Yes! I definitely did this one. I have a variety of clothes that fit now and I'm not wearing a single maternity item any more.

Overall I'm happy with the progress I've made during this challenge. I'm far from reaching my long-term goals and I have a lot more work to do, but it feels good to make progress! Thank you Stephanie for all the work you put into organizing and moderating this challenge!! I know it's not easy and takes a lot of your time. I'm sure we all appreciate it. Sign me up for the next one!

Here are a couple before/after shots.

I didn't really take any official "before" shots at the beginning of the challenge so this is the best I could find. 

Current--taken an hour ago!

Please ignore the toothpaste spots on the mirror... :)

Thanks for all the group support everyone! I love reading everyone's posts. Your struggles and successes help me stick with it!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Karen's "End of Story"

I knew it would be a challenge to stay with the program since we would be gone for 3 weeks in the middle.  But I figured any pound lost was a good thing to lose, so I joined anyway.  I came back from our trip weighing exactly what I did when we left, which I was happy about.  We were on buses, planes, and a ship for many hours, which eliminated any regular exercise.  But we did lots of stair climbing, walking on uneven roads, and getting luggage around.  We were warned not to eat anything fresh or unpeeled while in Egypt and Jordan.  So the control I had for food was to not eat too much at the two meals provided, which, unfortunately, consisted of a lot of carbohydrates.  I thought eggs would be a good choice, but found the eggs were quite nasty (don't know what those chickens were fed, but it wasn't Purina!)  Our third meal was snacks brought with us to eat as we traveled, so I ate a lot of 100 calorie packets of nuts and a plethora of KIND bars.  Happily, I did not go up a pant size, still wearing the 14's.  A small success I can cheer about!
Who would have guessed that a jury duty assignment the week after we got home would turn into a five day marathon.  On jury selection day, I reported to the courthouse at 8 am and we sat until 8:30 that night.  My luck seated me in the jury box for the next 5 days.  I was too brain dead to do anything more than walk 2 blocks for lunch and to and from my parking space.  Ugly!  So I finish the challenge still in my size 14 pants, down a total of 7 pounds, very grateful for that much.  I'm ready for another challenge after Christmas!  It has been fun to read about success others are having, it gives you motivation to try and try again.  Thanks everyone.

Week 11 Results and Prize Winner

       Week 11 Results:

1.        Jeff - 1,089
2.       Cindy - 1,088
3.       Jenni F. - 1,084
4.       Stephanie -1,075
5.       Bekki - 1,066
6.  Ally - 1,034.5
7.   Melanie - 1,014
8.       Elise - 1,002
9.   Heather - 992.5
10.   Clark - 949
11.   Molly - 915
12.   LauriAnn - 882.5
13.   Carrie - 811.5
14.  Mary - 630 * waiting for points from week 7 and 8
15.   Ingrid - 376

Week 11 Prize Winner!  $10 CASH just in time for Christmas shopping!

We're down to days!!!  Keep up the good work!


So here goes the last post!! For this challenge because I am in on the second one for sure!

My goals...  I have not reached my weight lose goal yet!  I am hoping to before the next challenge starts. I am almost there......

Personal goals.... One of my personal goals for a week was to not play any games on the iPad.  It stuck.  I found I have more time to (exercise...) clean and spend time with the kids.

My biggest challenge for this challenge....I really wanted to lose inches off my waist. I didn't lose one until last month.  Over the last month I haven't lost very much weight but have lost inches off my waist!!  Please explain...I want both to happen at the same time.

I am just slightly competitive and really wanted to win!!  I am walking away a winner because I have been a loser... I can't believe the amazing results many of you have had!!  Congratulations.  Let's do it again.

Stephanie at the end with the winners I really hope you post a total number of pounds and inches lost by the group.

Thanks for the fun adventure!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

I am up for round 2!

     This challenge has been great for me, especially during the holidays! During the season of yummy treats and a lot of food, it has been great for me to take control of my eating habits.  So I am up for round 2!  I love being accountable for my exercise and trying to form other healthy habits.
     For my new workout this week I tried the one that Stephanie posted in her blog post and I really enjoyed it. It wasn't too difficult but I was definitely sore the next day!  Hope everyone enjoys this last week of the challenge!

Call Me Crazy

What have you done for five exercise points?

