Thursday, March 30, 2017

Cocodrilos al Pastor!!

I tried another new activity while on vacation in Mexico today...swimming with crocodiles. I know what you are saying, there aren't crocodiles in Mexico, are there? That's what I said. I have swam in the very same place 2 years ago. I heard the locals warn us of these crocs, but I assumed they would be tiny and not really an issue. Well, today we learned otherwise.

The Good News:   Hot tip from local spear fisherman.
The Bad News:  Hiked out to a remote beach near a river mouth to spear fish with My father n -in- law.  Spent 1 hour peering through murky water looking for game fish.  Couldn't even see my outstretched hand... Never saw a single fish.  Pretty spooky.
The Good News: The murky water made it just as tough for the indigenous crocodiles to see us.  Yep apparently the area is a sanctuary for 800 crocodiles.... big ones.  The ones we saw on our drive out were 10-12 ft. We saw multiple in the water later that afternoon! Yolo!?!

And yes the tacos are to die for here!

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  1. Even a tiny crocodile is probably not what you want to mess with. Glad you aren't in prison...probably would have helped you lose 10 extra pounds.