Thursday, March 16, 2017

The struggle is real!

Okay so I am seriously struggling! Holy cow! It is so hard for me to stay motivated when I feel so stressed all the time! All I want to do is eat cake and wallow in my sadness of always giving into my cravings! How do I change this!? I have such a big desire to be healthy and feel better about myself but I just get so overwhelmed! Help!


  1. Those are great observations. It helps to know and recognize how you feel. I had a few sleepless nights this week and I learned that feeling tired like that makes me want to eat all the ice cream. It's hard to dig deep and find motivation. My advice is to listen to your body, and if you have an off day it's okay. Try to start again tomorrow.

  2. I totally feel ya. When I have those days I usually want to just let it all go and keep eating. But during this challenge I try to not even have my weaknesses around...but if they are. Take a bite...or a few. But not 15. Enjoy the bites you take. And then walk away. I feel like I need those sweets sometimes...but as long as you dont lose'll be ok.