Monday, March 27, 2017

Maintained during spring break!!!

Well I got on the scale this morning and despite the eating out and bad temptations during spring break I was able to maintain my weight. I was worried I had gained. But I think that making a few sacrifices​ helped. For example, my husband and I took the kids to Angelo's for pizza over spring break. I chose to have a salad instead of pizza. That was SO hard because I absolutely love pizza especially Angelo's !!! I am hoping to have a better week this week and maybe actually lose some pounds next time!! My personal goal this week is to work out all seven days!! Good luck everyone!!!!


  1. And I want to add that I would have had like three pieces of pizza if it wasn't for this challenge so thank you Stephanie I am so grateful !! Can we keep going and do a summer challenge too? This is really really helping me a lot!!!!

    1. That's dedication! Angelo's pizza is really good! I was like you, so happy I had just maintained after Spring Break, I thought I was going to be up like 3 lbs.