Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanks Giving For Living

Almost exactly one year ago a close colleague and friend of mine was working out at home. He's in his mid-forties, cycles a TON, and is really one of the most fit people I know. As he was doing a long set of Burpees, he started having chest pain. As a medical professional he thought to himself, "That's weird," but it took him over an hour to finally accept that he was likely having a heart attack. Fortunately, he sought the emergency care he needed, and survived, and is now back to cycling like before.

That health scare for him really shook me. I have a family history of cardiovascular disease and I certainly was not living a healthy enough lifestyle to mitigate those risks. That's what really got me started wanting to turn my health life around. Fortunately for me, Steph is patient and encouraging through this process. I'm now down a total of 17 pounds (not all of those dring the challenge) and about 10% of total inches (most of this during the challenge). I have another 15 pounds to go, and would still like to get back to exercising as intensely as I used to (ok, maybe not quite as intense as high school), but I'm back to a healthy BMI and my diet is MUCH improved. This may not completely eliminate my risk factors, but I have a personal belief that blessings from heaven are not limited to just spiritual strength when we are doing our part to improve.

Here's to all of us continuing to work toward our goals. Healthy for the Holidays!

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