Sunday, November 2, 2014

this is Halloween, this is Halloween!

Having two young toddlers (3 and 18 months), Halloween is a very special time as they are cute and gather tons of candy, but only eat a fraction of it. So us parents make sugary bank. I thought I'd feel sad about the only one serving of sugar treats, but I found myself grateful for it.

This may be the first Halloween I've ever had where I am not in physical, sugary pain hahahha. There were no moans of, "what have I done to myself!!!!>?"  Weird.

AND while the results are slow and small, they are there! and I feel better and stronger. Today was one of the best measure days- I lost an inch in my waist! Hoping next week gives me some help in dah hips where all my extra weight is hhhhholding on.

Happy Halloween leftovers for months, since we are enjoying them so slowly hahah



  1. Way to go this week!!! Every inch is awesome!

  2. It is amazing how eating one treat can be more enjoyable than eating a bunch. Really, truly!

    Keep up the good work.