Friday, November 14, 2014

Thanksgiving Day is Coming GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE

You need to decide now how to keep from giving back those hard earned losses during Thanksgiving - Here are 5 really helpful suggestions: Remind yourself it is Thanksgiving not Tanksgiving! Go for a walk before dinner - Start with really small portions- Go for a walk before you get seconds - Small Portion seconds!!!!!! Go for a 3rd walk or you don't get Dessert! Watch More Football????? or Watch Sumo Wrestling - you will lose your appetite! Line up at 4pm (Thanksgiving Day)at Walmart for the 6pm Black Friday - don't bring snacks And then hit the 6pm Target Black Friday Event Yes - running in the store and physically blocking other shoppers for your friend counts as exercise! As Red Green would say "Hang in There - We are all in this Together!" F Jeff

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