Sunday, November 9, 2014


     I love to exercise.  I love the way it makes me feel and I when I don't get it in, I really miss it.
The thing is, with kids, I find it hard to fit it into my schedule. It is either super late at night or in the middle of the day when the kids are constantly interrupting me and I am not very consistent every day with when I exercise, it is pretty random.  I also dread the fact of waking up way before my kids wake up to fit it in as well. 
    So, my question is to those with little kids.  What has been your best and most effective method of fitting that exercise in while still being a busy mom?
   Also, I love running, but the last few months I have been doing some Insanity workouts. I was scared at first to try them because they sounded hard, but I love them! They are hard. Ok, really, really hard.  But they also have a lot of good moves, and I don't get bored. And they get easier the more I do them. So if you need a good, hard, awesome workout, then I recommend Insanity!


  1. The only way I can consistently get in a workout (that's not super late at night) is to have a membership at a gym with day care. When my oldest was a baby I would work out during her naptime, but that doesn't work anymore. Good luck!!

  2. You may not like my answer - but I've found the only way I can consistently get in work out time is to get up early. Yes. Some days it is uber early. Other days not so bad. But I am that kind of person that just has to get it in first thing, or it may not happen! I love the alone quiet time in the morning. I go to bed early or take a cat nap in the afternoon in order to make up for lost sleep. Good luck!!