Thursday, November 6, 2014


Do you like to sweat? I normally don't sweat a huge amount when I workout, but when I do I feel like I've gotten a "good" workout. Well, I've found an incredible way to sweat a TON! I've fallen in love with Hot Yoga. It's challenging and sweaty and most importantly I look forward to going to class. I think that is half the battle when choosing a workout...finding something that you enjoy and can stick with. So what kind of workouts is everyone doing?

Here is some benefits of Hot Yoga:

Have a super weekend everyone!


  1. I am currently, swimming, taking a spin circuit class, and occasionally doing water aerobics. I am enjoying the variety of my workouts, but really missing running. Taking time off due to a foot pain that won't go away.

    I sweat enough doing regular yoga, but I do love a challenge . . .perhaps it's time to give this a try.

  2. Zumba is my favorite! I just love to dance! Right now I only get one day a week, so filling the rest of the days with trips to the gym or workout videos. I'm enjoying Piyo and fitness blender on YouTube!
    For some reason yoga really intimidates me because I've never been flexible, I could probably use it!