Saturday, November 8, 2014

I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends

Reaching goals is a lot easier when you have a support group rallying around you!   
For me this challenge has been a family affair!  My husband, father, mother-in-law, 2 sisters-in-law, and cousin are also participating!  It's a lot easier to make healthy choices when your family is on board!  I love having dates to the gym and extra walks with my husband.  I love that my mom sent me this "cake" for my birthday so that she wouldn't sabotage my efforts (my boys were so disappointed).  

I have found I am much more successful in reaching fitness and weight loss goals when I am involved with a group, than when I try to do it all on my own.  The support and accountability that comes from a group like this is invaluable.  This challenge has made me so conscious about my daily food and exercise choices.  I think this daily focus is key!  Participating in this group makes my weight loss process a lot more enjoyable...even fun!?  It helps to know there is a place I can turn to ask questions and get advice.  Thanks everyone for being part of this group!  I hope you feel the support too!


  1. Hey late bird. Strangely I am also up at this hour and was about to post. I agree with everything you said. It is more fun to do with friends. I hope my caramel apples didn't sabotage you. I only gave you one serving . . . :-D

  2. I had not seen the cake - very nice - I think I would be disappointed if I were a kid also!