Saturday, November 8, 2014

Interstellar-You should see it if you like good movies!


I went on a movie date with my husband tonight and I did eat popcorn, after 8 p.m. But it was my first time all week eating after 8, and I stayed within my calorie goal for the day, so I call that a success.

We loved the movie. It was epic, beautiful, sentimental, asked difficult questions, wasn't didactic about the answers, slow when it needed to be, and exhilarating even scary at times. REALLY Well done if you like good movies. If, however, you like movies similar to the one highlighted in the previews; movies that are filled with fast cars, women in very little clothing, loud music, guns, and other weapons that cause explosions during car chases (can you say, "Fast and the Furious"? Gag . . . I just hate those kinds of movies. Even the previews make me roll my eyes), then you may think this film slow and overly thoughtful. Just want you to know who the recommendation is coming from.

It definitely is a movie that calls into question what it is that matters. What are we spending our time and energy on? Does it matter to our families? To our present? To the future?

On a much smaller scale I really have started asking myself some questions pretty frequently in regards to my health and fitness goals, you know, to try and keep things in perspective.

"Will this help me build the kingdom?"
"Will this help me be a better mother/wife/friend?"
"Will this help me have the time I need to serve others?"

Two examples to replace the word "this" in the above questions:
  • Having a six-pack, zero cottage cheese, and really toned arms . . . NO!
  • Being healthy and able to run, lift, skip, jump, work, play . . .YES!

The latter may include some cottage cheese and a soft belly. I am coming around more and more to being fine with that. It doesn't matter when it comes to the bigger things I want to accomplish in this life.

Have you seen any other good movies lately?

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