Friday, November 7, 2014

Spring cleaning in the fall

I have no wonderful insights or stories to add this week. I'm just plugging along and doing my best to get all my points each week, which is usually very hard! I'm getting used to going to bed hungry every night and feeling sore pretty much all the time from my amped up workouts. I think I hurt my wrist from doing a weight lift incorrectly--whoops!

In other news, I'm on a quest to organize all the bedrooms in my house. I don't think we really have that much stuff since we've only lived here a couple years, but somehow there is always stuff EVERYWHERE in my house and it's starting to drive me crazy. Anyone have any great tips to organizing toys/clothes/junk? Or anyone have any type of storage shelving or bins that they love?


  1. My friend in New York has a 7 person family in a two bedroom apartment and it felt like there was never stuff anywhere. She loved this book called, Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui, by: Karen Kingston. I have yet to read it . . . but I am about there. I can't stand the clutter in my house right now. It's driving me crazy! Perhaps we should start a book club and read this first, help each other along in the journey. I am serious. Any other takers?

  2. Me!!! My house lately feels as out of control as my life!

  3. yes!! Let's do it. I'm trying to take it one room at a time. But then it feels like while I'm working on one room the rest of the house blows up with stuff. I swear it just appears out of nowhere. Life with a 3 year old....and a husband. lol