Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thanksgiving Week

A few weeks ago I was really thinking I should have made this a 10 week challenge instead of 12...but I'm glad we didn't end Thanksgiving week...let's just say I'm happy for a few more weeks to get back on track before the final weigh-in.
This week has been great though!  We've had a house full of family, wonderful food, and it's been marvelous!  With 3 of us doing this challenge all under one roof there were plenty of exercise buddies and everyone kept moving each day.
F Jeff burned a few extra calories when he handed Caden the high powered hose to help with the car wash.  Let's just say that running from the out of control water fall burns extra calories.                                                                                
On Black Friday I may have missed out on a sleep point, but my Fitbit racked up the steps that night!

Hope you all had a great holiday week!  Now...back on track...starting tomorrow!

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