Monday, November 10, 2014

Half Marathon Pains

So this morning I was so excited to challenge or invite my family to join me in the inaugural Yosemite Half Marathon.  It isn't until next October, so everyone would have 11 months to train and it's on a Saturday - truly unique to find a race not on Sunday.

Then I went for a run, okay I'll be honest, a jog.  Now several hours later in the day my pains begin at the bottom of my body and don't stop til I reach the top.  My right knee, my right IT band, my left hip flexor, both piriformis, my lower back and even my right elbow and shoulder hurt.

One of the bummers (or blessings according to some) is that we age.  It's no fun, but hopefully learning to be healthy will help all of us ease into our older years with grace and some hop in our step.

Thanks Stephanie for helping us to be healthy.


  1. Let me know how that running thing works out for you. Nobody I've ever met really enjoyed it ;)

  2. The trip to Yosemite sounds great! The half marathon part not so there a mile fun run maybe😄?