Wednesday, November 19, 2014

All alone...hmm...

My husband is currently at scouts, taking our 3 year old with him, and I just put the baby down for the night. I was inspired by Melanie's goal to not eat sweets this week so I decided to make it my goal too--no candy, cookies, cake, ice cream, or desserts of any kind this week. Now here I am, home alone (essentially) and a closet of Halloween candy calling my name. It doesn't help that I had to make a double batch of lemon squares to send to scouts tonight and there are a few just sitting on the counter, staring at me. But I'm determined to be strong! I'm gonna go have a bowl of greek yogurt with honey and blueberries and pretend it's a bowl of ice cream.

Stick to your goals, fellow challengers! You are inspiring!!

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