Monday, November 24, 2014

Toughest competitor shows up in Vernal

One reason I have loved Healthy for the Holiday is I feel like I am in Vernal UT, and nobody else is but I have support here on line.... However the toughest competitor showed up in Vernal Yesterday and I didn't even know!!!  I thought about sending him a gallon of ice cream...or something.... You know he wouldn't eat it. I really don't want anyone to fail I just am on the competitive side!!

Anyway... Steph posted that you can see a change at 4 weeks and the family can see a change at 8 weeks. Well, I really haven't told my extended family (except my cousin Steph and my uncle Jeff) that I am doing this challenge. So I went to see my mother yesterday and she said Uncle Jeff is here and I want to know what you guys are doing!!  Our toughest competitor must be looking great!!

I am wishing everyone courage and strength over this thanksgiving week.   Never give up on yourself!!!  WE CAN DO IT!!!  I am ready for another 12 weeks!!  Thanks for all the help and the competition....

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