Thursday, November 13, 2014

Blasted injury!

It's been kind of a rough week. So remember how last week I mentioned I hurt my wrist from weight lifting? Turns out I hurt it worse than I originally thought as it got increasingly sore each day last week. I finally decided to buy an Ace bandage and keep it wrapped up and that seems to be helping. It's been really annoying to not be able to do everything that I normally would do, though I should be grateful it's only my left wrist and not an ankle or something more debilitating. I've also been sick this week. Not sure what's going on exactly but I've been having stomachaches the last 3 days that come and go throughout the day. On the plus side I don't eat as much when my stomach hurts so I seem to be losing more weight this week. Trying to be optimistic!

In other news, my 3 year old has started saying "What the heck?!" all the time. She thinks it's hilarious (not gonna lie, I kind of do too...) but I'm just waiting for her to say it loudly at a really inappropriate time, like sacrament meeting or something. Anyone have any hilarious stories of things their kids repeated at awkward moments? :)


  1. I get it! I slipped in my garage yesterday and banged my knee up pretty bad! My first thought was to be frustrated at how this hinders my progress in the challenge!

  2. My friend's son, who used to hang out with us quite a bit started saying, "dang and dang it," like I did. Then one day when I was at the park with his mom and him he said it and she got really embarrassed and said, "I'm so sorry. He's picked up saying dang and dang it and I don't know where he got it. We try not to say that in our house."

    Uhhhh, talk about awkward. I had to fess up that it was my fault. We had a good laugh and I promised to try not to say that in front of him anymore DANG IT!

  3. hahahah! Love that story Heather.