Sunday, November 23, 2014

Helping the Husband

This week I helped my husband with some really time consuming things for work. And I didn't get enough sleep, and I didn't get in extra 15 minutes of exercise 5 days. I stressed about it a little bit, because I'm  close to being in the top 6, and I want to earn some prize money to go toward Christmas. But then I remembered that it's life. Some weeks are gonna be easier than others to do "everything". But it's all good. There are trade-offs and stress isn't good for anybody. So I'm celebrating that I had some quality time with the hubby, and I still did what I could do to be healthy and move every day.

I saw this cool kid on "ellen" this week, and I loved what he said. I love his hard work and his self-acceptance. We shouldn't be so stressed about being "perfect". Celebrate everything we are and all that we do!  Hopefully this link will work.

Kid who lost 160 pounds talks to ellen

I'm excited for Thanksgiving! I plan to log my food that day and keep track of how many calories are in a slice of pumpkin pie. I can enjoy the Thanksgiving yumminess, and do it in moderation.

Party on ya'll!

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