Friday, October 10, 2014

Raspberries and Granola

My tip is simple. I love chocolate. I love Snickers. I love Reese's. I LOVE Oreos. However, none of those were legal outside of meal times this week, and I'm usually sufficiently full after meals to not feel the need to eat dessert right away. So I had to come up with something I could enjoy.

Enter raspberries and granola. I like sweet and I like tangy. I also like crunchy. Raspberries and granola provide the perfect mix and make for a quick snack that gives you a little energy and a little kick in the rear to keep pushing to be healthy.

Of course, at a work dinner tonight I did enjoy that chocolate mousse they offered!

Keep working hard everyone. I had to take in the belt a notch this week. We can do this!

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