Saturday, November 29, 2014

miracle of the week

Thanks to a challenge of getting work out buddies, my mom went with me to "Vasa Fitness" or whatever gold's gym is called these days. And then yesterday she bought a membership so she can work out with me, which is a HUGE DEAL. It's the first time she's ever gone with me, and the first time she's been really motivated to get strong and fit again. So thanks! Also, saw my neighbor at the gym and we went together the next day. check and check! Oh, and I ran for an hour on Thanksgiving, ate less than I EVER have, and kept my no sweets goal (my day off was Thanksgiving and it was wonderful).

We are going on a cruise in January for the first time ever, and it's gonna be just me and the hubcap. Here's to beach bodies and being the strongest ever soon.

You guys all inspire me and give me some hardcore competition. I may not catch up to ya'll, but thanks for dragging me along with ya hahaha.

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