I'll tell you how important those points are to me.....

I went and visited my sister in Austin, TX this week. Saturday our day was filled with two classes at a local baking shop - cookies and cupcakes. I was scheduled to head right to the airport after the last class.  I did not want to miss out on my exercise points so what did I do while I waited to board the plane? Normally, I would have leisurely sat and read a book or maybe even enjoyed a scoop of Amy's cookies and cream ice cream. Not this time.....no, I walked the halls of the terminal with my purse and carry on in tow.  I timed myself on my Iphone and hoped that the people I passed more than once didn't call security on the crazy lady pacing the terminal.

Five points earned!  Thanks to Stephanie for helping me get through the holidays with weight loss instead of gain!!

Friday, December 5, 2014

New and Used

I have been busy this week trying two new things! One of them is a new swimming stroke. One I have been terrified to try. The other - a craft I've never done. I'm NOT a crafty person - but not necessarily unwilling to try. I've tried my fair share of crafts....just never stuck with one long enough to call it my own. I had a gift from my sister that wasn't really 'my style'. It's a basket - one to display during the holidays. It was meant to be an ornamental display - but generally stayed in my storage room because I didn't know what to do with it and it didn't really go with any of my other decorations. I decided this was the year to tear it apart and make something new with it! Thus....the new from the used! I've spent the last two days learning how to make Christmas wreaths! It's been crazy. One moment I hate the entire process....the next I'm in love with the creation in front of me....and then back to hating the process! hahaha!

So far I have one I like and a few I'm still working on. I guess that's life - right? We always have a few things we like and many more things we are still working on improving!!!

Good luck this week! I know we are all hitting it hard to end strong. Let's stay positive as we take a 'used' body and lifestyle and make them NEW!!

Thursday, December 4, 2014


Here's to switching it up and going back to my junior high days when I was on a soccer team hahah
My brother's indoor soccer team needed a girl sub and I jumped on it along with my lil sis.

The game was last night and I am so unbelievably sore. I thought I was more fit with my cardio and weights, but there's something about soccer sprints that really beat me up and get me winded. Loved it. 40 minutes of pushing myself and I'm thinking about signing up for a team next season- it starts in January.

Someone outside my immediate circle noticed my improved physique. My weight may be slow to move, but I'm noticing, my family is noticing, and now, a slight acquaintance! Now I just need a stranger to whistle at me and I'm set. 

totally kidding, but yeah, feels good.

Core ideas, anyone? Maybe I'll bite the bullet and try yoga... I'm just not that coordinated or balanced. Here's to continuing to get out of our comfort zones!
I'm totally in for round 2 Stephanie! December is totally getting the best of me. We have a cookie exchange for Relief Society tonight, and another one on Tuesday. That, coupled with exclusively nursing my baby is making me feel like I need to be at peace with what my body currently looks like, while still working for change. Kudos to all you awesome people with wills of steel!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Round 2 Anyone?

This challenge has been great for me.  I've worked hard and reached all of the goals that I set at the beginning (except riding my bike to Windsor...but that's okay).  I like being accountable to the group, I like trying new things and switching things up.  I want to keep this momentum going, I still have a LONG way to go...and so I have decided to start up another challenge in January.  I don't have all the details yet, but if you are interested please let me know so I can keep you in the loop.  Also, start spreading the word...I'm sure when people are now noticing your results they will ask you what you've been up to and you can tell them all about our little challenge.

For my new workout this week I've tried a few ballet barre workout videos on Youtube.  I've always wanted to try one of these classes, but I don't think there are any in Greeley.  These are good toning workouts, perfect for me this week because I have a crazy cough and my normal cardio isn't working so well with my lungs.  Here are the links if anyone is interested:

Barre Workout
30 minute barre workout

Hope you are all getting more cardio than me this week!

Good News!

I am getting surgery to fix the neuroma in my foot! PLEASE WORK!!! I know it's not a guaranteed fix, but I am hoping.

I thought it was going to be more expensive than we could afford right now, and found out yesterday that it is in fact covered in our benefits. Woot woo!

Hoping to be running, dancing, and hopping around in the new year without a painful foot.

I still need to find a new workout to do this week. I swam, vacuumed & cleaned house, swam again, so . . . I am thinking I might do some online yoga hunting or some such thing.

