Friday, November 28, 2014


Last year on Thanksgiving I had the stomach flu and spent the day in misery, unable to eat a thing. This year I have strep. Sadly no urgent care clinics were open on Thanksgiving day so I couldn't get my antibiotics until this morning. I did go to a friend's house for the day with my little family and I was able to eat a little, but I'm still annoyed at having another Thanksgiving tarnished by sickness. I wore a bandana around my mouth whenever I got close to anyone and in general I tried to keep my distance so hopefully I didn't infect anyone. It has been so, SO hard to get my exercise in the last few days. With the painful throat I haven't had much desire to eat, which brings headaches and nausea and an overall weak body. But I'm proud of myself for dragging myself to the gym on Wednesday and biking for an hour and playing Wii Sports with my husband yesterday. It probably would have been better for my health to rest than exercise, but no way was I going to lose points on the group goal and exercise yesterday! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, hopefully in better health than I was!!

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