Friday, November 21, 2014

Holiday Heart Syndrome

Holiday Heart Syndrome is a cardiac arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat) that occurs after consuming excessive amounts of alcohol, which commonly happens with binge drinking during holiday parties. I know most of you in the challenge and I don't think any of you have any reason to worry about that kind of holiday heart syndrome.

This brings me to another type of Holiday Heart Syndrome...the type that Stephanie apparently is trying to give to all of us! In her email about next week's challenge she mentioned that we could invite a family member to shovel snow with us. Unfortunately, one of the greatest risk factors for a heart attack this time of year is shoveling snow! Upper extremity exertion, mixed with cold temperatures and excessive eating is a recipe for disaster. Of course, the whole point of this challenge is to improve our health, and our hearts are reaping some of the greatest benefits from these efforts...but now Steph is encouraging all of us to invite a family member to join us in a snow shoveling marathon. I, for one, strongly recommend that if you do shovel snow together, perhaps you should take turns and keep a cell phone handy to call 9-1-1. :)

On second thought, how about you all just come shovel our walks while we eat a little pumpkin pie!

Happy shoveling!

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