For those of you that have asked though . . . I really like these workouts called "Peak 10" by Michelle Dozois. If you can find those, give em a shot. They are metabolic circuit training, so a little too jumpy for my current foot situation. But great workouts that keep you engaged and get ya' sweaty.

Also, T25 is awesome! It's only 25 minutes though . . .so not as great for points. But I have done T 25, then P90X Ab ripper and some stretching.

Master Swimming class

For my new class/workout this week I started going to a 6:15 am swim class. Heather talked me into signing up and I think I might be crazy because I am NOT a morning person. I went on Monday morning and today and I loved it!! I was a swimmer in high school and it feels good to swim with a group again. And bonus, when I arrived today I was joined by past and present fitness challenge participants Heather, Elise, and Susan. Working out with friends is always so motivating! It also feels good to get my workout out of the way early in the day. I normally do it late morning or evening, but this before-breakfast thing is pretty cool. It leaves so much more time to get things done later. So aside from being a little tired, it's great. I hope you're all doing well, doing your new workouts and getting ready for Christmas!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Week 10 Results and Prize Winner

       We did it!  We all made it through a holiday pretty much centered on eating!  According to your weekly scores you did pretty well with it too!
       Week 10 Results:

1.        Jeff - 990
2.       Cindy - 989
3.       Jenni F. - 985
4.       Stephanie -977
5.       Bekki - 967
6.  Ally - 960.5
7.   Melanie - 915
8.       Elise - 907
9.   Heather - 900.5
10.   Clark - 882
11.   LauriAnn - 853.5
12.   Molly - 752 *waiting for points from week 9
13.   Carrie - 719.5
14.  Mary - 552 * waiting for points from week 7 and 8
17.   Ingrid - 344

       I'm so mad!  Somehow I have forgotten to add my name to the prize drawing the last 3 weeks...just improving all of your odds I guess!  Anyway, here is our Week 10 winner (there's a little twist this week).

Keep up the good work!

Switch it up!!

So switch it up to me means that I get to buy a new exercise video... I live in a small town and already own the ones at the store...  Okay, I have an addiction...  I probably own more exercise DVD's than regular DVD's...(You would think I was skinny or something... I use them all the time!)

So no new DVD...  Any online suggestions??  I tried on line yoga.  It could be addicting if I had more time... it helped me RELAX (not allowed!!).

So please... Tell me what you do??? I like to try new things.

Monday, December 1, 2014

I'm In It To Lose It!!!!

Seems like most got through the Holiday with little damage - I think I ended up losing 1 pound for the week - It was tough being around goooood cooks and great desserts!!!!! Small portions and extra walks. It was fun to see how busy Stephanie is and how she is able to keep up with the Challenge Blog - Also she should get extra credit by avoiding Challenge controversy by ensuring that no one she is related to wins the weekly drawing. Last week I saw Clark double check to see if his name was really in the jar. Then I saw Stephanie open the jar and I could not tell what happened. Clark had a 1 in 8 chance of having his name drawn but Stephanie does do some magic tricks and slight of hand stuff so I wonder if Clark actually had a 0 in 7 chance of having his name drawn????? All I know is the challenge is controversy free - keep it up Steph! Thanks to everyone for the encouragement! F. Jeff

Final Stretch!

I love reading all the posts from our challengers! I too, thought this would have been better stopping at 10 weeks - but am now VERY glad for 2 weeks to recover from some extra treats and finish STRONG! I'm happy with what I've accomplished, but also know I have more to lose!

My Thanksgiving was wonderful. My children and husband, plus four extras who didn't have a place to go (no family in town) so they joined us. We had lots of food and fun! I got to go enjoy the morning outside on a run/walk which was marvelous! I enjoyed the day, the food, the people! It was a wonderful break from the 'norm'. (Except all those dishes...wow...they just kept coming!)

Last night as I set my alarm I was dreading the 'grind' of real life. No more hubby around as much, kids back in school, early morning work outs, etc. Three weeks of early mornings and such, and I believe I may take another short break! My husband takes finals the 11th and I will again enjoy his company (aside from him going to work...but at least there won't be endless studying)! yay!!

This post is kind of random...sorry. I'm happy to be 'back at it' and ready to see the numbers FALL not rise! Happy December to you all!!! Good luck this week!