Sunday, November 9, 2014

Keeping her honest

At the beginning of this challenge I was mostly motivated to help Steph achieve her goals.  I figured that my efforts might help her out a little, and everybody knows "happy wife...happy life!"  Well, along the way I've tried to focus on improving areas of my daily routine which I know have led to my weight gain over the years.  So far my inches have improved much more quickly than my pounds, but both are improving. I guess I can't complain about that!

Now, for the title of my post. I just want you all to know the pains Steph goes through each week for the sake of the group challenges. The difficulty isn't in selecting the challenge. It's not in completing the challenge. For Steph the difficulty comes in defending the challenge. Every week I badger her for several days about how unfair the challenge is for this reason, or that reason. How she should make it easier so guys like me can achieve the points with much less effort. She patiently puts up with it every week...and the challenges must not be that bad, because I haven't missed a group challenge point yet. Sorry, babe, for all the hassle. You're doing a great job as Emperial Master...I mean challenge coordinator.

Good luck with all the fruits and vegetables this week.

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